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Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton: New single Deathwish

The first-ever collaborative album from Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, new album Death Wish Blues is a body of work born from a shared passion for pushing the limits of blues music.

As one of the most dynamic forces in the blues world today, Fish has made her name as a multi-award-winning festival headliner who captivates crowds with her explosive yet elegant guitar work, delivering an unbridled form of blues-rock that defies all genre boundaries.

Dayton, meanwhile, boasts an extraordinary background that includes recording with the likes of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, touring as a guitarist for seminal punk band X, working with Rob Zombie on the soundtracks for his iconic horror films, and releasing a series of acclaimed solo albums.

Produced by the legendary Jon Spencer of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Death Wish Blues ultimately melds their eclectic sensibilities into a batch of songs both emotionally potent and wildly combustible.

Visit the official Death Wish Blues album and UK tour page at noblepr.

4Bitten — 4Bitten's No More Sins is an uplifting and vibrant offering of a very eclectic style with lovely vocals and harmonies… If this is sinful, bring on the sin!
10cc — The ultimate must-have for any music fan… Clever Clogs… an awesome, enjoyable and personal experience.
Alec Empire — Electro Numan-Sinatra with a touch of Nine Inch Nails.
Ali CampbellUB40's silver-throated warbler has spiced up his second solo outing with guest vocals… but even without them it would be easy to love.
Alley Cat DogsDancing just took on a whole new meaning for me. I think I invented
a new one to The Alley Cat Dogs singing their new single How Freaky.
Anatasha Take your time to savour this sweet-voiced young English lady because she's sure to be around for a long while.
Andy J Gallagher A clever singer-songwriter with an emotive voice... and, judging by his 'track record' so far, we will be hearing a lot more of Andy J Gallagher.
AnemoAnemo is fantastic and vocalist Hazelle Woodhurst is a knock-out; with a gutsy vocal presentation that switches itself in a second to complement every single track on the amazing Stentorian
AsaGentle yet strong; beautiful and raw — that's Asa singing on her wonderful, African mystique-infused new album Beautiful Imperfection with its heady mix of fabulous tracks.
Asobi Seksu — Asobi Seksu is back in the limelight with an electrifying album carrying twelve creditable tracks to get under your skin — Hush is absolutely delightful.
AthleteEvery so often a song comes along that you like immediately and it joins the favourites that you take around in the car with you. For me, Athlete's Tokyo is one of those.
Big Strides — With a fistful of melodies that are both charmingly retro and yet swishingly bang up to date, Big Strides has cut a pathway through the organised styles of music to bring out the deliriously different and creative Super Custom Limited and offer it to a variety of tastes.
Billy Idol Billy Idol's rich, husky and mature voice seems to get better and better each time you listen to it — even more so on the hot new album The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself.
Björk Björk's appealing accent combines with her sultry vocals to create a recipe for overwhelming success; but throw in the superb, sexy voice of Antony Hegarty and the dramatic Dull Flame Of Desire is simply magic.
Black Britanyaa The startlingly fascinating album The Windrush Volume 2 is a collection of beautiful beats that gush forth in a hip-jerking, singalong of compulsion from 'London's finest conscious rappers' Black Britanyaa.
Black Soul Strangers Championed by NME and Radio2's Janice Long and Dermot O'Leary, talented Irish Pop Rock quartet Black Soul Strangers has bagged an army of cyber fans that just can't stop talking about Animate, the band's debut album.
Blatta & Inesha Confuzed 90's: Switched On Ramirez explodes with tantalising beats and strange musical ambitions that combine to gyrate the dance-floor with spasms of ecstasy.
Blue JarTwenties style Jazz sounds with a modern twist, Blue Jar's enchanting Pelican Crossing CD album makes you long for the easy-going, less rushed life of yesterday.
Bryan Ferry The Best Of Bryan Ferry… superb songs that burst with quirky originality… Bryan Ferry's voice has that indefinable quality that infuses each track with a delightful longing.
Bucks Fizz — Take a dip into nostalgia and reminisce with Bucks Fizz as they re-present their best work: Writing On The Wall.
Buen ChicoWith their feel-good, head-banging, fun kind of music there is a lot to like about Right To Re-Arrange — one of the best Northern indie albums around.
BWOBWO's Pandemonium is a masterful combination of rhythmic pop with a joyous beat that keeps you moving and shaking.
Cakehole PresleyWith a superb, husky voice, Chris Ridgeway — the lead singer of Cakehole Presley — heads up a bunch of talented musicians who twist a poetic tale around their interesting modern take on Sixties-infused, folk-based melodies with trippy percussion that leave you wishing they had recorded an album instead of an EP.
CavernThe Cavern: The Most Famous Club In The World is laden with the spirit of yesterday: a triumph of singers and songwriters that will be played well into the future, breaking all age barriers.
Celine DionCeline Dion... It's almost enough to say her name and there's an instant hit. But when she's singing the enchanting Alone, she's unstoppable.
Chilli Gold — Chilli Gold's new single Out Of My Mind is a delightful and stylish melody well suited to those pure-Gold vocals.
Chris Cornell — Rereleased Euphoria Mourning is a compilation of flowing musical concepts designed to give Chris Cornell free rein to showcase his vocal talents.
Civilian If The Sun Could Speak… reflects perfectly Civilian's ability to mix exciting musical and vocal abilities with an unusual twist to produce a catchy, evocative rock-style result.
Clare TealOne of the best vocal talents to emerge from the UK in a long, long while.
Cliff RichardHaving been a musical icon for more than four decades, Cliff proves he's still got what it takes.
Cloud RoomMakes you want to jump up and down like a defiant Ritlin-poppin' kid on their parents' perfectly-made Ikea bed until you have an aneurysm. You'd be dead, of course, but what a way to go.
Colin Blunstone — Probably the most quintessentially English pop voice of its generation.
Daniel Tse Inner Sense is a timely album with beautiful songs that suit Daniel's remarkable vocals — once heard, you will never forget his outstanding voice with an edge of poignancy… Broken Wing is a fantastic, rapturous single with Daniel's vocals perfectly attuned to the power of the musical accompaniment.
David Bowie The Storytellers series has been a great success and would not be complete without including David Bowie, taking his place on stage to endorse the fact that he is not just a brilliant singer-songwriter but can also mesmerise an audience as a raconteur.
David Bronson Creating beautiful music enhanced by heartfelt lyrics, singer-songwriter David Bronson spent a number of years writing, producing and recording before finishing a twenty-two song cycle and has now released his first album, Story.
Davidge: Riot Pictures featuring Sandie Shaw Think of the freedom and fun of the Sixties: Carnaby Street, The King's Road, mini skirts, David Bailey, Twiggy, Biba, E-Type Jaguars, Minis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Abbey Road, oh, and a barefoot pop princess called Sandie Shaw whose welcome re-emergence into the music world is endorsed by her collaboration with Davidge as a feature vocalist on the great Riot Pictures.
Days Before TomorrowHow very encouraging to discover the release of a near-perfect album: The Sky Is Falling. An amazing collection of fourteen very strong tracks from a progressive and creative band.
Deep Purple Sometimes it's just enough to say the name of a band and you just know it's going to be special… Get ready for a very welcome and seductive blast from the past as Deep Purple surges into the 21st Century with a special 35th Anniversary Edition of the majestic Stormbringer album.
Deepest Blue A slick, synth-driven studio production with percussive beats and, crucially, a dreamy melodic male vocal.
Deepest Blue 1-2-1 with Deepest Blue's Joel Edwards.
De Staat Lively, hypnotic and oozing quality, Machinery is Dutch band De Staat's hot new album and will bowl you over with its compulsive, can't-keep-still beat and alluring rhythms.
Dewey Cox Slip back to the Seventies and lose yourself in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.
Diana Ross Stylish and timeless, the wonderful album Diana Ross originally issued in 1976 has been released as part of Diana Ross: Expanded Edition, a two-CD set that includes the newly-remastered album.
Dilana My Drug is certainly addictive; a cultivated chaos of great rock instrumentals shot through with Goth and a sensuous vocal Di-light that leaves you breathless. Dilana is… Dilana.
Dragonsfly Sometimes you just look at the cover of a CD and you know you're going to love it. That's what happens when you look at the magical artwork Richard Gonzalez produced for Dragonsfly's Familiar Shores album.
Dusty Springfield — Raw, sensual, emotional and poignantly Dusty.
Eartha Kitt — Fun, flirtatious and kittenish, Eartha Kitt is singing and dancing like a woman less than half her age; her mesmerising performance holding the audience spellbound as she performs in a long skirt slashed to the thigh, portraying sultry and sexy as she always has.
Edgehill AvenueDescribed as 'Rock 'n' Roll with a purpose', Rambler is a very creditable offering from Edgehill Avenue, a band that has come up through the ranks via their acoustic roots to a more mature and rock-orientated sound.
Edith Piaf: The Perfect Concert & Piaf: The Documentary (DVD) — With an extraordinary ability to mesmerise her audiences, Edith Piaf is very theatrical and compelling to watch; turning out powerful, energetic and especially memorable performances.
Ella Fitzgerald — Ella Fitzgerald sings Irving Berlin at her absolute best; sailing through track after dazzling track in her own inimitable style, splendidly and confidently creating patterns of musical harmony.
ElvisYou don't have to be an Elvis fan (isn't everybody?) to be charmed by Symphonic Elvis.
Eva Cassidy — Eva Cassidy's singing sends shivers down your spine. She sings so casually that you could almost be getting a private performance — from a musical genius whose blend of blues, country, folk and sparkling jazz was enhanced by gospel and classic pop and is perfectly captured on the astonishing Somewhere album.
The Fireman — The enigmatic Electric Arguments will bowl you over with its clever mix of rock, retro and the best of great British sounds from two fine musicians known as The Fireman.
Frightened Rabbit — Kookie, cute, emotive and quirky vocals served up with a highly-addictive, hip-swivelling rock beat that leaves you wanting more — that's Frightened Rabbit, caught in the headlights of attention with their infectious indie-pop ballad I Feel Better, shot through with Seventies rock grandeur and accompanied by The Twist: a racy, complementary number with relish.
The Fron Male Voice Choir: Voices Of The Valley Live (DVD) — Hauntingly beautiful songs performed with splendour by the 'world's oldest boy band'. Filmed live during Proms at the St Jude's 2008 Music Festival in the lovely St Jude's Church in London's Hampstead Garden Suburb.
Glen Campbell — Glen Campbell's voice drips with sex-appeal and charm. He is every bit as compelling as he has always been with subtle heart-arresting emotion thrown in for good measure. This star just never stops giving it his all-time best.
Gomez — Add… the luscious harmonies, dreamy instrumentals, cool musical explorations, a determination to push out the boundaries and interestingly curious lyrics of Bring It On
and you realise why Gomez is deliciously different.
Grace Solero — Emerging like a dark pop-rock cloud with its gritty lyricism, soaring riffs and pain-ridden vocals, Grace's new album New Moon is Great Stuff.
Grantura Vocal-harmony driven country rock with folky psychedelia thrown in.

Gregory & The Hawk Meredith's voice is superb. It is sweet and clear as she reaches out to each note with the most subtle of touches. She is a delight to listen to — Gregory & The Hawk's album Moenie And Kitchi is a magnificent blend of New Age/Folk/Pop that cannot fail to please.

Groovy Uncle: Play Something We Know! — Sparkles with a Sixties ambience that's classically timeless.
Groovy Uncle: PersuadedFollowing exciting single Barefoot In The Car Park, Groovy Uncle is now attracting attention from as far away as Australia with terrific follow-up album Persuaded.
Hauschka — Every track seems to lift your heart and stir your soul; relaxing your body as your mind blots out the rat race and absorbs each pure musical note of Hauschka's enchanting Ferndorf.
Hitchcock Guitars seemingly with a mind of their own and vocals which are controlled and melodic Hitchcock has bottled easygoing soundwaves of music with sophisticated twists for its new single.
HK119 — With the amazing electronica, crazy lyrics, fantastic vocals and rare styles of Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control, HK119 presents diverse music seekers with a profusion of multi-layered delights to tantalise and entertain.
Honeyroot — As I played Honeyroot's The Sun Will Come, I was instantly whisked away to endless sunny beaches and wooden porches; sipping from long, cool drinks and dancing barefoot.
Hotel Babylon — Simply oozing five-star luxury, Hotel Babylon: The Music is jam-packed full of glamorous grooves and sinuous chords.
Hungover StuntmenBang-Bang-Bang! One great track after another.
I Heart Hiroshima — With I Heart Hiroshima's album Tuff Teef we have another new sound that takes a cue from the best of the past but pitches to the 21st Century. Strange name! Talented band.
Imelda May — Given her extraordinary ability, this beautiful young lady shows all the promise of success with her new album, Love Tattoo, which has a wonderful mix of jazz-infused sounds to burst any thermometer.
Jade Gallagher Her vocals are clear and poignant and behind her pretty voice is the soothing guitar work that is as much of the attraction as Jade herself.
James Fox — With this wonderfully addictive treatment, you'll find it difficult to get any of the eleven tracks from Rocking Chairs And Lemonade out of your head — not that you'd want to!
Jane Badler — Jane's sensuous, silky voice purrs through the wonderful tracks of her debut album Opus with all the drama of the talented artiste she is.
Jay Sean — Jay's voice weaves and dives, swaying into hearts and switching from rhythmic beat to sultry prose.
The Jeff Healey Band Legacy: Volume One is a superb musical outing for Jeff's great vocals. If Jeff Healey was missing from my collection, it would not be complete. Jeff was a charismatic and talented musician who, along with the band, much deserves his place in music history.
Jethro Tull Jethro Tull has proved to be very resilient in music terms: the band's own particular style and unmistakable sound has sold 60 million albums.
JJ Kane — Whichever track she is singing, JJ's sweet voice has a delivery of silky smoothness that exudes melodic indulgence and charisma.
Johnnie Ray Just Walkin' In The Rain: The Very Best Of Johnnie Ray may not be conventional music fare for the 21st Century. But it has an uplifting quality about it and Johnnie's fine vocals are among the best. Forget any preconceived idea you may have — this was the era when cool really was cool. Just open your mind and listen.
Johnny MathisHis latest album, A Night To Remember, includes some of the most well-known songs of our time.
Jon ScottA wonderful collection of songs that will put the heat back into the dark winter nights.
Julie McKee Julie McKee... an artiste in her own right with a truck-load of innovative songs to ensure there is enough to keep the wheels oiled for a promising future.
Katie MeluaA remarkable vocalist: her voice 'expands' as she reaches for higher notes and she then schmoozes her way into your heart.
Kelli Ali Kelli Ali's pleasing new solo album, Rocking Horse, is tailor-made for her sweet and gentle voice as it sets out on a special adventure into new age folk and mediaeval melodies, settling around soothing contemporary classical music.
Kiki Dee Kiki Dee is most definitely B-A-C-K!
Kill It Kid — Kill It Kid has produced a self-titled debut album to be proud of, full of marvellous surges and beautiful harmonies. You just know you're going to like this from the off.
The Kinks The Kinks In Mono is a must-have collection that showcases an absolutely fabulous band that has inspired generations. Truly a great release that will delight music-lovers everywhere.
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis — Puttin' on the Ritz to a new generation, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis has meticulously blended an essence of Blues, Swing, Honky-Tonk, Country and Rock 'n' Roll to produce a well-timed, self-titled album that slots neatly into the resurgence of interest in the Fabulous Fifties.
KJ Each remix is equally magnetic as KJ's fantastic vocals breathe life into his superb work to give the remarkable Shakin' That another dimension.
Laura Critchley Fresh and jaunty: the more you hear Laura sing, the more you want to listen.
Lauren Rose Fresh, feel-good pop music and a buzz of excitement: all the right ingredients for a big hit.

Liverpool: The Number Ones AlbumA twenty-one Number One salute!

Manakin Manakin likes to keep you on your toes. From the outstanding Gun — that makes you want to listen to every chord and digest every word from its magical beginning to its very end — through to The Day, In The Desert is a magnificent offering of emotions that has an amazing affect on the listener.
Margate The band whose name is also an English seaside town but who hail from the other side of the pond, make a welcome return to the UK music scene with their fabulous new album: Rock 'n Roll Reserve.
Marianne Faithfull: Horses And High Heels For forty-seven years Marianne Faithfull has been, and remains, one of the most unique, bewitching and unconventional musical artistes Britain has produced; and the result of her experience of a creative public life is reflected in Horses And High Heels.
Marianne Faithfull: Broken English — A superb album, Broken English is powerful, heartfelt, stirring and emotional, dished up with the provocative sauciness Marianne Faithfull does so well.
Marillion Marillion's brilliant slow-burning style of rock-infused, folk-scented, country-flavoured and heavy metal-seasoned work is deliberately rebellious and refuses to slot into conventional genres.
Marina Laslo — Marina Laslo's wonderful debut single I Wish You Love must surely herald a brilliant future… compulsive and fascinating, her beautiful voice is full of exotic promise.
Mark Morriss Best known as the frontman of The Bluetones, Mark Morriss is flying solo and proving himself as adept at performing without the band as he is with it.
Mark Ruebery Clever boy: Mark Ruebery has pitched his particular brand of music infused with classic rock-cum-ballad/retro pop fairly and squarely at an eagerly-waiting audience.
Mary Black Legendary award-winning Irish musician Mary Black's first album of new material in six years, Stories From The Steeples, is well-crafted around stunning tracks and a joy to listen to.
Megadeth One of the most delicious overkills you are ever going to come across, Anthology: Set The World Afire is a glorious indulgence of weighty heavy metal from the fabulous Megadeth that you can indulge in with a gleeful excess of delirium.
Michael Schenker Group The amazing Michael Schenker Group seems to defy age and bearing testament to the band's exceptional talent is the release of the first three albums produced back in the rockin' 80s… [Michael Schenker Group, MSG, One Night At Budokan].
Ministry of SoundChilled? Laid back has never sounded so harmonious.
Momo — One of the best fusions of classical singers and acoustic instruments I've heard.
Morton Valence — The most interesting and intriguing band on these shores.
Nell Bryden — The album incorporates so many different treatments and such musical awareness from Nell Bryden that most people are going to find something to like among the delightful cornucopia of melodies that make up Second Time Around.
Newton Faulkner — Just when you think you've pigeon-holed him as blues, he changes tempo and goes for something different.
New York Dolls — Stop dead in your tracks and listen to the heady mixture of the fabulous new album Dancing Backward In High Heels from the creative New York Dolls.
Nico's Alchemy Heralding Nico's Alchemy as a hard rock sensation, Fundamental Darkness is hypnotic and devilishly good with deliciously enigmatic and sexy tracks. Why has it taken so long for Nico's light to shine through from the dark side? The perfect storm!
Nightvision — Hailed as 'incredibly talented', the new four-piece British hard rock band Nightvision has released an irresistible, tour de force debut album: As The Lights Go Down... Nightvision simply buzzes with fun and freedom.
Nik Kershaw — The talented Nik Kershaw's Human Racing is a wonderful package and he sings his sultry way through a tracklisting ripe with old favourites and new treatments.
Northern Kings — Northern Kings are startlingly rousing with an untouched edge of rawness... a superb blast from the past served up with a general helping of modernist innovation
Ollie Stewart Influences from past music styles mixed with futuristic innovation give singer-songwriter Ollie Stewart's Night Bell a different slant for his fine debut EP.
The Ox — A distinctive, mood-lifting album with superbly-fulfilling music that radiates charm, is wonderfully relaxing and allows you to experience the brilliance of Ox.
The ParlotonesStylish and melodious pop-rock with in-built addiction.
Pirate Robot Midget — No lily-livered gang of music hijackers these. Pirate Robot Midget's sounds are personally mastered to keep you on the dance floor with every style of robotics you can muster — and then some. Unusual and crazy beats, to say the least!
Puggy — This band is really great; I'm sure I'll see them at Wembley very soon.
R&B Collection Your feet just can't keep still as wave after wave of great R&B washes over you from the R&B Collection.
Rick Astley The biggest star of the Eighties, Rick Astley is back with his 'greatest hits' album release Rick Astley: The Ultimate Collection. Rick is the current YouTube sensation, proving he's still up there with the best.
Ringo Starr Drummer of one of the most legendary bands in history, Ringo Starr is marking the 50th anniversary of his career with The Beatles by releasing a fantastic new album: 2012. An amazing and enjoyable collection of music from an accomplished and respected artiste.
Ringo Starr & The Roundheads Live (DVD) The amazing Ringo Starr brings his effortless performance to high- definition DVD with the one-night event Ringo Starr & The Roundheads Live, filmed at the historic Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois.
Rolling Stones (DVD) — Phenomenal footage of The Rolling Stones both on stage and behind the scenes comes to DVD with Martin Scorsese's dazzling film Shine A Light, featuring the band's concert at The Beacon Theater in New York City.
Rose Kemp The authority she yields using vocals alone is truly mesmerizing. Addictive listening.
Rush This is rock that understands you don't have to go too hard to be good. And it's great party music as there's nothing too overpowering here.
RyanDanThe identical twins who make classical cool.
Sergey With a seductively attractive voice and a funky, hi-energy track — Girlfriend — this is one man who cannot fail to be noticed and it's no surprise that he's tipped as Russia's answer to Mika.
Shaun AnthonyShaun is taking the R 'n' B scene by storm and is being heralded as 'one to watch for 2008'.
Shelleyan Orphan We Have Everything We Need takes full advantage of Shelleyan Orphan's powerful presence, creating a tidal wave of sensational tracks as Caroline's ethereal voice sends shivers down your spine.
ShenaThe UK's favourite diva.
Sheryl Crow Wow! Sheryl is superbly visual, with a terrific stage presence. The golden girl sings and the watcher is spellbound. You can't get much closer to the live action than Sheryl Crow Live.
Sleepercurve — Sleepercurve's startlingly vibrant Robots is addictive, totally professional and ultra cool.
Smashing Pumpkins — Prepare for an intimate meeting with the Smashing Pumpkins in If All Goes Wrong, a beautifully-presented double-DVD set that includes a first live concert release.
Spandau Ballet Popular with all ages for the beautiful, timeless music they produce, Spandau Ballet have just released remastered albums True and Parade proving that the band still has what it takes to succeed in the 21st Century.
Steve LawlerInteresting instrumentation and fascinating sounds pull you in. Savour your Tequila Sunrise, listen to Steve Lawler and watch the sun come up!
SteeplesNon-stop fun from the minute you hear that big guitar hook of Loosy Lucy.
The StorysTown Beyond The Trees is deliciously emotive and elevates The Storys beyond the norm. Love it!
The Stranglers On Stage On Screen (DVD) — Spellbinding. From the moment the band storms onto the stage, the audience is enthralled. Described as their greatest ever live gig.
Sugar Blue Hyped-up blues with soulful, jazzy notes that were born in America and a sprinkling of ragtime to lift the spirits.
Summer Holiday Dance Party — From the bizarre to the exotic, there are a lot of reasons here to get you to your feet and dance.
Sunny Day Sets Fire An infusion of melodic notes reminiscent of the greatest music of the 60s.
Supergrass Finger-snapping good, Supergrass have put out an astounding performance with Diamond Hoo Ha Man.
Suzanne VegaVega's signature poetry and folk-pop songcraft is illuminated by lush orchestral arrangements that are juxtaposed against cutting-edge beats.
Suzi Quatro — The Best of Suzi Quatro: LegendAn amazing album. Suzi is a total professional; a great personality and a true star who continues to sparkle and produce music to hearten the soul. Play it one more time for Suzi...
Swing Out Sister — Swing Out Sister is certainly cool… A superb album that blends jazz, soul, classic pop and a touch of Burlesque and hip-hop into a Beautiful Mess.
T Rex — Fronted by the golden boy whose life was cut so tragically short, T Rex has a fabulous sound that captures both the true spirit of the Seventies and a timelessness, as confirmed by the dazzling reissued album Electric Warrior celebrating the 40th anniversary of Glam Rock.
Tally KorenHaunting and ethereal, Tally Koren's amazing vocals are enhanced by the music from the great classic composers.
Tah Mac Tah Mac roasts the streets with his cultivated 'global sound' — Welcome 2 Tahland drips with energy and verve.
Tah Mac Interview with Tah Mac.
Temposhark Simply magnificent.
Ten KensCanadian alt-rock quartet Ten Kens are preparing to shake up the UK scene with a planned tour, heralded by their self-titled and very agreeable album, Ten Kens.
thenewno2 From Dhani Harrison and his band: Beautiful Creatures, a gorgeous mix of magical, fabulous, powerful and ethereal melodies.
The Third Degree — The Third Degree's Mercy… toe-tapping stuff that echoes in your mind long after the final notes have died away.
Tim Daniel An album full of hits obviously written from the heart.
Tina DicoDesolate lullabies, late-night confessions and rousing choruses: as haunting as it's infectious.
Tom Bromley Great voice, great harmonies, full of soulful qualities.
Tony Stringfellow The curiously-titled Naked Therapy contains a collection of 19 poems dramatically and powerfully recited by Tony Stringfellow.
Tori WhiteTori is an absolute knockout. The effect of her live singing was staggering and brought a lump to the throat.
UB40 Unplugged + Greatest HitsUB40 confirming they have still got it; a superb collection of songs both original and with a new twist that are stirring, emotive and downright enjoyable. Well done, guys!
UFO Blasting their way into hearts and ears everywhere comes the phenomenal UFO with all the energy the band could muster when they released these three wonderful albums: No Place To Run; The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent and Mechanix, all fine examples of UFO's remarkable talent.
Uli John Roth — Uli John Roth is a fine vocalist and a masterful musician; and taking a trip Beyond The Astral Skies is a great way to be 'on the rocks' with this talented artiste.
Ultravox — It comes as no surprise that this CD and DVD package is as ultra-special as you would expect from The Very Best Of Ultravox and a fabulous and heart-stirring trip down Memory Lane… What a voice; what showmen. Vienna still makes my toes curl!
Wet Wet WetWet Wet Wet are that rarity: a musical phenomenon and a British institution.
Whitesnake Rock gets blues and Latin American treatments with magical instrumentals on Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary Collection and the result is a collection not to be missed.
William Fitzsimmons Gold In The Shadow is magical; the roller-coaster of agonies and ecstasies adding a poignancy to great music.
William Joseph — William's style and material is glorious; magical and ethereal with an enigmatic power that holds you under its spell from the very start of Beyond with the gorgeous Standing The Storm with its fabulous ivory dances and highlights through to the title track and Beyond.
Wired Desire Fist pumping, foot stomping tunes screaming out one simple message: Rock 'n' Roll is back!
Wiz KhalifaWith it's compelling beat and Wiz Khalifa's taunting voice, Say Yeah is more than just another rap song. It is the very essence of rap/hip-hop; a tribute to rappers everywhere and a spirit-lifting jaunt into the world of song.
Yes King — Really funky, devil-may-care reggae-style afro music explodes from the speakers as Yes King Rock This World all by themselves.
Zaki Ibrahim Zaki Ibrahim's enchantingly-sweet voice breaks through the musical notes and dances with them delightfully to produce a captivating vibrancy that resonates in the air in such a way that you hang on to every sound.
Zoe MaceHeart-stopping. That was our first impression of Zoë Mace's glorious voice. Difficult to believe that she' just twelve years old.