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BWO Pandemonium: The Singles Collection [album] Lay Your Love On Me [single] Sunshine In The Rain [single]

BWO: Pandemonium “You can quite understand why BWO
  (Bodies Without Organs) is one
the most successful Swedish pop
  groups ever when you hear their
  single, Lay Your Love On Me and
  the album, Pandemonium: The Singles

STORMING BACK AGAIN with some creditable music, BWO (Bodies Without Organs) get pop fans going with the single, Lay Your Love On Me and aim at overload with Pandemonium: The Singles Collection — both of which are out now.

A collection of the international hit singles from BWO, Pandemonium is already certified gold in Sweden. Using two laptops and combining their three distinctive voices, Martin Rolinski, Marina Schiptjenko and Swedish pop maestro Alexander Bard have had more international radio chart hits in Europe in the 21st Century than any other act, with the exception of Robbie Williams.

The glittering nuggets from the band's three albums Prototype, Halcyon Days and Fabricator follow three new songs: the official Europride 2008 anthem The Bells of Freedom that drags you out of the doldrums, clapping your hands and laughing with a joie de vivre that makes you want to shout out loud; Lay Your Love On Me, which hit the Swedish Number One spot in March (2008) and was released as a single in the UK on 28 July — a fantastic melody that just begs you not to slow down, this is certainly no wilting violet and has a charm all of its own with very interesting lyrics; and the latest offering from the band, Barcelona.

Barcelona is an echoing, joggy track with a music arrangement to thrust you straight into the city of vibrant experiences and sultry heat — take the next flight to Spain!

But the excellence doesn't stop there. Pandemonium goes on with wonderful musical arrangements and track after track of well-written lyrics and well-executed creativity. We Should Be Dancing says it all, but we also liked the magical We Could Be Heroes and Conquering America — BWO's Pandemonium is a masterful combination of rhythmic pop with a joyous beat that keeps you moving and shaking.

Released in March 2005, BWO's debut album Prototype soon went platinum resulting in the band being awarded a Swedish Grammis Award for Pop Artist Of The Year. European success quickly followed, generating several Number One hit singles across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Prototype generated no less than seven Top Ten singles in Sweden, including Sixteen Tons of Hardware — a brightly-shining star that we loved; Open Door and Sunshine In The Rain, an evocative track full of yearning, with an easy rhythm that is compulsive and easily one of the best.

BWO's second album Halcyon Days was released in April 2006 and entered the Swedish Charts at Number One, instantly going platinum. It was nominated for five Grammis awards. The first single and club anthem Temple Of Love was understandably a combined sales and airplay Number One smash in Sweden — the beats keep on pumping!

Will My Arms Be Strong Enough, We Could Be Heroes and Chariots Of Fire were all top-three hits in Scandinavia. A third album entitled Fabricator was released in September 2007 with both Give Me The Night and The Destiny Of Love achieving well-deserved success by topping the Swedish singles charts.

In Britain, BWO have been taken to the hearts of fans of quality pop. The trio have become regulars on Radio 2 — Sunshine In The Rain spent four weeks on the Radio 2 A-list and the fabulous current single Lay Your Love On Me — which is on the B-list — was given its first play nine weeks up front of release and has been played by Steve Wright on his weekday show for thirty days in a row. A second headline performance at G-A-Y in July saw a sell-out crowd embracing BWO as the new royalty of pop. If you love classy pop, you'll love this. Do we love Pandemonium? Yes, We Do!

The single, Lay Your Love On Me, was released on 28 July (2008) on Shell Records.

The album, Pandemonium: The Singles Collection, by BWO (Bodies Without Organs) was released on 1 September (2008).


1 The Bells Of Freedom | 2 Lay Your Love On Me | 3 Barcelona | 4 Sunshine In The Rain (Prototype) | 5 Give Me The Night (Fabricator) | 6 Chariots Of Fire (Halcyon Days) |
7 Open Door (Prototype) | 8 Gomenasai (Fabricator) | 9 Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (Prototype) | 10 Will My Arms Be Strong Enough (Halcyon Days) | 11 We Should Be Dancing (Fabricator) | 12 Temple Of Love (Halcyon Days) | 13 Living In A Fantasy (Prototype) | 14 We Could Be Heroes (Halcyon Days) | 15 Voodoo Magic (Prototype) |
16 Let It Rain (Fabricator) | 17 Conquering America (Prototype) | 18 The Destiny Of Love (Fabricator).

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"BWO's Pandemonium is a masterful combination of rhythmic pop with a joyous beat that keeps you moving and shaking" — MotorBar

BWO: Sunshine In The Rain
“Swedish style and panache combine
  with glamour to create a successful
  European band with their sights set on
  the UK...”


CONTAGIOUS SCANDINAVIAN POPULAR MUSIC WAS epitomized by the forever re-emerging and much-admired ABBA, and now Sweden is invading once again — this time as BWO (Bodies Without Organs!) who, with their bouncy fusion of pop and über-style, offer another set of initials to throw into the pot.

Having enjoyed Number One singles and albums throughout Europe, their success has extended beyond the boundaries of their homeland to Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine and Hungary. Now BWO hopes to conquer the UK with their new single, Sunshine In The Rain complete with a Soul Seekerz (Dannii Minogue, Basement Jaxx) remix.

Bringing some much-needed 'solar energy' to dismally-wet Britain, BWO inject a large dose of happiness into Sunshine In The Rain, giving it the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Another song to join the toe-tapping legion of dance songs, this single will most definitely make your world look brighter.

Platinum-selling BWO has had more international radio chart hits in Europe in the Twenty-First Century than any other act — bar only the mighty Robbie Williams. They have been the most played act on Swedish radio (for both 2005 and 2006) and are, understandably, the most popular band in their native Sweden since ABBA, where they have scored eleven Top 20 singles.

Pin-up lead singer Martin Rolinski is joined by legendary Swedish pop maestro Alexander Bard — a race-horse trainer and formerly of Army of Lovers and Alcazar — and glamorous Marina Schiptjenko (an art dealer and formerly of Vacuum) on vocals and laptops to form an irresistible alliance. Earlier this year, infamous London club G-A-Y dedicated an entire evening to Alexander Bard when BWO headlined the night which included a re-formed Army Of Lovers and Alcazar.

"Pop, says the publicity machine, doesn't get more stylish than this extraordinary trio — and we can go along with that wholeheartedly" — MotorBar

BWO (Bodies Without Organs) will be bringing a ray of modish sun-shine to Britain's charts with their single Sunshine In The Rain, released on 21 January (2008).

Why 'Bodies Without Organs'? The name of the band derives from the philosophical term 'body without organs', developed by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari in their 1972 book, Anti-Oedipus. Bard, an author and lecturer of philosophy, referred to the ideas of Deleuze in his 2000 book Nätokraterna (Netocracy).

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