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10cc: Clever Clogs

10cc: Clever ClogsI’m not in love with 10cc. Its just a
  phase I need to go through. My wall
  poster is of historical value, so I
t be giving it back to the friend
  who sent it to me — even though I
  quite, quite indifferent to the band.
  Hmmm… Methinks the lady doth
protest too much!”

ACTUALLY, THE TREMENDOUS 10cc has travelled well. You wouldn't ever be ashamed to admit how much you admired the boys — who have been described as one of the most interesting and talented bands ever to grace the world of music and were one of the many bands dubbed at the time as "the new Beatles". Unlike most of the others, 10cc certainly came close to the Fab Four in terms of hits and quality but they had their own, inimitable, sound. An enormously hard act to follow.

And now, here is the ultimate must-have for any music fan, presented on DVD for the very first time — 10cc: Clever Clogs, featuring Graham Gouldman and Friends in Concert, filmed at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London. An awesome, enjoyable and personal experience with a live collection of 17 hit songs that include classic tracks such as the superb reggae-infused Dreadlock Holiday, the all-time classic I'm Not In Love and the quirky Rubber Bullets. There are also new tracks and songs that were written for other artistes — such as For Your Love that was written for The Yardbirds by Graham and Bus Stop, which he wrote for The Hollies. Interestingly, Graham's talent extends to him being able to create a cornucopia of sounds that perfectly match the designated artiste.

Formed in 1972, 10cc's original line-up comprised Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme. The rulebook was thrown out of the window as their unrivalled songs injected with sharp wit and lyrical dexterity plucked melodies and subject matter from previously undiscovered waters to turn the band into both chart regulars and the darlings of the critics.

After Godley and Creme left in 1976, Eric and Graham decided to continue with 10cc and were augmented by, amongst others, guitarists Rick Fenn and drummer Paul Burgess. And the hits just kept on coming…

After a ten-year break while they all pursued other ventures, 10cc took to the road again as 10cc featuring Graham Gouldman and Friends. This DVD includes two appearances that Kevin Godley made as one of the 'friends' at a gig in Cardiff — when he graced the stage for the fist time in almost twenty years; and again at the landmark Shepherd's Bush Empire show in London.

This phenomenal offering is exciting and riveting. Who'd have thought that, this far along, we'd see the best of the legendary acts from previous decades take to the stage and give the performance of their lives with all the energy of much younger artistes?

The Clever Clogs DVD also features original artwork from the originator of 10cc's best-known album artwork — the gifted designer and founder of Hipnosis, Storm Thorgerson. There is also an interview with the man himself.

The band, that includes Take That and Mika's musical director Mike Stevens as well as the multi-talented Mick Wilson, will be playing a series of concerts in support of this release, including a showcase at London's Indigo venue in May 2008.

Tracklisting: Son Of Man (excerpt) | The Wall Street Shuffle | The Things We Do For Love | Good Morning Judge | I'm Mandy, Fly Me | Life Is A Minestrone | Art For Art's Sake | Bus Stop | Look Through Any Window | For Your Love | Old Wild Men | | Silly Love | Donna | The Dean and I | Bridge To Your Heart | I'm Not In Love | Dreadlock Holiday | Ready To Go Home | Rubber Bullets.

The Clever Clogs DVD was released on 12 May (2008) by New Wave Pictures and distributed by Eureka Entertainment. Catalogue Number: NW80001 | Barcode: 5060000800012 | RRP: £14.99 | Running Time: 104 minutes.

Bonus Materials: Extended conversation with Graham Gouldman about the songs and how they were written | The Art of 10cc with Storm Thorgerson | Kevin Godley on stage with 10cc in Cardiff.

"They always were a witty group, too clever by half, some said! Others just said… Clever Clogs" — Anon [Anybody know who said this? — Ed]

"…the ultimate must-have for any music fan… Clever Clogs… an awesome, enjoyable and personal experience" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar