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Think Of An Elephant

Think Of An ElephantTake a new look at Science, Spirituality
  and Our Place In The World —
  Think Of An Elephant
, by Paul Bailey,
  tracks down
the answers to some of
  Life’s big questions and will help you
re-evaluate your life in a positive way...

Why do we do everything we do, and how can we
do it better? Perhaps not in so many words; but we often question ourselves when all we are doing is behaving like the human beings we are.

In his book, Think Of An Elephant, Paul Bailey seeks to inspire a revolution in thinking — a new integrated outlook and a fully-formed spirituality that will inspire the reader to a new way of seeing the world and belonging to it. Think Of An Elephant is not so much a self-help book as a complete evaluation of you being you. Everbody needs to read it!

As humans we yearn for intimacy, recognition and a sense of meaning. In modern times we may feel disconnected from the planet, our community, a partner and our self — but how can we reconnect?

It is said that we only use ten per cent of our brain, so exactly what does the other 90 per cent do? An intriguing thought and the subject of both scientific and spiritual speculation. Paul Bailey claims three specific breakthroughs:

1: Missing reality! Quantum Physics and astronomy prove there are other dimensions — 99.99 per cent of reality actually passes us by.

2: Spiritual myth-buster! Discoveries in Quantum Physics and breakthroughs in studies of the Mind explode the myth of independent existence — there is no such thing.

3: The missing link in Darwin's Theory of Evolution has been found; individuals, species and their genes come and go; it is consciousness that is evolving across all forms of life. It's proven — humans aren't the only abstract thinkers.

Reality, says Paul, is not what we think it is. Okay… He quotes Albert Einstein: "In our endeavour to understand reality we are somewhat like a man trying to understand the mechanism of a closed watch. He sees the face and the moving hands; even hears ticking, but he has no way of opening the case… He will never be able to compare his picture to the real mechanism and he cannot even imagine the possibility or the meaning of such a comparison."

Reading Think Of An Elephant, you discover that your perception has a secret power. We do, of course, co-create reality. Definable, measurable and repeatable science has discovered that we are inter-connected to literally everything within the greater scheme of things.

This recent scientific discovery affords ALL of us the ability to help solve the big issues that assail the modern world, which means everyone can contribute to real change — issues like depression, loneliness, poverty, fear, obesity, etc can be minimised by utilising this secret power.

By linking the apparently unrelated fields of quantum physics, holistic health, philosophy, evolutionary studies, studies of the mind and today's global issues, Paul Bailey's new book Think of An Elephant shows that each is a facet of a greater, unified reality.

When scientists were asked to think of an elephant being sucked into a black hole in order to solve the ongoing problem of where its matter would go, they made the ground breaking discovery that its fate would differ, depending on from where the observer was watching. Now Think of an Elephant shows that by taking just such a radically different view of the nature of the universe, you can see so much more than you originally dreamed possible.

Paul has incorporated the best scientific research, and met with some of the key researchers working at the frontiers of science. He has also observed and studied the psychic healers in the Philippines, Indonesia and South America, and lived with the Australian Aborigines to study culture and healing to bring us this ground-breaking book. By combining issues in a scientific and spiritual way, Paul Bailey stirs the mind and the imagination.

Paul explores beliefs in healing, and cites an interesting observation about doctors making secret (unreadable!) markings on paper to be exchanged for potions. He also speaks of the placebo effect and notes that although babies have no preconceptions, they still benefit from massage. He touches on the Earth's resources and says: "The ancient wisdom of our traditional elders advised us to walk lightly on the earth. Now our gentle footprint is leaving a giant crater." We should, Paul maintains, be aware of our environment as even the tiniest things can affect us.

He also challenges the idea of a formal building in which to worship God: "If God is accessible through your thoughts and prayers at any time, as well as when you are in God's house, which place is the more heavenly: the mind or the mosque, the consciousness or the cathedral?"

Connections with our fellow man also comes under scrutiny and he looks at the connection between a performer and his audience and also the moment when a party suddenly comes to life. This, he says, is when the electro-spiritual network of our awareness becomes attuned to a higher level and we really connect.

One of my favourite chapters is The Three Stages Of Complete Spiritual Integration. Paul has some interesting observations: "When we visualize anything we begin the creative process; when we energize ourselves we begin action; but it is only when we harmonize both our mind and our body with the total environment that we complete the cycle." The power of thought can be amazing!

Think Of An Elephant is not religious, but it is spiritual. It adds a new dimension to your thinking. Psychology and science are both explored, but the 'I' in 'me' (or the 'me' in 'I'!) is given the facts to consider. A really beautiful chapter is An Angel's Eye View Of Reality — giving unconditional love; letting go of outworn values; our true potential; advanced levels of perception; and unselfishness. Paul demonstrates Directed Awareness Meditation and opening your mind to embrace your full potential.

He also warns: "The more stuff we own and surround ourselves with, the more we feel momentarily secure, except that now there is more we have to defend." And this, I would suggest, is one reason why people often do not find happiness when they suddenly come into money — which can cause worries in itself. There is a great quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."

Revealing the true nature of the universe as never before, Think Of An Elephant will change perceptions, inspire mind-shifts and alter the way we see the world forever. Using scientific fact, Paul concludes: "We need to create a new world view; one that inspires us to harness the full transformative power of the mind."

For more information about Think Of An Elephant, to watch a video about the book or to listen to a interview with the author, please visit

"…A breakthrough book, offering new dimensions for the mind sciences… With its blend of physics and philosophy, cutting-edge science and venerable wisdom — the practical and the spiritual — Think Of An Elephant is a book you will cherish!" — Dr Russell D'Souza, Research Psychiatrist, Melbourne University, Australia

"Self-transformation, Achievement of True Freedom, and Realisation of Truth can be accomplished. An inspiring and exciting book" — Dhiravamsa, International Buddhist Master

"Superlatives are necessary. A brilliant visionary without smoke and mirrors. This book is stunning!! A verbal chiropractic for the mind and spirit. There's a huge amount of information and insights on offer here. Think Of An Elephant turns your head inside out and upside down, enabling you to turn your whole way of being around. If you want to help our species survive and start caring for all life on our beautiful planet then you must read it now! I'm not exaggerating . The reach of this book is extraordinary. When the student is ready …the teacher will appear (ancient proverb). Well, the teacher has appeared and his name is Paul Bailey" — Louise Dellit, Amazon (5 star review)

"Think Of An Elephant is not so much a self-help book as a complete evaluation of you being you. Everbody needs to read it!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar