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Walking The Dog: Motorway Walks for Drivers and Dogs

Walking The Dog“Just the book to take with you on long
  motorway drives
Walking The Dog
is small enough to fit easily into your
  glovebox and large enough to show you
  lots of places where you can take a
  break from the monotony of motorway
  driving, whether you
re with dogs,
  children or driving solo

"THE DOG WANTS A WEE — ARE WE THERE YET?!" Well, no. Not yet. Ah well, the driver needs a break, too, so perhaps we can stop soon. But where? Luckily, in the glovebox there's a copy of Walking The Dog: Motorway Walks For Drivers And Dogs. Yes!

We're travelling along the A74M, from Glasgow towards Carlisle. I am navigating, supplementing the SatNav, and we are close to Junction 17. The book promises coffee, meals and tea served in "old style, relaxing comfort" at the Lockerbie Manor Hotel. It also tells me how to get there and that well-behaved dogs on leads are allowed in the lounge and water can be provided for them. Great.

Wherever you are in England, Scotland or Wales, you are not far from the perfect rest area where you can walk the dog, stretch your legs, get something to eat or have a tea or coffee. If, for instance, you're driving towards Dover on the M2, towards Cambridge on the M11, using the M43 Birmingham semi-orbital or the Northwest Motorways, Walking The Dog has it covered.

All the routes have been tried and tested by author Lezli Rees, her husband David and their lovely rescue dog Jem. Some of the stopovers are woodland or parkland like Ranscombe Park Nature Reserve which is a short drive from Junction 2 of the M2; but if you drove on to junction 6, you could find yourself at the 18th Century White Lion Inn at Selling, which is dog- and children-friendly and has a restaurant and campervan access.

If you're travelling along the M42, a short drive from Junction 4 is Earlswood Lakes. At The Reservoir Hotel, food is served from midday at a budget price with families in mind and dogs are allowed at a small table on the patio. There's also a children's play area and Campervan access.

The whole idea is to have as many options as possible as you look for walks closest to your local motorway or the one along which you will be making a journey. Lezli and David Rees have trekked over a thousand miles, tracking down walks and traditional inns for drivers, families and dogs to enjoy on their journey.

The book is small enough to tuck into a medium-sized handbag and using it will not only help you to find somewhere to let the dog wee and to stretch your legs, but it will also encourage you to see more of the countryside or to discover a relaxing pub in which to enjoy lunch.

Features of the book include the following:

* All walks listed are within five miles of motorway exits

* Walks from a swift comfort break up to 30-45 minutes — remember that healthy breaks improve a driver's concentration!

* Pubs and cafes listed on each walk serve great food and all welcome well-behaved canines! Location post codes are given

* Each walk is created, tried and tested by David and Lezli with the help of their trusted rescue dog Jem! Small colour photographs lure you in!

* Safe and legal parking places are listed

* Driving route directions are given from the motorway and back

* Activities for children are included, from bouncy castles to nature trails

* Buggy and wheelchair easy access walks are shown, ideal for assistance dog owners and families

* Online updates are available at

Anyone who intends to drive on a motorway anywhere in the UK on business or for pleasure will benefit from this guide, but it is especially useful in every dog owner's glovebox!

So take the worry out of motorway driving and keep safe by taking a break using the invaluable information given in Walking The Dog: Motorway Walks for Drivers and Dogs. Not only will driving will become more pleasant, but you'll reduce the risk of getting over-tired.

Walking The Dog: Motorway Walks for Drivers and Dogs by Lezil Rees is out now, published by Hubble & Hattie. Paperback | ISNB: 978-1-845841-02-7 | RRP: £4.99.

An RAC book, it's also available to order in the UK from Veloce Books on (0) 1305 260 068.

"Take the worry out of motorway driving and keep safe by taking a break, using the invaluable information given in Walking The Dog: Motorway Walks for Drivers and Dogs… whether you have dogs, children or are driving on your own" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"…makes travelling a pleasure for everyone, including your dog!" — Ann Croft,

"A must for every dog owner's glovebox" — Sue Bell,

"A really useful guide to finding new walks for the dogs" — Wagging Tails Home from Home Dog Boarding

About the author: Lezli Rees has taught English at Nottingham Trent University. She has lived with dogs all her life in her home nearby and is a keen walker. Together with her husband, David Rees and their rescue dog Jem, the couple have created the UK's best resource of tried-and-tested dog walks, and own the popular Driving with Dogs website.