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Onwards & Upwards

Onwards & Upwards“Described as ‘quintessentially
  English’, Eugenie Summerfield
  quirky story Onwards & Upwards
  brings dark humour to a would-be
  mystery novel that will brighten
  up any gloomy winter
s evening...”

BEST-KNOWN FOR HER wonderful children's stories that include Wriggly Worm, Eugenie Summerfield ventures into adult fiction with a gem of a book, Onwards & Upwards, about the childless Margot Prettiflower who becomes a widow by a very unfortunate incident indeed.

Children's book author Margot was lucky enough to be introduced to literary agent Liz Marley by old school friend and highly successful romantic fiction writer Cathy Goodson, a bright and breezy woman who encourages Margot to look to the future, ever "onwards and upwards".

But Margot's husband Marcus, sixteen years her senior and a refugee from Nazi Germany, had the misfortune to take a shortcut through Friargate Passage on his way from researching a proposed book on cheese at the reference library — only to be struck dead by a giant, festering wheel of cheese that drops onto his head.

Are foul deeds afoot? Was Marcus deliberately killed or is he the accidental victim of someone else's murderous intent? Or did he just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as the unwanted cheese was catapulted from the balcony of legal firm Messrs Smethers & Lybrand's senior partner Charles Hardy?

Who is the mysterious, henpecked Arthur Blenkinsop, who has a daughter with the improbable name of Sharon Hetty Agnes Gertrude? [Check the initials! — Ed]. Does his difficult wife Ethel want him dead? Is Charles Hardy himself hiding something? And will Margot pick up the threads of her life and move forwards, onwards and upwards?

Eugenie conjures up delightful images that are fascinating, entertaining and highly amusing as she delves into the lives of her characters in Onwards & Upwards — an enjoyable comedy of errors that is hugely satisfying and the ultimate antidote to the misery memoir, Aga-saga and chick-lit.

In common with other authors of fiction, Eugenie likes to base her work around real-life and the idea for Onwards & Upwards came from a family discussion about unusual Christmas presents, including a gigantic and embarrassingly over-ripe cheese presented to a highly-respected City law firm and its sudden disappearance.

Eugenie Summerfield's stories for children have been broadcast for many years on BBC radio and television and have been published in collections and anthologies. Now in her golden age, which according to Shakespeare is "before us and not behind us", Eugenie has now made her first venture into the realms of adult literature and is planning a follow-up novel entitled Downwards All The Way.

A glorious blend of comedy and tragedy, and central themes of love, loss and renewal that will appeal to a variety of tastes and ages, Onwards & Upwards by Eugenie Summerfield is published as a paperback with the RRP of 8.99 by Greenman & Greenman on 23 September 2010.

"Eugenie conjures up delightful images that are fascinating, entertaining and highly amusing as she delves into the lives of her characters in Onwards & Upwards" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Onwards & Upwards is a cheesy tale in the most flavoursome sense of the word. The delightful lightness of its crust gives way to a wickedly pungent humour at its core" — Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller