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Tally Koren Timeless Melodies [album] You Are My Only One [single]

Tally Koren: Timeless Melodies Timeless Melodies is a unique
  compilation of soothing songs created
  by the most beautiful melodies of
  the great composers merged with the
  haunting lyrics of Tally Koren...”

HAUNTING AND ETHEREAL, Tally Koren's amazing vocals are enhanced by the music from the great classic composers to craft the most delightful collection of emotive, fabulous songs for her brilliant album Timeless Melodies melodies that take your breath away and lull you into a state of harmony with the world.

Luscious vocals whisper their way into your heart with track after track of pure genius. Tally Koren is an Israeli singer-songwriter based in London whose emotive, deeply resonant voice is slowly making waves around the globe.

Enter 'Mozart 007' — on 29 October (2008), Tally debuts her new classical composers' album Timeless Melodies with a performance at London's Pizza On The Park and simultaneously debuts as the voice of an Israeli agent in the new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace, which also premieres in the UK on the same day.

With the original lyrics and arrangements based on the works of classical composers — Mozart, Chopin, Fauré, Satie, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Piazzola — Timeless Melodies is a unique project of songs by Tally Koren.

The union is effortless and natural, with Tally's style and lyrics melding with the classics to bring the melodies to a wider audience and fulfil Tally's intentions: "I couldn't resist writing lyrics when I heard those divine classical melodies," she says. "I took nearly two years to complete the project so that I could respectfully and sympathetically edit the compositions into songs."

Most of the melodies are in minor key, but Tally's lyrics and vocal arrangements are optimistic, combining to create a haunting and soothing album. Several producers were involved, including Southend's respected Dave L Cooke (Helen Shapiro, Three Degrees, Sinead O'Connor, Van Morrison).

Tally is a not just a singer-songwriter, but one with a distinctive voice. The simplicity of her song delivery and sophisticated stage presence coupled with a passionate personality and multi-cultural upbringing further set her apart. Tally was born in Israel, has a Syrian and Polish heritage and now lives in London by way of Mexico!

Timeless Melodies contains twelve beautiful tracks. In My Dreams (Fauré: Pavane) was included in the EMI compilation CD Crossover Superstar and enjoys regular airplay on Sky TV. This pretty and compelling track has a lovely melody and has just been released in the UK as a single — and it also has a dance remix by Birmingham's JJ Field.

Tally KorenWake Up My Child (Satie: Gnossienne No 1) was recorded for the soundtrack of the 2004 Andi Reiss film Cargo. You Are My Only One (Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake) is absolutely terrific. An undulating melody, high, clear notes and husky vocals create a stunning composition. It was launched as a single at London's Soho Review Bar in September 2007 and played by over 40 radio stations.

Song Of Love And Hate is dramatically evocative and The Light Of The Moon is a breathless concoction of musical notes and masterful vocals. Every track has its own charm and Tally's fine voice adapts itself perfectly to each variation. A special track is the magical and peaceful Fragile.

An earlier version of Timeless Melodies was released with EMI/Splash Korea, but this new edition features those eight tracks plus two dance remixes and two original songs.

Another of Tally's songs written for a film (The Man Who Sold The World, screened at Cannes in 2007) was Rotten Fruit. Her live performances have included The Marbella International Film Festival, the House of Lords, Soho Review Bar and selected venues in London and Paris.

As if that wasn't enough, Tally has also been commissioned to write and perform the theme song for an innovative event — the largest Food and Water award in Denmark — in Copenhagen.

Furthermore, a song by Tally based on Psalm 96, Shiru Ladonai, has been included in a new siddur (prayer book) at the request of the Rabbi of Wimbledon, Sybil Sheridany.

Timeless Melodies by Tally Koren will be released on 29 October (2008). Online distribution is through HMV, Virgin, Amazon and iTunes; physical distribution is through Discord.


1 In My Dreams (Fauré: Pavane) | 2 You Are My Only One (Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake) |
3 The Light Of The Moon (Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata) | 4 Step By Step (Piazzolla: Oblivion) | 5 Song Of Love And Hate (Chopin: Piano Concerto No 1) | 6 Wake Up My Child (Satie: Gnossienne No 1) | 7 Fragile (Satie: Gymnopedie No 1) | 8 One Million Kisses (Mozart: Piano Concerto 23 K 488)

Extra tracks

9 Where The Love Has Gone (Remix) Nick Woolfson | 10 Wake Up My Child (Remix) Nick Woolfson | 11 Free Will (Tally Koren) | 12 Single Thing (Tally Koren/Matt Saunders)

"Haunting and ethereal, Tally Koren's amazing vocals are enhanced by the music from the great classic composers to craft the most delightful collection of emotive, fabulous songs for her brilliant album Timeless Melodies — melodies that take your breath away and lull you into a state of harmony with the world" — MotorBar

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Tally Koren: You Are My Only One “The richly seductive voice of Tally
  Koren oozes from the CD You Are My
  Only One
, as she whispers huskily
  before broadening her range to push
  the notes to the limit...”

TALLY WAS A MODEL in Haifa before moving to Tel Aviv and winning the Miss Water of Israel title. She worked as a model in America and returned to Israel to serve two years in the army. She married but it didn't work out and she ended up broke and depressed before pouring her heart into songs. She wanted to look for a greater meaning in life, to meditate and perhaps to become a healer for others experiencing bad times.

She moved to London to further her career as a singer and songwriter and has worked as a television and film actress. Tally has taken inspir-ation from the classics to introduce her music. Her album Timeless Melodies produced some of the most beautiful music ever reinterpreted as songs. She wished to take these magnificent works to a much wider, modern, audience to show how "great and divine" they are.

She uses the melody and develops it into an upbeat, updated music delight that gives her a trademark sound. She lists among her many influences Beethoven, Mozart, Massive Attack, Moby, The Carpenters, Leonard Cohen, Bryan Ferry, Marianne Faithfull, Annie Lenox, Sade, George Michael, Bjork, Nat King Cole and Clannad.

In My Dreams — one of the tracks on Timeless Melodies — is part of the EMI compilation Crossover Superstar which features artistes including Charlotte Church, Kiri Te Kanawa, Russell Watson, and Sarah Brightman. Tally's song, Rotten Fruit, features in the sound-track of the film The Man Who Sold The World (2007).

There are three tracks on the single CD You Are My Only One: Original Mix and Club Remix, both produced by Matt Saunders; and Dance Mix, produced by Phil Curren. The cello is played by Sojung Lee.

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