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4Bitten No More Sins [album]

4Bitten: No More SinsBitten by the rock bug at an early age,
  the four highly-accomplished artistes
  who make up 4Bitten belt out a signature
  sound that is totally infectious, and
  delivered with in-your-face enthusiasm
  for the band’s debut album No More

WITH MORE THAN A HINT AT THE WORD 'FORBIDDEN', 4Bitten rebels against being typecast and has put together an album that is sufficiently different to keep you interested.

No More Sins has a good range of tracks to be proud of, with ten brilliantly crafted, big-grooved melodic bluesy rock compositions courtesy of this incredible tight four-piece from the great opening track Lightnin' Crashing, that is wickedly addictive, through to the delightful Up To You. Especially notable are the deliciously rock/folk track Rock 'n' Roll Dream, which has an electrifying intro and creative lyrics; Waiting So Long with its arresting change of tempo mix; the lovely treatment of Believe; the beautiful In The Shadows; and Push It To The Limit. And why not?!

Delving deeper into rock tradition with the surging notes of Follow, 4Bitten benefits from vocalist/keyboard player Fofi's striking voice that is so well suited to the band's chosen genre and used to good effect on the title track No More Sins. I also detected a hint of the glorious Suzi Quatro, who has been an influence on many a rock band.

Now signed to Rocksector Records in the UK, 4Bitten has a line-up of vocalist/keyboard player Fofi, guitarist George, bassist Akis and drummer Angelo. The band is based in Athens, Greece, but flew in to play their debut UK live gigs in March before supporting the Dan Reed Network in April and May.

Born and raised in a small town in the Mid-West US State of Iowa, Fofi grew up with the rock, blues and southern influences which are reflected in her powerful, soaring vocal style. A musical child, she started piano lessons at 5, was playing the trombone in the school band by the age of 9, began acoustic guitar lessons at 13 and by 16 had started playing harmonica.

When Fofi's Greek-born parents decided to return to their native country eight years ago, Fofi was 20. Having enjoyed her small Iowa town environment up to high school age, Fofi found herself approaching the end of her teens and keen to get out of there, broaden her horizons and explore her Greek heritage. After moving lock, stock and barrel back across the Atlantic she began studying for a classical piano diploma in Athens.

Fofi was spotted by guitarist George while she was singing in a blues band, covering songs by artistes such as Aretha Franklin and Etta James, and he realised that she had just the voice he had always imagined for his 'dream' rock band. Having recruited bassist Akis and drummer Angelo, the band needed a name and the four began to throw ideas around. Eventually George said: "There's four of us and we've all been 'bitten' by the 'rock bug', so why don't we call ourselves 4Bitten?" And the dream became a reality.

Playing "just about anything that inspires us", 4Bitten was initially performing purely as a covers band and would play anything from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Thunder and ZZ Top. But the four found time to write their own music in rehearsal and tested select new songs out occasionally to rapturous applause.

In August 2008 4Bitten flew to New York to the Sterling Sound Studios where the band laid down No More Sins an incredibly well produced, irresistible introduction to this hugely talented, versatile and strangely named new hard rock outfit. 4Bitten's No More Sins is an uplifting and vibrant offering of a very eclectic style with lovely vocals and harmonies. May 4Bitten commit many more sins to music if this is sinful, bring on the Sin!

The brand new, fiery American/Greek female-fronted bluesy hard-rock band 4Bitten's superb No More Sins debut album was released on 20 April (2009) on Rocksector Records, through Code 7/Plastic Head.

No More Sins Tracklisting

1 Lightnin' Crashing | 2 Believe | 3 Follow | 4 Tell Me | 5 Rock 'n' Roll Dream | 6 Waiting So Long | 7 Push It To The Limit | 8 In The Shadows | 9 No More Sins | 10 Up To You.

"4Bitten's No More Sins is an uplifting and vibrant offering of a very eclectic style with lovely vocals and harmonies… If this is sinful, bring on the Sin!" Maggie Woods, MotorBar
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