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Puggy Dubois Died Today [album]
Puggy: Dubois Died Today “Curious title, but this
  creditable debut album
  sounds very much
  alive to me. Just when
  you think it’s safe to
  assume that everything
  that can be done, has
  been done; something
  else comes along to
  prove you wrong...”

TO ME, PUGGY'S DUBOIS DIED TODAY DEBUT ALBUM sounds very 'Continental' with a slug of originality that pervades the CD. From Belgium to Blighty, this sensational new band are sure to make a glittering impression.

Puggy is a formidable band who hail from Brussels, Sweden and the UK. They are out to make an almighty wave on the UK's indie shores and have already attracted a following of dedicated fans and MTV plays across the Continent. Having outgrown their domestic musical sur-roundings, Puggy are about to set the ears alight of indie youngsters and grown-ups alike in the UK.

Puggy are on a European tour until November 10, supporting Incubus — at the US mega-group's personal request. Puggy debuted with perform-ances at Reading and Leeds Festivals and the following year performed a show-stopping set at the Benicāssim festival, Spain.

They caught the attention and became a personal favourite of legen-dary live music promoter Vince Power while they were playing shows
at nearly every sweaty underground London live venue. Vince booked them to play gigs at such prestigious venues as the Jazz Café and Bordertine, and he also invited them to play Benicāssim.

In early 2006, the band impressed Steve Lillywhite (The Rolling Stones, Morrissey, U2, The Pogues) when they played a private showcase for the legendary multi-Grammy award winning producer. He encouraged them to record their soon-to-be indie anthem, The Luckiest Crime.

Puggy's fourteen tracks are all remarkably catchy tunes deserving of radio airplay. The publicity machine says: This revelatory new band's premier musical offering is a melting pot of contemporary rock and acoustic pop adorned by astonishing melodies and lyrics filled with morbid irony. Tales of death, brothels and crime entwined into com-positions that are simple, yet innovative, create a unique ambience
and a level of musical maturity rarely attained on an introductory album.

Simple Dreams and Out of Hand, two songs from Dubois Died Today, have already achieved national playlist on Belgium's MINT, Radio 1 and FM stations. The music video for Out of Hand is also being broadcast across all music channels.

Dubois Died Today is out now on the Talkieo label.

Check out: and www.puggy

Recipe for a Puggy band

Ingredients: Determination; Three men in their 20's; A stroke of well-earned luck; A pinch of industry appraisal; Musical instruments; Talent; A good haircut; Bloodlust to succeed...

Take one British singer by the name of Matthew Irons, one Frenchman by the name of Romain Descampe and a Swedish drummer called Egil "Ziggy" Franzén...

Assemble them together in Belgium and introduce them all as musicians. Add discussion and common desires...

Marinade together to study in the well-known Antwerp Jazz Studio until they are HOT...

Make a Demo for Geffen Records; impress them so much that they fly to London to meet the band and watch every gig...

Astonish Legendary producer Steve Lillywhite and get priceless advice on recording your next single before releasing debut single and album on Talkieo Records in Belgium to critical praise and industry attention. Secure national playlist on Belgium s MINT, Radio 1 and FM stations and video rotation across all music channels...

Rack up many impressive performances, playing at the Play Rock Festival de Plainevaux at Brussels Summer Festival Eu'rit-mix, the KVS Klarafestival in Brussels and Theux, opening d'Admiral Freebee.

Unleash to play gigs to the London live music circuit (add venue names) and pick up an enviable live reputation from fans and industry alike...

Build up over 14K Myspace fans and get spotted by live music legend Vince Power — who will subsequently offer gigs at the Borderline and Garage (as long as lead singer gets haircut!). Combine hard work with
a pinch of luck to earn a UK festival slot at Reading and Leeds Festival 2005...

Have a repeat performance at Spain's Benicāssim, impressing super-producer William Orbit and get personally invited by Incubus to support them on a 15-date European tour...

Consider a major record deal and keep the faith and remember — wash behind ears!

CONGRATULATIONS, you have a Puggy!

"One of the best and most original bands to come out of Belgium" — Andrew Preston, Geffen Records

"This band is really great; I'm sure I'll see them at Wembley very soon" — William Orbit

"I was more than happy to support Puggy through the early days. I think they are a brilliant talent and I'm sure they are going to be one
of the few bands that make it out of the thousands that try" — Vince Power CBE