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Jade Gallagher Don’t You Wish [single]
Maybe This

Jade Gallagher: Don't You Wish“Jade Gallagher’s ability
  to ‘wow
audiences was
  in clear evidence at her
  showcase to the Press...”

ALTHOUGH SHE CONFESSED TO BEING "NERVOUS", Jade delivered her particularly gifted brand of singing to the Media at 5 Cavendish Square, London, without a trace of hesitation.

When MotorBar spoke to the sweet-natured Jade after her delightful performance, complimenting her particularly on her excellent song Katy Says, she told us that she really enjoyed singing it. And it shows!

Jade Gallagher live

The striking Liverpool singer/musician has been turning heads with her compelling voice, haunting tunes and exotic good looks. Not surpris-ingly, she has already built up a formidable fan base — just take a look at her site — and in such a short space of time she has certainly served her apprenticeship having played on a variety of major tours that include Joan Armatrading and Mark Almond. She has also given a special performance of Miss You Nights for Cliff Richard — one of my favourites among Cliff's songs.

Jade Gallagher's latest single release, Don't You Wish, is a bouncy, upbeat song with a spring in its step. It has good lyrics and is as easy to listen to as every song from her debut album is. There is a great depth of feeling here and we tend to agree with the publicity machine which says: "It is only a matter of time before we see Jade performing at the Brit Awards." The second song is Jade's cover version of The Way You Look Tonight — another favourite and one that she sings very well indeed.

Jade GallagherLegendary photographer Mick Rock discovered Jade when he attended a gig in Manchester and saw something in her natural looks. He decided to shoot this relatively unknown artiste and the results can be seen on her new album sleeve.

The solitude of Jade's mother's caravan on the outskirts of Liverpool was very instrumental in Jade focusing in on her music. And this was also to be the inspiration for her debut album, Maybe This (see below), which is also due out in November.

Jade is, she says, particularly looking forward to her tour with Engelbert Humperdinck — whom she was due to meet the weekend after the showcase.

Jade's talent, melodious voice and song-writing skills meld together in
a very exceptional way. Combined with her beautifully exotic looks she must surely be on the road to stardom.

Jade Gallagher's single Don't You Wish is due to be released on Easymoney Records on 26 November (2007). Don't you wish you had
it already?

For more information go to:, and www.easymoney

Jade Gallagher: Maybe This LIVERPOOL HAS A HISTORY of turning out suitably talented artistes and it is still true today. The emergence of Jade Gallagher — the dark-haired beauty with a Malaysian-Chinese mother and an Irish father — continues a tradition of excellence.

Singer/songwriter Jade has an emotional, compelling voice and her haunting tunes make up the debut album that is due to be released in November on independent label Easymoney Records.

The album feels personal, with a lot of feeling being put into each track and a touch of ballad/country influences. Even the cover version of The Way You Look Tonight works well along with the great selection of songs on the album, which was conceived in an unassuming caravan on the outskirts of Liverpool. Legendary photographer Mick Rock — known for his iconic shots of Blondie, Kate Moss and David Bowie — shot the album sleeve.

Jade, classically trained throughout her teens, chose to con-centrate on playing guitar, singing and developing her song-writing skills — a path she found more liberating as there were fewer restrictions upon her. The sense of freedom and open spaces permeates the album.

"I love everything from rock music to r'n'b," says Jade. "But my passion has always been singing whilst playing acoustic guitar." With her goal firmly in mind, Jade was inspired to make her debut album, with its edgy, country vibe.

Her vocals are clear and poignant and behind her pretty voice is the soothing guitar work that is as much of the attraction as Jade herself — a fantastic combination to enjoy listening to, with interesting melodies and a pleasantly contemporary sound.

With a few major tours already under her belt — including special performances at this year's Livefest and Liverpool Summer Pops — a dazzling acoustic set at Guilfest led to a live interview with Dermot O'Leary on Radio 2. Jade was also support on the recent Joan Armatrading, Royal Albert Hall, show where people who wanted to hear more from her bought an impressive 200 CDs during the interval.

The publicity machine says: With a voice to break a million hearts, Jade was invited to play at the launch of Paul McCartney's album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and has also performed with The Byrds legend Roger McGuinn. Having recently supported the likes of Bryan Adams, Katie Melua, Van Morrison, Sugababes, Westlife, Hanson and Nate James it is not surprising that she has been compared to artistes such as Shawn Colvin and Suzanne Vega.

This young lady has packed a lot of hard work into a short space of time for a relative newcomer. Don't miss out on her album.

Jade Gallagher's CD debut album Maybe This will be released on November 26 (2007) on independent label Easymoney Records. Tracks: Carry Me; Katy Says; Iris; Ask Love To Stay; If I Knew; Shooting Stars; Don't You Wish; Haunting Me; Leavin'; The Way You Look Tonight; After The Parade; Down.

Check out and www.myspace.