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Wonderful Wriggly Worm Rides Again
Wonderful Wriggly Worm Rides Again Wriggly Worm! Have you
  finished tidying up yet?
  There’s to be no clutter at
  all in that tunnel of yours.
  Do you hear me, Wriggly?”

THE FAMILIAR WORDS OF A MOTHER TO A YOUNGSTER show that in the world of Wriggly Worm, nothing is any different to how it is in millions of homes throughout the country. Eugenie Summerfield has created a character to which children can relate and there are some well-observed human traits that translate well into the stories.

Wriggly Worm was first introduced on BBC Radio's Listen With Mother, when he was described in The Daily Telegraph as the show's "best loved character" and Wonderful Wriggly Worm Rides Again is the second collection of the adventures of the cheeky, adorable Wriggly Worm and his charming garden friends.

On his first appearance in a book (in October, 2006), Wriggly Worm was welcomed by both The Sunday Express and BBC7 and he has since 'wormed' his way into the hearts of young children everywhere — and, if the truth be known, has a goodly number of adult admirers, too!

Illustrated with the occasional delightful black-and-white drawing,
the 28 stories that make up Wonderful Wriggly Worm Rides Again involve Wriggly's friends — including Anthea Ant, Dr Daddy Longlegs, Brown Snail, Cirencester the Stick Insect, Crawly Caterpillar, Hairy Scary Spider, Victory Worm and Lucretia Ladybird — in a number of interesting, sometimes risky, adventures.

In the first story, Wriggly Worm goes on a nature trail to find a rare flower; but for the second he is pressed by his mother into tidying up his tunnel. Other adventures include being mistaken for a piece of talking bacon rind by a seagull and dealing with an imposter (these days there's identity theft in the insect kingdom, too!) pretending to be him. He meets a TUCID — Tidying-Up-Cut-It-Down — machine and also becomes a Time Lord in order to rescue young Sidney Snail.

So who is it who is brave enough to visit dangerous and secret places to seek a cure for Sloppy's sluggy flu? And who can outwit the thieving Grubby Grab Snatchity? Or rescue a little Brown Snail when he is trap-ped in a scary dark Time Tunnel? Why, it's Wriggly Worm, of course!

Wonderful Wriggly Worm Rides Again by Eugene Summerfield is available now, published by Book Guild Publishing (February 2008). RRP 11.99. ISBN 9781846241970.

A bumper issue of charming Wriggly stories that "deserves to be up there with the children's classics" — Head of Programmes, BBC7.

Eugene Summerfield began her writing career creating stories for BBC Radio Children's Programmes such as Listen With Mother, Let's Join In and Listening Corner. Eugenie has also written for the Yorkshire TV's My World programme, as well as a number of children's story books. She has also been a tutor for adult creative writing courses in the North East and in Gloucestershire, where she now lives.