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A Dark Truth
A Dark Truth“When a Canadian-based multinational
  conglomerate’s association with a
  ruthless military regime in Ecuador
  gets out of control, a wealthy lady with
  a conscience persuades a former
  CIA agent, now a radio talk show host,
  to take on an assignment to find a
  dedicated environmental activist and
  bring him back to Toronto to expose
  the wrongdoing — but it will place them
  all in deadly danger..

HAVING BEEN CONFRONTED BY A DISTURBED young man who horrifically commits suicide in front of her, Morgan Swinton (Deborah Kara Unger: The Game) begins to realise that Clearbec, the company she and her brother Bruce (Kim Coates: Resident Evil Afterlife) inherited from their father, is not the magnanimous corporation she has been led to believe.

Run by Bruce, Clearbec is negotiating for South American water rights and is supporting the cold-blooded General Aguila (Alfredo Alvarez Calderon) and his vicious militia. Due to polluted water, the area run by Aguila is experiencing a Typhus epidemic.

Well constructed, with
plenty of action,
a fine cast and
jump-a-minute tension,
A Dark Truth
has more than enough
of a bite to keep you
But it is the horrific massacres that Clearbec is keen to cover up that is the main concern of rebel leader and environmental activist Francisco Francis (Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker: Best Actor, The Last King Of Scotland, 2007; Repo Man) and his wife Mia (Golden Globe nominee Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy Eva Longoria: Television's Desperate Housewives, 2006).

Appalled by what she has heard from the desperate young man, who claimed his family had been poisoned and murdered and has given her a tape to listen to, Morgan approaches radio talk show host Jack Begosian (brilliantly played by Academy Award nominee Andy Garcia: Best Supporting Actor, Godfather Part III, 1991; Ocean's Thirteen), a retired top CIA Black Ops agent.

Begosian reluctantly agrees to use his contacts in South America to track down Francis in the treacherous jungles of Ecuador and bring him safely out to reveal the truth to the world. Clearbec maintains that the soldiers are there only to protect the water rights of the large corporations that own them but how can water be thus exploited?

Leaving his anxious wife Karen (Lara Daans) and his troubled son Jason (Peter Dacunha), Jack risks his life to do what he knows is right in a bid to expose the atrocities. But Morgan's life is also hanging in the balance as she faces an enemy from whom she should expect loyalty and protection.

As the violence escalates, thousands of innocent men, women and children are being systematically slaughtered. Francis heads deeper into the jungle to try to keep one step ahead of the militia, his main concern for his wife and his children, Jesus (Drew Davis) and Saber (Millie Davis), and he is in no mood to listen to a stranger who may be a threat to them.

Andy Garcia has been described as the thinking man's action hero in this timely thriller, which is based on actual events. A Dark Truth looks at the ever-increasing depletion of the Earth's natural resource of water, and the heroic men and women fighting to protect it. Well constructed, with plenty of action, a fine cast and jump-a-minute tension, A Dark Truth has more than enough of a bite to keep you watching.

The film also features: Kevin Durand as Torrance Mashinta; Devon Bostick as Renaldo; Steven Bauer as Tony Green; Al Sapienza as Doug Calder; Julio Mehoso as The Guide; Josh Bainbridge as Mattie; and Lloyd Adams as Ben.

Director of Photography is Bobby Shore; Music is by Jonathan Goldsmith; Produced by Gary Howsam (Casino Jack) and Bill Marks (Casino Jack); Executive Producers are: Jeff Sackman (American Psycho), Andy Garcia (City Island) and Kim Coates (Sacrifice); Written and Directed by Damien Lee (Sacrifice; Winner of the 2012 Best Director Award at the Boston Film Festival for his work on A Dark Truth).

* An intense and thought-provoking action-packed environmental thriller, A Dark Truth is released on DVD courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on 13 May 2013. Running Time: 102 Minutes Approximately | DVD Bonus Material: Behind The Truth Featurette.

"Well constructed, with plenty of action, a fine cast and jump-a-minute tension, A Dark Truth has more than enough of a bite to keep you watching"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar