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Tim Daniel Putting It To Bed [album]

Tim Daniel: Putting It To BedGiven his unbelievable hit-making
  pedigree, new artist Tim Daniel
  should be spreading his talent around
  in music and making his name one
  to be remembered...

HAILED AS BRITAIN'S MOST EXCITING new singer-songwriter, Tim Daniel certainly knows how to put an album together. His debut album Putting It To Bed has a tracklisting that includes not only a melodic title track that enables Tim to show what he can do but also his quirky debut single Digging My Heels In (out now, released 12 May, 2008) that has such interesting voice-work.

At the tender age of 22 Tim was snapped up by Steelworks — the 1990s pop production outfit. Two years later he struck out on his own, forming the True North Music Company with Steelworks' Eliot Kennedy and Gary Barlow. Tim has written hits behind artistes such as Toploader, Blue, Simon Webbe and Delta Goodrem.

Produced, written and mixed by Tim, Putting It To Bed is, as the publicity machine says, a classic debut full of songs of substance, words of essence and tunes that are destined to become hugely familiar to anyone with an ear for melody and an emotional core. As Take That main man Gary Barlow succinctly puts it: "an album full of hits obviously written from the heart."

Putting It To Bed sounds personal and emotive and very much 'together' as an album — albeit very individual tracks. An emotive and secular theme runs through it that gives it a 'oneness', while Tim Daniel's distinctive and strong vocals flow in an undulating miasma of quality.

An outstanding track is the upbeat It Ain't Working which, although it has a 'familiar feel', is new and attractive. Sounds as if it's working to me, Tim!

Any fan of the songbooks from the great singer-songwriters will find something to love — Tim recently got his fair share of attention when he supported Take That on the band's UK tour and he has been dubbed the "British John Mayer".

Tim is justifiably pleased with his creation. "It's been an action-packed few years," he says, "and making the album has been hard work, but I'm really proud of it."

Tim Daniel's debut single Digging My Heels In was released through Universal Music on 12 May (2008) and is taken from his debut album Putting It To Bed, which was released on 16 June (2008).

"An album full of hits obviously written from the heart" — Gary Barlow, Take That

"Putting It To Bed Tim Daniel's distinctive and strong vocals flow in an undulating miasma of quality" — MotorBar


1 Putting It To Bed | 2 Digging My Heels In | 3 See You Soon | 4 Endurance | 5 Rise Above It All | 6 It Ain't Working | 7 Above Water | 8 You're Needed | 9 Growing Song | 10 New Kind Of Life | 11 Rocket Science.

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