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Days Before Tomorrow The Sky Is Falling [album]

Days Before Tomorrow: The Sky Is FallingHow very encouraging to discover
  the release of a near-perfect album

  The Sky Is Falling. Such an amazing
  collection of fourteen very strong tracks
  from a progressive and creative band
  must surely signal that Days Before
  Tomorrow is destined for greatness

AS SOON AS I PICKED UP THE SKY IS FALLING I just knew it was an album I would love. And so it proved. Days Before Tomorrow sculpt their beautifully clear vocals around poetic compositions that are both lyrically and musically brilliant.

There is something intentionally fantastic and fabulous about this album. The Sky Is Falling is described as "melodic progressive rock" and we found a progressive melting pot with hints of folk, rock, country and electronica in this innovative musical adventure. I would be totally astonished if we did not hear more from this talented band. They even look the part.

Compulsive listening, this, from beginning to end and a rare musical treat. We especially loved Wrong and Last Song; Can't Go Back is wonderfully emotive and all three Wasted Years (I II, III) are fine tracks. A beautifully-presented, unbelievably clever mix of terrifically moving songs with well thought out lyrics and catchy music. In The Air is superb and The Sky Is Falling deliciously dramatic; Lighters is hearty and beautiful. Want to dance? You bet. And as for the hooks… I'm hooked!


1 Lighters | 2 Wrong | 3 Last Song | 4 Can't Go Back | 5 Wasted Years I: Confrontation | 6 Wasted Years II: Sleepwalking | 7 In The Air | 8 The Sky Is Falling | 9 Can't Do Anything | 10 Survival | 11 Your Kate | 12 You're Not The One | 13 Wasted Years III: The Silence Is Deafening | 14 Lighters (Reprise).

This magnificent CD album, The Sky Is Falling by Days Before Tomorrow, is out now!

"The Sky Is Falling… Days Before Tomorrow sculpt their beautifully clear vocals around poetic compositions that are both lyrically and musically brilliant" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Days Before Tomorrow represents the most cutting-edge and unique style I have ever heard from an independent band. In nearly two decades of producing award shows, I have never received an album like what they put together. Magnificent work" Al Bowman, Founder/Executive Producer, Los Angeles Music Awards

"Days Before Tomorrow shoot the gambit of directional turns… I listen to tons of music but DBT take music to another level… The opening track Lighters is an amazing song… I can't say enough about DBT being innovators of experimental changes… The Sky Is Falling is not your typical CD; it's a journey through time as with a Pink Floyd release. You really have to sit back and enjoy the ride of your life… This is a great release to escape in your own little world and dream, but watch out for the quick turns as these class musicians take it one step further" (4 Stars out of 5)

"Days Before Tomorrow are musical clinicians; they play a melodic and intricate form of progressive music that is radio-friendly, especially because of lead singer Eric Klein's warm, clear and soaring style… The chorus of Lighters is one of the best choruses you'll ever hear… Wrong probably owns the next best chorus you'll hear this year… this should be a hit for Days Before Tomorrow… a band who is artful both musically and conceptually…" (8.1 out of 10)

"What immediately stood out for me were the incredible hooks found throughout the disc… There are no weak tracks… One of the most refreshing releases I have heard… Will more than likely make my 'best of' list when the end of the year comes around…" (4.5 Stars out of 5)

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