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David Bronson Story [album]

David Bronson: Story “Creating beautiful music enhanced
  by heartfelt lyrics, singer-songwriter
  David Bronson spent a number of
  years writing, producing and recording
  before finishing a twenty-two song
  cycle and has now released his first
  album, Story...”

COLLECTIVELY CALLED THE LONG LOST STORY, multi- talented singer-songwriter David Bronson's twenty-two fabulous songs have been divided between two albums and he is to release the first, Story, on 7 January (2013).

A highly-personal project for this New York City-based artiste, Story has been described as a gorgeous, sophisticated and intricately creative project. Indeed, David's superb, gravelly voice is well suited to his poetic offerings — poignant and yet uplifting.

“With insightful lyrics
of heartfelt thoughts,
David Bronson’s Story
is a terrific vocal
and musical accomplishment
Story shines with numerous classic influences; from Neil Young to George Harrison's solo material, but with the looseness and experimentation that is also the premise of modern converts to the folk-rock sound. Think bands such as Grizzle Bear, Band of Horses and latter-day Iron & Wine.

This multi-faceted project clearly has numerous levels of meaning as metaphors of artistic creation, the passage of time, completion and resolution are all relevant to the album.

On the surface, the tracks begin with a description of a young man's loss of hope and identity as he suffers the pains of a lost love and continue through the prolonged, arduous and life-changing journey to rediscover both himself and that hope.

David explains his dedication as he worked through the project's dual-emotional trajectories as: "It became all-consuming and a real test, of sorts."

The album has a very live sound, as if the listener is genuinely part of the deal. Really pleasant to listen to, when the music recedes you can hear how well David's voice holds the tune, especially on the magnificent and wistful If.

Some very interesting musical arrangements here. The Ones is a racy, challenging number; the lovely Us is gently evocative and as David works through the layers it is as if you can sense his emotions changing, echoing Bronson's intense desire to produce a full-bodied exploration of his inner-life.

The glorious Adrift is one of a number of tracks that features the vocals of Maria Neckam, percussion, a Wurlitzer and a Glockenspiel, taking it to a new dimension. Watch The Sun and Unending (Underture) are also fine tracks.

With insightful lyrics of heartfelt thoughts, David Bronson's Story is a terrific vocal and musical accomplishment, beautifully presented with a wonderfully peaceful mural by Jeremy Bronson of mountains, a winding river and trees.

Nothing — not even David being an indie musician with a tight budget — gets in the way of Story's large and expressive scope. Although it was originally meant as one record, it became clear to David that the album represented not just the end of a relationship but growth itself, and the project itself needed to grow with that realisation.

He explains: "It became a metaphor and conduit for everything I was feeling in my inner life and I put everything into it. I indulged myself to get everything the way I wanted; the art of it became the only thing that mattered." And the result is the perfect Story.

Story is written, produced and arranged by David Bronson, and was mixed and assisted with the finishing by legendary producer and mix-engineer Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Sparks).

* David Bronson's new album Story, Part 1 of The Long Lost Story, is released on CD on 7 January 2013.

"With insightful lyrics of heartfelt thoughts, David Bronson's Story is a terrific vocal and musical accomplishment" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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