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The Art Doodle Book
The Art Doodle Book“Everybody loves doodling — don’t
  they? Check out your children’s
  schoolbooks and I’m willing to bet most
  of them will have sketches and doodles
  on the covers of their notebooks.
  You may even find some that give you
  an early indication that your child is
  creative and artistic..

THE ART DOODLE BOOK: Create Your Own Masterpieces in the Styles of the Great Artists allows the reader to develop his or her doodles one step further — even as far as creating a worthwhile work of art. There are over 80 pictures for you to create and complete.

Fragments of 'masterpieces' as starting points for you to finish are included, along with completed examples of the work of 26 famous artists — such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Cézanne, Andy Warhol, Toulouse Lautrec, Léger, Degas and Monet — are shown, along with a mini biography of each one.

“Bring out the artist
in you
and introduce
your own
take on the doodle
Did you know, for instance, that although a painting by Vincent Van Gogh is now worth a fortune the artist only sold one painting in his lifetime? Or that Edgar Degas's name was actually Hilaire Germain Edgar De Gas? Compare the unique work of the Dutch Hieronymus Bosch (actually Jerome van Aken) with modern animation fantasy — you'll see he was a man way ahead of his time (1450-1516).

Bring out the artist in you and introduce your own take on the doodle — you'll soon develop your own style, from the sublime to the ridiculous; fantasy and life.

Have fun bringing your own little piece of artwork to life and — if you wish — vie with your friends and family to see who is the best. Really depends on whether you are a secret or an extrovert doodler!

Suitable for all ages, children or adults, The Art Doodle Book is a fantastic gift for frustrated artists and doodle-dabblers alike. As you'd expect with a doodle book, it is entirely in black and white — which just about sums up the instructions. Easy! Maggie Woods

* From Buster Books (an imprint of Michael O'Mara Books Ltd), the publisher who brought you Oodles of Doodles and Do You Doodle?, The Art Doodle Book is out now and is available from all good bookshops at an RRP of £9.99 (ISBN: 978190 5158829).