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Friday Night With The Girls

Friday Night With The Girls“When youre young and carefree,
  trouble seems so far away and Lou
  Cairney certainly lived life to the full
  while growing up with her two best
  friends, Lizzy and Ginger — but years
  later reality hits and the shadow of
  tragedy looms in Shari Low’s latest
  witty page-turning novel, Friday Night
  With The Girls

THREE INSEPARABLE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS who have led a crazy, colourful life reminisce over the thirty years they have supported and cared for each other when Ginger treats Lou and Lizzy to a spa break at an exclusive Glasgow hotel for a particular, disturbing reason in Friday Night With The Girls by Shari Low.

Harking back over the decades to their teenaged years, the three friends recall their innocent youth; their dreams, career mistakes, friendship, dramas, disasters, dodgy boyfriends, awesomely-bad hairstyles and Lou's encounter with the suspect Gary Collins, now a high-profile singer, who is fated to reappear in her future. And their important, not-to-be-missed, Friday Night With The Girls.

But a traumatic awakening disturbs the girls' seemingly bullet-proof existence. In the carefree days of misspent youth, laughter played a big part in their lives and life was never taken too seriously. They survived it all, thanks to love, hope and a massive helping of humour. And cocktails… Lots of cocktails. But the past is catching up with the friends and someone is having to re-evaluate her life.

In a series of flashbacks starting in 1986, when Ginger, Lou and Lizzy are 16-year-olds out to have Fun, Shari cleverly weaves a story of friendship, love and compassion, under-age drinking, crushes on Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer and important things like strutting their stuff in white stilettos while "looking good" wearing thick make-up and the deepest of tans.

Throw in an unfortunate brush with the law, iffy parenting, falling in-and-out of love, Lou's two-timing experiences, a chaotic launch of her own salon and a close-call in New York's Central Park and you get the picture. Through it all, Lou has the never-ending support of her gem of an aunt, the straight-talking Josie — one of my favourite characters from Shari Low's Temptation Street.

Bringing the three friends forward to the present in the classy Glasgow hotel, we discover how the three have fared: the tall, redheaded and buxom Ginger who yearned to be famous; the family-orientated Lizzy who takes everything in her stride; and the gutsy, kind-hearted, modest and determined Lou.

One of the three needs her friends more than ever before because her past has frighteningly caught up with her. Everyone makes mistakes, but the girls discover that a seemingly innocent vanity was the biggest one of all…

Brilliantly witty and fluidly written, I could not put this book down: Friday Night With The Girls is for girls who just want to have Fun!

Shari Low's Friday Night With The Girls is published in paperback by Piatkus on 13 October 2011. RRP: £7.99; ISBN: 9780749952167.

"Brilliantly witty and fluidly written, I could not put this book down: Friday Night With The Girls is for girls who just want to have Fun!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"There are only two words for Shari Low: utterly hilarious. I laughed like a drain" — Carmen Reid

"More fun than a girl's night out" — OK!

"Totally captivating and it felt like I'd lost a new best friend when it came to the end" — Closer

"You should write it all down, Lou, so that your daughter can understand what happened. Everything. Right from the start" — Friday Night With The Girls