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Megadeth Anthology: Set The World Afire [album]

Megadeth -- Anthology: Set The World Afire“An indispensable part of Heavy Metal
  history, Megadeth is threatening to Set
  The World Afire with the band
s latest
  two-CD collection that features not only
  top hits and fan favourites but also a
  previously unreleased demo as well as
  two rare concert recordings in a deluge
  of agreeable musical overkill

WHO COULD FORGET Megadeth's magnificently successful 2007 release of the coveted 4-CD+DVD Warchest box set? Now the band is back with a vengeance with the release of Anthology: Set The World Afire with a burning ambition not to let the grass grow under its feet.

The career-spanning 2-CD and digital collection features Megadeth's top hits and fan favourites, previously unreleased demo and two rare concert recordings — loaded with 35 electrifying tracks, including Trust with its brilliant beat and heart-stopping vibes, the exceptional A Tout Le Monde, unusual Insomnia and the great Train Of Consequences.

One of the most delicious overkills you are ever going to come across, Anthology: Set The World Afire is a glorious indulgence of weighty heavy metal from the fabulous Megadeth that you can indulge in with a gleeful excess of delirium.

The two rare 1992 recordings of Peace Sells and Symphony Of Destruction have previously only been available in limited release. Peace Sells is a wonderfully-expressive track with addictive beats and Symphony Of Destruction — never released in the US — is simply out of this world.

The demo version of High Speed Dirt has also never been released before and is brilliant and exciting, with twirling instrumentals and skilfully overlaid fiery vocals. The title track, Set The World Afire, is a superb piece of creative work from the band and the artwork for the package is also nicely visual.

We also like the treatment of Angry Again, the spooky She-Wolf, fantastically nightmarish Prince Of Darkness and quirky Foreclosure Of A Dream. Proof indeed of a pool of rock-hard talent.

Iconic frontman Dave Mustaine pioneered the hugely successful metal band Megadeth after his departure from Metallica. Beginning with the band's 1985 debut album, Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good! Megadeth evolved through a shifting series of line-ups, crafting a dynamic, intelligent style that combined the aggressiveness of thrash metal, the improvisational nature of jazz and cynical, articulate, politically-charged lyrics into an innovative mix that built a rabid worldwide following.

In recent years, Mustaine has overseen the broad remastering campaign for Megadeth's Capitol Records catalogue, which began with the band's second album, Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? Mustaine spent months remixing, remastering, restoring and — in some instances — reconstructing the band's Capitol catalogue to bring it as close to his original vision as possible. Each reissue (and last year's Warchest box set) is packed with unreleased tracks, demos and alternative mixes, as well as new liner notes by the iconoclastic Mustaine.

For the majority of three decades, Megadeth has yanked heavy metal into the future — musically, lyrically and culturally. The band has worked the raw ingredients into something desirable and spicily dangerous. With defiance and grace, through rare quality and intelligence, Megadeth has raised a generation on a diet of truth serum and bitter pills. Instead of being kicked to the curb for their insolence, the band has been rewarded with seven Grammy nominations and five platinum and multi-platinum albums.

On 13 October, Megadeth will continue to build on this powerful legacy with Anthology: Set The World Afire and will prove once again that the band is an indispensable part of heavy metal history. With terrific vocals and a frenzy of gifted guitars and drumming, watch out for the fall-out from this mega-hot band. Okay guys… consider the world well and truly alight!

Megadeth's 2-CD collection Anthology: Set The World Afire features the band's biggest hits, an unreleased demo and two rare live recordings. Release Date: 13 October (2008).


Disc 1 — 1 Mechanix | 2 Rattlehead | 3 Peace Sells | 4 Wake Up Dead | 5 Devil's Island |
6 Anarchy In The UK | 7 Set The World Afire | 8 Into The Lungs Of Hell | 9 In My Darkest Hour | 10 Holy Wars… The Punishment Due | 11 Tornado Of Souls | 12 Hangar 18 |
13 Take No Prisoners | 14 Go To Hell | 15 Sweating Bullets | 16 Crown Of Worms (Demo Version) | 17 High Speed Dirt (Demo Version, previously unreleased)

Disc 2 — 1 Skin O' My Teeth | 2 Ashes In Your Mouth | 3 Breakpoint | 4 Angry Again |
5 Train Of Consequences | 6 Reckoning Day (Live) | 7 A Tout Le Monde | 8 The Killing Road | 9 New World Order | 10 Trust | 11 She-Wolf | 12 Insomnia | 13 Prince Of
| 14 Kill The King | 15 Dread And The Fugitive Mind | 16 Foreclosure Of A
| 17 Symphony Of Destruction (Live, previously unreleased in the US) | 18 Peace Sells (Live).

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"One of the most delicious overkills you are ever going to come across, Anthology: Set The World Afire is a glorious indulgence of weighty heavy metal from the fabulous Megadeth that you can indulge in with a gleeful excess of delirium" — MotorBar