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The Motherhood Walk Of Fame

The Motherhood Walk Of FameWhat would you do if you woke up
  and discovered your fun-loving,
  sexy husband has been replaced by
  a workaholic celibate android
  whose every move is planned with
  military precision?

WOULD YOU a) be content to be a bored and fed up suburban housewife with writer's block, fantasising that your real parents are Jackie Collins and Sidney Sheldon; b) reach for the Prozac, or c) move in with a Hollywood heartthrob — with the kids in tow?

In The Motherhood Walk of Fame by Shari Low, Carly is a writer for Family Values magazine with two sons, whacky friends and psychotic PMS who has had the lot — a handful of hunky ex-lovers, exotic jobs in weird and wonderful places and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Now, with two books published but with her family taking her for granted and no time to herself, she has had ENOUGH!

Frazzled, exhausted and permanently splattered with food by her offspring, Carly is being driven to the point of demented hysteria.

There she is one moment, wishing a famous, fabulous movie star would whisk her away from all this and the next, she is called by an old flame who just happens to be a famous, fabulous movie star! And he's got Hollywood falling in love with her book. No contest — the chance of a lifetime to make her presen-tations to Hollywood moguls. Is there anything this girl can't do?

Told in a matter-of-fact, go-with-the-flow kind of way, The Motherhood Walk of Fame is an amusingly-written easy read that takes a no-holds-barred poke at life as Carly weathers the see-sawing emotions that all mothers will recognise while she tries to balance family with possible fame. Missing her husband but loving her new life in a Hollywood mansion with the promise of success, crunch time will come soon enough.

Superstar Sam or husband Mark — which one will win? Or will it be fairy godmother Jojo who can transform Carly into a vision of loveliness at the bat of a false eyelash? Will her fragile ego be shattered on the marble coffee table?

Shari takes us on a roller-coaster ride through Carly's life and you begin to wonder where Carly ends and Shari begins. The Motherhood Walk of Fame keeps you guessing and throws up a number of issues facing career-minded mothers. The 'paralysing medical condition' (sulkus extremis) that prevents Carly from calling her husband on the other side of the pond is one that strikes home and you can understand why Carly would never have Botox when all she needs to control her family is the lift of an eyebrow!

Who wouldn't swap a libido-less husband and domestic strife for glitz and glamour? Carly thinks red-carpet dresses, film premieres and obscene amounts of money. What she doesn't foresee is marital disaster, a stormy career and Temptation with a capital T.

Carly has got her foot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — but can she make it to the end without falling flat on her face? Is life in La-La Land all it's cracked up to be? And is home really where the heart is?

And that, dear reader, is for me to know and you to find out…

The Motherhood Walk of Fame by Shari Low, published by Avon, is available from all good bookshops at an RRP of just £6.99 (Go get it, girl!).

"There are only two words for Shari Low: utterly hilarious!" — Carmen Reid, author of The Personal Shopper

"Great fun from start to finish," — Jenny Colgan, author of West End Girls.

Shari Low — Shari's working life has been nothing if not varied. She has been a nightclub manager, standing on club doors, arguing with crazy drunk people in Glasgow and Shanghai; run a leisure complex in Hong Kong; and was a big name in toilet paper sales (yes, really!).

After getting engaged six times, she finally made it down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Two children (and the stretch marks to prove it) later, Shari now spends her days writing books, screenplays — she has a sitcom in develop-ment with the BBC — and two weekly columns for the Daily Record.

Check out Maggie Woods' interview with Shari, read the review of her latest book, Temptation Street and visit her website at