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Claire Richards 5 Step Fat Attack

Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat AttackClaire Richards was horrified when
  she looked in the mirror — where was
  the slim, fit, glamorous pop star who
  been with Steps? But she wanted to
  do something about it. She did, and it
  worked: Claire
s 5 Step Fat Attack is
  out now on DVD and shows how she
  dropped five dress sizes!

DO YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR and wonder where that overweight person came from? For Claire Richards it was a double-whammy because she had been a glamorous pop star, performing with Steps and dancing energetically as part of the band. Her weight-loss, fat-burning and re-energising routine Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack is now available on DVD and shows you how she lost five stone and dropped an amazing five dress sizes!

After leaving Steps, the regular dance routines and constant activity that kept Claire trim came to an end. She put on weight and tried everything to lose it; but it was not until she got together with trainer Chris Laing to devise a fitness regime that she found something that really worked and gave her back her body confidence.

A year on, Claire is back down to size 10, using "the funkiest fat-burning exercise plan ever". And now that she is fit and in shape, Claire wants to share the 5 Step Fat Attack — designed not only to make you lose weight and get fit but also to have a great time while you're doing it.

Claire's busy lifestyle meant she wanted something that was simple to follow and could be done anytime at home. The 5 Step Fat Attack is fun and includes a selection of great fat-busting exercises in a series of easy-to-follow routines. Sing along to your favourite party hits at the same time. The minutes will just fly past.

Described as "fresh and exciting", Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack sees Claire working out with hunky Chris and four fit, attractive guys who show the routines at different fitness levels; so you can use this DVD whatever age or ability you are.

Chris takes you through five exhilarating workout sections starting with the essential warm up and finishing with the important cool down to avoid injury. You can work through the DVD or choose from three main sections to work in a way that suits you. Claire also demonstrates low impact options for some of the moves to follow if the full-on moves are too tough to begin with. If any are too difficult, move at your own pace and work up to it.

ENGAGE YOUR BODY WARM-UP: Get yourself motivated with this all-round routine that prepares the body for the Combat techniques and includes stretches and simple choreography to get you in the mood, gradually increasing in intensity to warm up the muscles and increase the heartbeat.

FAT ASSAULT AEROBICS: Burn some serious calories or take it easier as you improve your cardiovascular fitness and experience improvements in your co-ordination, muscle strength, posture, agility and flexibility.

COMBAT MANOEUVRES: Turn up the heat and the intensity for this empowering workout. Blitz your body with some serious combat moves — strikes, kicks and punches are taught effectively. Maximise your workout and gain the results you want faster. High energy stuff to keep you feeling motivated.

TARGET AND TONE: A variety of toning exercises for the whole body that encourages core stabilisation. Tighten up that waist, sculpt your body, build stronger and leaner muscles and improve your posture. Look and feel fantastic.

AT EASE COOL DOWN: Relax and stretch those muscles to increase your flexibility and reduce stress levels, promoting your general well-being and vitality. A superb end to the workout, raising self-esteem and leaving you completely energised. And don't forget to breathe as you exercise!

Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack DVD is simply great; with Chris Laing's enthusiastic and sexy voice encouraging you as you follow through the routines that really do make a difference. Claire advises that if you work out just three times a week to her 5 Step Fat Attack and eat sensibly you should be able to watch the pounds melt away as your figure transforms.

You could also have fun and vary the workout or just tone up as and when you have time available by taking advantage of the DVD technology that allows viewers to select key workout sections.

Get your body moving and your heart pounding to the soundtrack that includes such favourites as Tragedy, Better The Devil You Know, Stomp, 5,6,7,8, Chain Reaction, Better Best Forgotten, Heartbeat and Claire and H performing smash hits DJ and Only Half A Heart.

This is Claire's DVD so she is the star. Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack is presented by the lovely Chris Laing. Choreographer is Deanne Berry; Artistic Director is Christopher Manoe; Producer is Antoinette Roper; and Director is Neil Waddington. The dancers are: Brett Rosengreen; Jack Jefferson; Tom Goodall. The Shoot Venue is Liquid Nightclub, Uxbridge, Middlesex.

Claire was, she says, "fat, uncomfortable and miserable… things had to change — so I made the change". From bloated back to babe again, Claire is now fitter, healthier and happier. So can you be with Claire Richard's 5 Step Fat Attack DVD.

The following songs are performed by Steps: Tragedy (Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb/Maurice
Gibb) | Better The Devil You Know (Mike Stock/Matt Aitken/Pete Waterman) | The Last Thing On My Mind (Pete Waterman/Sarah Elizabeth Dallin/Keren Jane Woodward) | Stomp (Mark Paul Topham/Karl Francis Twigg/Rita Belinda Angelina Campbell/Neil Rodgers/Bernard Edwards) | 5,6,7,8 (Barry John Upton/Stephen Andrew Crosby) | After The Love Has Gone (Karl Twigg/Mark Topham) | Chain Reaction (Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb/Maurice Gibb) | Here & Now (Andreas Michael Carlsson/Ali Thompson) | Better Best Forgotten (Andrew Marcus Frampton/Pete Waterman) | Deeper Shade Of Blue (Karl Twigg/Mark Topham) | When I Said Goodbye (Karl Twigg/Mark Topham) | Heartbeat (Jackie James). The following songs are performed by Claire and H: DJ (Graham John Stack/Paul Rein) | Only Half A Heart (Adam E Anders/Nikki Hassman/Stephanie R Lewis).

Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack is now available on DVD, on sale nationwide. Release Date: 26 December 2008 | RRP: £19.99 | Extras: Behind The Scenes | Claire's Interview.

"Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack DVD is simply great; with Chris Laing's enthusiastic and sexy voice encouraging you as you follow through the routines that really do make a difference" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

About Claire Richards

Claire shot to fame as part of the pop band Steps. The band released the line-dancing classic 5,6,7,8 in 1997, which peaked at number 14 — officially becoming one of the highest-selling singles never to make it into the British Top Ten; selling almost 200,000 copies. It did, however, become the band's first ever Number One, hitting the top spot in Australia.

Steps had thirteen consecutive top 5 singles (bettered only by The Beatles) and sold over twelve million singles and albums. In early 2000 Claire presented the young talent show Steps To The Stars with band mate H (a young pre-Pop Idol Gareth Gates appeared in the last series of the show).

Claire was also the first female presenter on SM:tv/CD:uk. She presented Electric Circus, MTV Select and Stars And Their Doubles 2001 with Des O'Connor.

During her time in Steps Claire saw two number one singles with Heartbeat/Tragedy and Stomp as well as a coveted Brit Award in 2000, when Steps was recognized as the biggest selling act of that year. After a greatest hits Gold tour in November/December 2001, the band announced their split on Boxing Day 2001.

On 27 January 2002, H and Claire made their first television appearance since the Steps split. Appearing on SM:tv and then with Cat on CD:uk, the duo announced their plans to continue. Only weeks later they signed a £4 Million record contact with WEA (Warners) Records. A few months later Claire and H released their debut single as a duo, DJ, which peaked at number 3 in the British charts.

Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus rewrote some of the lyrics to Another You, Another Me, which was originally recorded by Swedish duo Gemini. With songs from Sam Watters (Anastasia), John Reid (Nightcrawlers), Topham and Twig, Jorgen Elofsson and, of course, Claire and H themselves, the album was always going to be a varied collection of songs.

During this time Claire and H also had a five-month stint at presenting SM:tv and in April 2002 they co-presented the show with Tess Daly and Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling.

The duo took a long break while Claire started her family and got married, but now she's back in the limelight all on her own.