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Civilian If The Sun Could Speak [EP]

Civilian: If The Sun Could SpeakCatch up with Civilian and listen to
  the terrific EP If The Sun Could Speak,
  glowing with the band
s stylish tracks
  and superb, self-taught musical ability...

CIVILIAN WAS CONCEIVED when vocalist and percussionist Adam Moseley remarked to his friends how amazing it would be to create one of the best bands in Britain...

Just one problem: at that time, not one of them could play an instrument! So no worries — they decided that, even with the little equipment they had and no immediate spark, if they worked long enough and hard enough they could come up with something.

Adam and his friends locked themselves away and set to work. Astoundingly, they eventually developed a sound that got an incredible reaction and Civilian was in business.

The Horsham-based band hit upon the name Civilian as being suitable because they thought it reflected that, although it is easy to keep your head down and be contented to blend in with the crowd, if you actually make the time and the effort to search inside, you can find abilities you didn't know you had that could make you shine.

Four years on, Civilian continue to make huge strides, having featured at top venues including Dublin Castle, Monto Water Rats, Astoria 2 and Clapham Grand in London, as well as the Komedia, Barfly, Concorde 2 and Freebutt in Brighton. They were also one of the lead acts at the 2007 Urban Lawns Festival.

Civilians's December EP was released in December 2006 by Isolation Records with the BBC featuring the lead track Spirituality on their flagship digital station, 6 Music. The follow up, the If The Sun Could Speak EP (reviewed here), was released in May 2007 and the band's debut album When Was It Anything Else? is scheduled for release on 29 September (2008). For the record, Civilian will be headlining their debut album two days earlier at Brighton's Freebutt, on 27 September.

Adam has a really good voice and has matched the tracks well to his range. The instrumentals are also surprisingly professional for a band that has had to learn the hard way. Civilian comprises of Adam (Vocals and Percussion); Dan Colberg (Lead Guitar); Julian Reather (Rhythm Guitar); Adam (Byrd) Russell (Bass Guitar) and Dan Smith (Drums). And you'd find it hard to believe that they hadn't been playing for many years.

The charming If The Sun Could Speak is the title track on the band's second EP and it reflects perfectly Civilian's talent for mixing exciting musical and vocal abilities with an unusual twist to produce a catchy, evocative rock-style result.

And what a result! They repeat the trick with Sorrow In Silence — a terrific, melodic and beautifully composed track that is very pleasant to listen to and drags you to a point where you simply can't resist the music. Especially magical is the superb chorus with a stylish choice of notes.

Just two tracks in and you already know you like these guys — all down to the obviously enjoyable input from all the band. And that is the whole idea — the boys' intention is for you to have as much fun playing their music as they have had performing it.

If The Sun Could Speak is available now as an EP from Isolation Records. Civilian's debut album — When Was It Anything Else? — is to be released on 29 September (2008) also on the Isolation Records label.

Tracklisting (If The Sun Could Speak)

1 Sorrow In Silence | 2 Empty Shores | 3 If The Sun Could Speak

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"If The Sun Could Speak reflects perfectly Civilian's talent for mixing exciting musical and vocal abilities with an unusual twist to produce a catchy, evocative rock-style result" — MotorBar