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Andy J Gallagher Crocodiles And Prostitutes [EP] Something Else [single]

Andy J Gallagher: Crocodiles And ProstitutesSinger-songwriters have an advantage
  over those who do not write their
own material. They can turn in a track
  with their own stamp on it without
a second thought — and Andy J
  Gallagher can certainly do that...

ANDY J GALLAGHER APPEARS TO TAILOR HIS SONGS to suit himself, writing for his own particular style and for the admirers he knows will undoubtedly appreciate his work. When first seen at intimate music venues in the punky-pop band The Shopkeeper Appeared and with plays on Radio One and a gig supporting Radiohead, fame looked assured.

A clever singer-songwriter with an emotive voice, Andy has always been hungry and passionate for new creative experiences. He headed out for steamy Asia and, having played in Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, he ended up in New York working with America's own Morrissey Ronnie Scott (formerly with The Truth).

Back in the UK he faced crucial changes to his personal life that prompted an outpouring of lyrical emotion his most inspired writing to date. When songwriter and guitarist Roman Jugg of seminal punk band The Damned heard Andy Gallagher's demos he insisted on producing the astounding EP, Crocodiles And Prostitutes.

Crocodiles And Prostitutes has a cool line-up that includes the cute and catchy debut single, Something Else, which gives Andy the opportunity to air his talents with his great vocals you could happily dance the night away to tracks like this and, judging by his 'track record' so far, we will be hearing a lot more of Andy J Gallagher.

There is also a swinging, head-banging track with a gushing musical accompaniment called The Men In Suits; the oddly-titled Rope Swings Eternal, which shows the strength of Andy's voice and is a very likeable track and C, which is more melodic and folk-ish with lovely strains and great lyrics.

Something Else is the lead-off single from Andy's new album Helicopter Dolphin Submarine (out February 9) and accompanied by an extremely unique and boundary-pushing video that marks the introduction of a fine lyrical mastermind

Super-talented UK singer-songwriter Andy J Gallagher's debut single Something Else is out now (released 24 November, 2008, on Waga Waga Records). The EP Crocodiles And Prostitutes is also out now (released 24 November, 2008).

Crocodiles And Prostitutes Tracklisting

1 Something Else | 2 The Men In Suits | 3 Rope Swings Eternal | 4 C

"Finally someone worthy of a Buzzcocks comparison, really good songs" Steve Diggle (The Buzzcocks)

"Lyrical Genius" Roman Jugg (The Damned)

"Refreshingly different" — Annie Nightingale

"A clever singer-songwriter with an emotive voice... and, judging by his 'track record' so far, we will be hearing a lot more of Andy J Gallagher" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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