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Glen Campbell Meet Glen Campbell [album]

Glen Campbell: Meet Glen CampbellMany people would like to Meet Glen
— and here is a great
  opportunity to sample the country
  singer and his rich, mellow voice
  that still has ‘swoonability
half a century of wowing audiences
  across the world...

SINGERS WHO STAY THE COURSE have one thing in common. Along with their talent, they have the ability to charm the birds out of the trees and an easy way of performing that makes their fans feel they are amiable and approachable like Glen Campbell.

It is difficult to believe Glen Campbell has been around for five decades — a legendary career in which he has achieved chart-topping, platinum-selling pop and country success. On Meet Glen Campbell, he sings of everyday tales: life, love, work and heartache. He has produced an inspired, dynamic new studio album that gives the impression of hearing this masterful singer for the first time.

Glen Campbell's voice drips with sex-appeal and charm. He is every bit as compelling as he has always been; with subtle heart-arresting emotion thrown in for good measure. This star just never stops giving it his all-time best.

On Meet Glen Campbell, the music icon has returned to his long-time US label home, Capitol Records, and the songs all strike a personal and musical chord with the singer. He has reinterpreted and re-imagined both older and contemporary songs with his own signature vocal and guitar arrangements. Described as "a true musician's musician", his distinctive guitar playing — along with the clarity and emotion of his powerful vocal performance — come together to give new life to the songs he selected for the album.

Influential and respected as both a singer and a guitarist, Glen Campbell is a past master at making other artiste's songs his own. He has recorded high-spirited, emotionally-charged versions of tracks that have moved and inspired him; and his intimate performances convey an autobiographical and deeply personal connection to the album's songs which include, among others, Travis: Sing, Tom Petty: Angel Dream and Walls, The Replacements: Sadly Beautiful, U2: All I Want Is You, The Velvet Underground: Jesus and Jackson Browne: These Days.

Glen has a knack of choosing tracks that suit his style and he gives an extra dimension to the songs — Sing resonates with pleasure and a worldliness of beguiling notes that make you sigh as it fades; Walls and Angel Dream have that familiar Tom Petty feel, but giving them the Campbell treatment does nothing to dispel their magic and appeal on many levels.

Recorded in Los Angeles, Meet Glen Campbell is produced by Julian Raymond (Roseanne Cash, Fastball, Shawn Mullins, Wallflowers) with engineer/co-producer Howard Willing. The album features musical contributions by Campbell contemporaries as well as younger rock and alt-country artistes who joined him in the studio — including Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, Roger Joseph Manning Jr and Jason Faulkner from Jellyfish; and Chris Chaney from Jane's Addiction.

Campbell's sons and daughters, who regularly perform with their father, recorded backing vocals for the tracks, providing the album's warm family tone and giving it a lift with familiar overtones that give you a comfortable, soothing aura.

It is quite astounding how, just as Glen begins an exciting new chapter in his fifty-year career as one of America's most beloved musical icons, the sound of this remarkably talented artiste is reminiscent of youth and innovation. Times Like These is a case in point; whereas All I Want Is You has a ring of conviction with wonderful instrumentals and vocal harmony. We also loved Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) that created a bit of a stir musically and Grow Old With Me for the poignancy it was written to have.

Glen Campbell's new studio album, Meet Glen Campbell, will be released on CD, limited edition vinyl and digitally on 25 August, 2008, by EMI Marketing in the UK. Catalogue Number: 234 1322; Digital ICPN: 50999 2 34135 5 9.


1 Sing (Travis) | 2 Walls (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) | 3 Angel Dream (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) | 4 Times Like These (Foo Fighters) | 5 These Days (Jackson
Browne) | 6 Sadly Beautiful (The Replacements) | 7 All I Want Is You (U2) | 8 Jesus (Velvet Underground) | 9 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Green Day) | 10 Grow Old With Me (John Lennon)

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"Meet Glen Campbell Glen Campbell's voice drips with sex-appeal and charm. He is every bit as compelling as he has always been with subtle heart-arresting emotion thrown in for good measure. This star just never stops giving it his all-time best" — MotorBar