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thenewno2 Beautiful Creatures [album]

thenewno2: Beautiful Creatures “Infused with wispy, ethereal music,
  Beautiful Creatures is a stunning album;
  the fabulous soundtrack to the film of
  the same name from Dhani Harrison
  critically-acclaimed band the thenewno2,
  which also features Liela Moss from
  Duke Spirit and Ben Harper...”

RELAX AND ENJOY LISTENING TO BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, a gorgeous CD of the soundtrack of the soon-to-be hit film of the same name, a supernatural love story set in the South.

Grammy award-winning Dhani Harrison and his band, thenewno2, have brought out an amazing and powerful album with the release of their debut original film score and soundtrack Beautiful Creatures, full of inspired tracks that are magical and uplifting; ethereal and dreamlike.

“With classical richness,
Beautiful Creatures
touches the deep
recesses of the heart
rarely reached;
with a gorgeous mix of
magical, fabulous,
powerful and ethereal
Along with the original score there are two unreleased thenewno2 tracks, including the lovely and folk-ish Run To Me, with Ben Harper and Liela Moss of Duke Spirit and Never Too Late, a wonderful song and a terrific finale to the album, which also features Leila Moss.

Of much sentimental value to Dhani, Beautiful Creatures has a surreal and timeless quality. Dhani is, of course, the son of the late (and definitely great) George Harrison and his wife Olivia so it should come as no surprise that he should be so gifted. All credit to Dhani, three-time Grammy Award-winner Paul Hicks and composer Jonathan Sadoff for the original music on this fine album.

We loved The Caster Theme, a relaxing and beautiful melody and Breaking The Ice, which is mesmerising. Dark Magic and Make It Home are stimulating and upbeat and the tremendous Holidays At Ravenwood, the spooky Other Ways Someone Can Die To Us and scalp-tingling The Caster Library are deliciously atmospheric.

In dreaming up the score, film Director Richard LaGravenese wanted a sound for Beautiful Creatures that was unique; something he had not heard before. Enter thenewno2, delivering a melody-driven soundscape that infuses electronica and modern rock with a Southern Gothic sultriness, creating a new genre the band has dubbed Swamptronica.

Richard LaGravenese says of the band: "Their ideas, their excitement and their creativity knocked me out. Marvelling at the score's melodic power and richness of sound, the director does not see thenewno2 as a mere musical outfit. They are, he says, "three composers forming one unit, each with a distinct, savant-like talent, with equal parts genius and madness." Wow.

Genius is a fitting word. The band created the score over an extensive three-month period in both their hometown studio in Santa Monica, CA, and in London, England. With a 54-piece London-based orchestra, thenewno2 recorded in the famed Abbey Road's Studio 2 — Dhani's first time recording at Abbey Road but a homecoming for Paul Hicks. His twelve-year tenure at Abbey Road included producing and working on Let It Be... Naked (the acclaimed Beatles re-masters) as well as working with artistes such as Paul Weller, Manic Street Preachers and Placebo.

Beautiful Creatures is an extraordinary accomplishment that encompasses such stirring and emotive tracks as the eerie Sarafine At The Door; the surging Ridley's Swamptronica and the dramatic Lena Runs To Ethan. With classical richness, Beautiful Creatures touches the deep recesses of the heart rarely reached; with a gorgeous mix of magical, fabulous, powerful and ethereal melodies.

The band's 2012 sophomore album thefearof missingout was praised by NPR Music for radiating a "restless energy that helps it sound both independent-minded and eager to please". Always expanding their collective, thenewno2 enlisted close to a dozen talented musicians to showcase their talents throughout their original score. Paul's father Tony Hicks, of The Hollies, also features on the album.

The beautiful Beautiful Creatures original motion picture soundtrack by thenewno2 is released through Watertower Music on 12 February 2013.

Tracklisting: 1 Interception | 2 The Caster Theme | 3 Breaking The Ice | 4 Macon's Magic Wand | 5 Dark Magic | 6 Lena's Magic/The Love Theme | 7 Swamptronica/Voudon | 8 Make It Home (Ridley's Siren Remix) | 9 Sarafine At Church | 10 Holidays At Ravenwood | 11 Family Dinner | 12 Ridley's Claiming | 13 The Spell That Left A Curse | 14 Ridley Goes To The Pictures | 15 Other Ways Someone Can Die To Us | 16 Sarafine At The Door/Love Breaks The Spell | 17 The Caster Library | 18 Searching For The Curse | 19 The Burning Sign | 20 The Curse Reveals Itself (Tragic Love Theme) | 21 Sacrifice | 22 Ridley's Swamptronica | 23 The Honey Hill Stomp | 24 Lena runs To Ethan | 25 Lena's Love Rage/Macon's Addagio | 26 Mother And Daughter | 27 Run To Me | 28 Never Too Late.

"With classical richness, Beautiful Creatures touches the deep recesses of the heart rarely reached; with a gorgeous mix of magical, fabulous, powerful and ethereal melodies" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

From a line borrowed from television's cult series The Prisoner, the band named themselves 'thenewno2' (The New No. 2). A Los Angeles-based, critically-acclaimed band and collective, thenewno2 line-up comprises singer/guitarist Dhani Harrison, Paul Hicks (keyboards/programming), Jonathan Sadoff (keyboards/guitar), Jeremy Faccone (guitar), Aaron Older (bass) and Frank Zummo (drums). Since its inception, Dhani has tirelessly expanded thenewno2 as an art collective, creating both videos and artwork.

In between the band's 2009 debut, You Are Here and their 2012 sophomore album, thefearofmissingout, Dhani formed Fistful of Mercy, an NPR top-rated side project with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur, Jonathan Sadoff composed for two films (Good Old Fashioned Orgy and Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World) and Paul won his third Grammy in Sound Engineering.