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Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed

Romans To Jude“If you think you have a complete
  understanding of The Bible, think
  again — a ground-breaking new title
  Romans To Jude: Precise Christian
  Scripture Revealed
offers a way to
  experience a new and deeper meaning
  of the words of the New Testament

THE TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE IN 1611 the St James' Version may not be as clear as we might imagine. Do we really know what we are reading? Do we really have an understanding of the truth within words that were translated four hundred years ago from the ancient Hebrew language and written in old English? Have the words handed down to us been taken out of context?

Now, in 2011, spiritual scholar Chandel L White has written a unique book, Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed. This How-To guide to uncovering the authentic Gospel Truth offers Bible reading strategies that will help to unlock the secrets of the words of the Scriptures; enabling one to view New Testament text and symbols with greater accuracy.

In the 21st Century the King James Bible is still being read unskilfully without any real command of the old English prose or its allegory, says White. He states that there is always something missing from every presentation of the Gospel of Jesus and points his readers in the right direction towards a new understanding of the greatest story ever told.

White does not preach, tell you what to think, challenge your beliefs or insist that his perception of the Bible is the right one; but he does endeavour to help the reader gain unique Biblical insights in order to greater appreciate the excellence of the Scriptures and develop the spiritual mind to a greater complexity and depth.

Understanding each epistle between Romans and Jude will also help one to grasp the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. A thorough knowledge of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts and Revelations will reveal "a vast storehouse of eye-opening revelations waiting to be uncovered and embraced".

Unlike anything published in modern times, Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed enlightens readers about Biblical allegory, symbols, terms and sentence structures that unlock the vernacular, encouraging a comprehensive and more vivid awareness of what the original gospel writers intended to share when they inscribed their words over two thousand years ago.

White challenges the entire Christian world to open their minds, disregard doctrines and take a fresh approach to the Scripture's intended messages. An insightful, step-by-step series of investigative exercises span The New Testament, from Romans to Jude, chapter by chapter, assisting readers to discern the text with greater accuracy and apply a more sound and sober application to their lives.

Familiarise yourself with The New Testament from the King James Version of The Bible and try the close reading that White advises. "With the precise interpretation of Biblical allegory and symbols, the gospel of Jesus Christ can finally be understood and applied to one's life as it was truly meant," he notes. We followed his example and did indeed find that the Bible "springs to life like never before", making much more sense.

"The misinterpretation and misuse of Biblical allegory," says White, "has distorted and transformed the intended messages of the scriptures into man-made laws, falsehoods and socio-political stratagems." He urges us to discover what is really being communicated through the text and to see the Revelation of Christ for what it truly is.

"The traditional presentation of Jesus Christ that has been propagated by churches, treatment programs, television ministries and most books has not been the definite illustration of the Gospel," says White.

"In fact, the masses of believers across the globe have been spiritually blinded by man's traditional rote and unintentionally misconstrued doctrines and thus have been prevented from recognising the treasure trove of unadulterated Gospel truth embedded throughout the New Testament.

"My book paves the way for Christians to remove the restrictive and inherently fallible veil of doctrine, become enlightened as never before and get on with living the pure, unvarnished gospel of Jesus Christ."

Open the door of the Bible text wider. Delve into The King James Version of The New Testament far deeper than you have before, gaining a more accurate, complete and meaningful understanding of the Biblical text from Romans to Jude. Written in a readable and clear style, Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed will ensure every Bible reader has an opportunity to better understand the Scriptures. Fascinating stuff!

The release of author Chandel L White's highly-anticipated book entitled Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed was announced in Los Angeles on 25 October 2011 and is now available to consumers online at and other select on and offline booksellers worldwide.

"Written in a readable and clear style, Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed will ensure every that Bible reader has an opportunity to better understand the Scriptures. Fascinating stuff!"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

About the Author

CHANDEL L WHITE, the author of Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed, has been interested in humanity
's relationship with the universal and textual truth of God since early childhood.

These curiosities have led him into thirty years of enlightened experiences with a variety of spiritual organisations, philosophies and teachings. With an holistic approach to religion, White has a passion for teaching fellow Christians how to delve deeper into the New Testament to discover the Gospel truth just as the original writers intended.

Romans To Jude: Precise Christian Scripture Revealed
is helping individuals worldwide to accurately read, interpret and apply scripture to their lives on a more meaningful level on their path toward enlightenment.

White holds an undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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