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Bucks Fizz Writing On The Wall [album]

Bucks Fizz: Writing On The Wall “Whether you view them with pleasure
  or indifference, Eighties hit band
  Bucks Fizz had an important part to play
  in pop music history — and Universal
  Music has released Writing On The Wall
  from its new ‘Re-presents
label to delight
  faithful fans and tempt newcomers

RECALLING THE POP MUSIC OF THE NINETEEN EIGHTIES, the then pop sensations Bucks Fizz has reissued a superbly presented album, Writing On The Wall, to the delight of fans everywhere.

Originally released in 1986 to great critical acclaim, Writing On The Wall was the fifth and final studio album released by Bucks Fizz. It was described by Smash Hits as "brilliantly conceived pop music" and "a gem" by Music Week.

Take a dip into
nostalgia and reminisce
with Bucks Fizz as they
re-present their best
work with the special
2CD package
Writing On The Wall

— Maggie Woods
Universal Music Catalogue's new 'Re-presents' label takes well-known and loved albums from past decades and re-presents them in a fresh new form.

The newly-compiled Writing On The Wall CD recreates the best of Bucks Fizz and, along with the original album, each 2CD package is crammed full of exciting material that includes original B-sides, alternative mixes, extended versions and edits — many of which have never before appeared on a CD.

While the distinctive sound of Bucks Fizz is classically Eighties, we always felt New Beginnings (Mamba Seyra), a delightful infusion of African music — a track that heralded a second wave of Bucks Fizz and was held at number 8 for two weeks in the charts — was much more universal.

Originally recorded by Force-8, New Beginnings was released by Bucks Fizz in May, 1986, and showcases the beautiful vocals of band members Bobby Gee, Mike Nolan, Cheryl Baker, Shelley Preston and Andy Hill.

Love The One You're With is an upbeat track with a great sentiment and song familiar to Bucks Fizz fans. The compulsive melody of Keep Each Other Warm is great but The Company You Keep is beautifully sung, with good words and a memorable tune.

With Soul Motion Bucks Fizz demonstrate imagination as does I Hear Talk, which is a slightly different sound for the band. The evocative and pretty Give A Little Love stood out as did One Heart, with Bobby Gee's creditable lead vocals. We also rather liked the treatment of Paper Hearts and Innocent; and the live Motown Medley and live Rolling Stones Medley are interesting choices.

This is a very special 25th Anniversary edition of the album that includes a host of rare extras, including a brand new never-released extended mix of Soul Motion, unedited versions of Give A Little Love and Don't Turn Back, which are two of Bobby Gee's solo offerings, and a first release is given to a number of tracks recorded in 1988. There are also original twelve-inch mixes and B-sides of the era and the two previously unreleased medleys from the Live At Fairfield Hall session.

Take a dip into nostalgia and reminisce with Bucks Fizz as they re-present their best work with the special 2CD package Writing On The Wall — whetting the appetites of both seasoned fans and those who have yet to discover the band.

Bucks Fizz Writing On The Wall will be released by Universal Music Catalogue / Re-presents on 16 April 2012.

CD1: The Definitive Album

1 New Beginnings (Full Length Version) | 2 Love The One You're With (7-inch Version) | 3 Don't Turn Back (Unedited Version) | 4 Keep Each Other Warm (Long Version) | 5 Love In A World Gone Mad (1986 7-inch Version) | 6 The Company You Keep | 7 Soul Motion | 8 Give A Little Love (Unedited Version) | 9 In Your Eyes | 10 I Need Your Love | 11 Too Hard | 12 Love The One You're With (Extended Version) | 13 I Hear Talk (1986 Extended Version) | 14 Love In A World Gone Mad (Extended Version) | 15 New Beginning (Extended Version).

CD2: Bonus Disc Lost Masters 3

1 Love The One You're With (Alternate Mix) | 2 Keep Each Other Warm (The Original Idea) | 3 Love In A World Gone Mad (Shelley Preston Version) | 4 Big Deal (1986 7-inch) | 5 I Want To Stay (Unedited Version) | 6 What's One Lonely Woman (Laid Back Mix 2011) | 7 The Company You Keep (Demo) | 8 Easy Trouble (Cheryl Baker) | 9 One Heart (Bobby Gee) | 10 I Should Have Been Strong (Bobby Gee) | 11 Paper Hearts (Shelley Preston) | 12 Innocent (Bobby Gee) | 14 Big Deal (1986 Extended Version) | 14 Live Motown Medley | 15 Live Rolling Stones Medley | 16 Soul Motion (2011 Extended Version).

"Writing On The Wall Take a dip into nostalgia and reminisce with Bucks Fizz as they re-present their best work" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar