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Whitesnake 30th Anniversary Collection [album]

Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary CollectionMarking thirty years of one of the
  UK’s top rock bands, a superb 3-CD
  jewel-case collection has been released
  by EMI Records — the Whitesnake:
  30th Anniversary Collection
, with an
  impressive and hugely satisfying

ATTENTION ALL WHITESNAKE FANS: Get ready to be mesmerised… The exciting Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary Collection is available now; with track after track of the finest rock music to rattle your window panes or blast you out of your car seat!

For the band's 30th anniversary year, David Coverdale's Whitesnake is back with a brand new studio album Good To be Bad and a European tour planned for June, July and August (2008). And now there's the 30th Anniversary Collection — a collection of the highlights of Whitesnake's career.

The digitally remastered tracks are superb, with such great melodic rock sounds as the fantastic hit Here I Go Again. I love this track and it has so much to give musically, but it isn't on its own — Is This Love, Fool For Your Loving and In The Still Of The Night are among the many treats in store for rock fans.

And it doesn't stop: The wonderfully emotive Crying In The Rain and Too Many Tears; up-beat rock-along Rough An' Ready; the 'I-can't-stop-dancing' Lie Down; terrific Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Whitesnake's first hit); absolutely great Love Ain't No Stranger; enigmatic Judgement Day; and the marvellous Now You're Gone. Looking For Love has an enchanting musical treatment that I found very moving — as I did the compelling Sailing Ships.

Guilty Of Love, Blindman and Slave must also get a mention and Whitesnake ends with a message to fans: We Wish You Well. Rock gets blues and Latin American treatments with magical instrumentals on Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary Collection and the result is a collection not to be missed. The two fictional characters called Lois (Lane, in Smallville and Griffin, in Family Guy) are reputed to be great Whitesnake fans and to listen to the band is to love them.

With strong, clear vocals and captivating musical melodies, Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary Collection also covers highlights from some of David Coverdale's other projects — such as a brilliant live acoustic version of the Deep Purple classic Soldier Of Fortune (he spent three years with Deep Purple). The sleevenotes are provided by David himself and Mick Wall.

The EMI Records New Catalogue Release Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary Collection 3-CD Set was released on 9 June (2008). Catalogue No 212 6612.

"Rock gets blues and Latin American treatments with magical instrumentals on Whitesnake: 30th Anniversary Collection and the result is a collection not to be missed" — MotorBar


CD1: 1 Walking In The shadow Of The Blues (2008 Digital Remaster) | 2 Sweet Talker (2008 Digital Remaster) | 3 Would I Lie To You (2008 Digital Remaster) | 4 Trouble (2008 Remaster) | 5 Gambler (2008 Digital Remaster) | 6 Love Hunter (2008 Digital Remaster) |
7 Ready An' Willing (2008 Digital Remaster) | 8 Child of Babylon (2008 Digital Remaster) |
9 Here I Go Again (2008 Digital Remaster) | 10 Carry Your Load (2008 Digital Remaster) | 11 Crying In The Rain (2008 Digital Remaster) | 12 Rough An' Ready (2008 Digital Remaster) | 13 Wine, Women An' Song (2008 Digital Remaster) | 14 Lie Down (A Modern Love Song) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 15 Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 16 Fool For Your Loving (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 17 Take Me With You (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster).

CD2: 1 Fool For Your Loving (2008 Digital Remaster) | 2 Don't Break My Heart Again (2008 Digital Remaster) | 3 Hit An' Run (2008 Digital Remaster) | 4 The Time Is Right For Love (2008 Digital Remaster) | 5 Love Ain't No Stranger (2008 Digital Remaster) | 6 Too Many Tears (2008 Digital Remaster) — David Coverdale & Whitsnake | 7 Pride and Joy (2008 Digital Remaster) — Coverdale/Page | 8 Victim of Love (2008 Digital Remaster) |
9 Judgement Day (2008 Digital Remaster) | 10 Is This Love (2008 Digital Remaster) |
11 Take A Look At Yourself (2008 Digital Remaster) — Coverdale/Page | 12 Straight For The Heart (2008 Digital Remaster) | 13 Now You're Gone (US Remix) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 14 Looking For Love (2008 Digital Remaster) | 15 Sailing Ships (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 16 Soldier Of Fortune (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 17 Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster) | 18 Ready An' Willing (Live) (2008 Digital Remaster).

CD3: 1 Slow An' Easy (2008 Digital Remaster) | 2 Shake My Tree (2008 Digital Remaster) — Coverdale/Page | 3 Guilty Of Love (2008 Digital Remaster) | 4 The Deeper The Love (2008 Digital Remaster) | 5 Blindman (2008 Digital Remaster) | 6 Love To Keep You Warm (2008 Digital Remaster) | 7 Love Is Blind (2008 Digital Remaster) — David Coverdale & Whitesnake | 8 Ain't Gonna Cry No More (2008 Digital Remaster) | 9 Slave (2008 Digital Remaster) — David Coverdale | 10 Lonely Days Lonely Nights (2008 Digital Remaster) |
11 Give Me All Your Love (2008 Digital Remaster) | 12 Till The Day I Die (2008 Digital Remaster) | 13 Here I Go Again '87 (2008 Digital Remaster) | 14 Still Of The Night (2008 Digital Remaster) | 15 If You Want Me — from the SPV album Live… In The Shadow Of The Blues | 16 Best Years — from the new album on SPV Good To Be Bad | 17 We Wish You Well (2008 Digital Remaster).