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A Better Tomorrow 2012
A Better Tomorrow 2012“When two brothers are separated
and their mother killed as they try
  to flee North Korea, the younger never
  forgives his older brother’s perceived
  abandonment; reinforced when he
  discovers he has become a hardened
  criminal in A Better Tomorrow 2012..

A BIG-BUDGET REMAKE OF JOHN WOO'S career-defining A Better Tomorrow, Asian cinema's A Better Tomorrow 2012 is a tale of two brothers who have been apart for some years as a result of being separated while fleeing North Korea to the safety of South Korea.

Younger brother Kim Cheol (Kang-woo Kim) sees his mother beaten to death and is taken into custody. When he finally makes it to South Korea, he is to find that older brother Kim Hyeok (Joo Jin-mo) has become a high-ranking mobster.

“A Better Tomorrow
2012… fast-paced with
one hell of a kick
Cheol repeatedly refuses to see his brother as he cannot forgive him for abandoning him, little realising that Hyeok has been haunted by being forced to leave him to his fate and has been desperately trying to find him.

Hyeok and his closest friend, fellow mobster Lee Yeong-chun (Seung-heon Song) are trying to complete a deal with arch-villain Tae Min (Han Sun Jo), but it soon becomes apparent they have been set up. Hyeok is arrested by the Police and spends time in prison while his friend escapes to takes revenge on Tae Min's men at great cost to himself.

Three years later Hyeok comes out of prison and travels back to Busan. He seeks out Lee Yeong-chun, who suffered bullet wounds that have left him crippled. By now, Cheol has become a policeman and still refuses to acknowledge his brother. But Tae Min is still a force to be reckoned with and the brothers are still on opposite sides of the law when all hell breaks loose…

With blistering set pieces and stunning fight sequences, the explosive action film A Better Tomorrow 2012 is a big budget remake of John Woo's career-defining A Better Tomorrow. A must-see for fans of action and Asian cinema (and the talented Woo), the movie is fast-paced with one hell of a kick.

A Better Tomorrow 2012 also features: Kyeong-yeong Lee as Lt Park; Ji-yeong Kim as Aunt; Hae-gon Kim as President Jeong; and Hyeong-jun Lim as Detective Lee.

Original Screenplay is by John Woo (who is also an Executive Producer), Hung-ka Chan and Suk-wah Leuing; Adaptation is by Hyo-seok Kim, Taek-kyung Lee, Geun-mo Choi and Hae-gon Kim; Producers are Daisuke "Dais" Myachi and Hyung-jun Park; Original Music by Jae-jin Lee; Cinematography by Jong-do Kim; and Directed by Hae-sung Song.

Brothers… Enemies… Killers: the director of Red Cliff, Mission Impossible 2 and Face Off, John Woo's A Better Tomorrow 2012 is released by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray on 11 June 2012. Running Time: 124 Minutes | RRP: DVD £12.99; Blu-ray £19.99; 3D Blu-ray £19.99 | Barcode: DVD 5060192811841; Blu-ray 5060192811902; 3D Blu-ray 5060192811858 | Catalogue Number: DVD LBF020; Blu-ray LBF024; 3D Blu-ray LBF021.


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"A Better Tomorrow 2012… fast-paced with one hell of a kick" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar