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Temptation Street

Temptation Street“Its funny, its sexy and the height
  of cool
it must be the enthralling
  Shari Low, luring you under the
  covers with her latest, page-turning
  novel, Temptation Street...”

FLAUNTING HER CONSIDERABLE FEMININE WILES, Shari Low entices you down Temptation Street and leaves you panting for more at the hard knocks café. Shari writes with empathy and conviction, weaving a tale of infidelity, heartbreak and disappointment that keeps you hooked.

The lovely Mel is married to gorgeous Joe Marshall, who with equally gorgeous brother Karl runs a successful Ayrshire family building company. Karl is married to Suze and the two couples are not just family but best friends and inseparable. One for all and all for one.

Mel and sweet, steady, dependable Joe are two months into their plans to start a family. Everything is too good to be true and it seems the only problems are from hiring bolshy staff with bags of personality!

Mel and Suze run a successful underwear boutique and beauty salon and are deeply in love with Joe and Karl, who are devoted to them. Or are they? Can there be a heartbreaker at work in paradise?

A frantic Suze has begun to suspect Karl of playing away from home as he is acting strangely. So with the support of sympathetic Mel, she enlists the help of Gloria Winters' honey-trap detective agency to test Karl's loyalty.

So far, it looks as if risk-taker Karl is indeed cheating as he seems uncharacteristically secretive. But there is a surprise in store that will leave someone reeling and someone Suze loves caught in the crossfire. Somebody is definitely doing something they shouldn't do. And Mel and Suze will be devastated when they find out who and what.

As their secure and happy world comes tumbling down around them, Mel and Joe and Suze and Karl find that life will never be the same again if you venture down Temptation Street — especially if you try to even the score...

Shari develops the plot nicely and throws in a few red herrings. Will either marriage survive, their businesses thrive and will two close friends find a happy ending? Temptation Street makes all the right noises, but add difficult in-laws, a host of interesting characters and a few surprises on the way and this light-hearted read gives you a bit more of a bite.

You'll have fun reading Temptation Street on the beaches, floating in the swimming pool or waiting at the airport. A terrific holiday book or one just to relax with along with the daily fix of chocolate! Shari won't let you down as you navigate through a minefield of broken hearts. A sprinkling of suspect language and sexy encounters.

Light-hearted and fun — how can you resist? Shari Low's Temptation Street is published by Piatkus and is out now, available at all good book shops at an RRP of £7.99.

"Flaunting her considerable feminine wiles, Shari Low entices you down Temptation Street and leaves you panting for more at the hard knocks café" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"You're sure to love this rollercoaster read as the feisty, feuding Marshall family try to discover who they love, who they can trust and who will be left standing when the fallout finally settles" — Carole Matthews

"Brilliantly funny and soooo intriguing. You'll be tempted to read it all in one go" — Carmen Reid

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