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The Track Day Manual

The Track Day ManualTrack Days are great fun and can
  be a mind-blowing experience.
  Former racer Mike Breslin knows just
  how to get the best out of them —
  as he explains in his terrific new book,
  The Track Day Manual...”

YOU WANT TO TAKE PART IN A TRACK DAY. But how do you know where to go and what to do? If you want to be a part of this fantastic, fast-growing leisure pursuit and to get the most out of your experience, you should first take a look at Mike Breslin's The Track Day Manual.

As impossible as it might seem, you can have great fun in your car. Driving on the road can be stressful and tiring but track days provide an escape from speed cameras, traffic jams and 21st Century petrol-head frustrations — and you can choose between driving your own car, buying a car specially for the occasion or renting one from those available at the track.

Starting with an introduction that blows the myths of track days, The Track Day Manual is reassuring and tells you exactly what you'll be getting for your money. There are obviously rules to follow, but you can drive as slow or as fast as you please on track days and all you need is a driving licence, a helmet and a car.

Track days offer arguably the most fun and excitement you can have on four wheels without moving into the world of racing. Each driver has the opportunity to drive a car to its full potential. Handling a car at speed within the safe environment of a race track is an incredible sensation, while track experience has the added benefit of improving a driver's ability to deal with the unexpected on the road.

The Track Day Manual gives you all the information you need to plan your track day and would be an ideal gift for anyone thinking of venturing into this exciting pursuit. Everything is covered — from choosing which venue suits you to deciding which format (open pit lane or session) you'd like.

The book also explains the etiquette of the track, how to overtake, a guide to flag signals, the importance of checking your car and things to beware of if you decide to modify it. Mike suggests that you visit a track first to watch and speak to the people taking part to get a general feel for the day.

The Track Day Manual includes information about Airfield Days, Novice Days, Rally Days, Hill Climb Schools, Drift Days and Track Days Abroad — couldn't you just imagine yourself driving round the famous Nürburgring track?

Mike Breslin has also included a list of track day circuits — from Anglesey and Brands Hatch to Snetterton and Thruxton — as well as Track Day operators and a list of Track Day contacts from his own personal experience.

The Track Day Manual is an essential guide to starting with track days, which cars are suitable, what to expect on a typical day, driving techniques, the differences between driving on road and track, the racing line, car control and wet weather driving. There are also tips on preparation, car set-up and maintenance (brakes, tyres, engine, suspension, etc), safety equipment and insurance options.

Supported by over 200 colour photographs and diagrams, The Track Day Manual is written knowledgeably with everything the complete novice needs to know; but the book is also sufficiently detailed to appeal to the more experienced track day fan.

Mike is a former Formula Ford racer who has written on motoring, Motorsport and specifically track days and driving techniques for a number of magazines and this comprehensive book covers all the fundamental elements of track day driving.

The Track Day Manual: The Complete Guide To Taking Your Car On The Race Track by Mike Breslin is out now in hardback at an RRP of £17.99. ISNB: 978 1 84425 482 8.

"Track Days are great fun and can be a mind-blowing experience. Former racer Mike Breslin knows just how to get the best out of them —
as he explains in his terrific new book, The Track Day Manual" — MotorBar