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A Family Man
A Family Man A hard-headed, totally driven Chicago-
  based head-hunter working at a cut-
  throat specialist recruitment agency
  that takes no prisoners is given an
  impossible choice while he is vying
  for a promotion against a female
  colleague when his young son becomes
  seriously ill in the heart-warming,
  thought-provoking film A Family Man...”

A TOP HEAD-HUNTER AND HOT FAVOURITE to place enough people seeking work to earn promotion to take over his boss's job, Dane Jensen (Gerard Butler: PS I Love You; Olympus Has Fallen) cannot go wrong.

His boss Ed (Willem Dafoe: The Grand Budapest Hotel; John Wick), a hard taskmaster who makes no bones about sacking anyone who doesn't measure up, is stepping back from his work to take a break away and his replacement will be either Dane or his colleague Lynn Wilson (Alison Brie: How To Be Single; Mad Men) — whoever gets the highest number of successful placements in the last period takes the top job.

We loved it:
touching and thought-
A Family Man
is a captivating film with
a highly-compulsive
Dane is determined to win, no matter what he has to do to beat Lynn; but as his polar opposite, Lynn can fight dirty too. Their confidence knows no bounds and nothing will stand in their way.

Dane's wife Elise (Gretchen Mol) isn't happy that he works long hours and brings his work home as she wants some quality time for the family, but Dane sees himself as a provider and relishes the trappings of a successful man. He's got being a workaholic down to a fine art.

High on adrenaline, Dane leaves looking after the family to Elise and doesn't always notice what is really going on. His ten-year-old son Ryan (Max Jenkins) values every moment with his father and he, his younger sister Lauren (Julia Butters) and little brother Nathan (Ethan MacIver-Wright), are being brought up mainly by their mother.

When Ryan gets sick Dane thinks he is just overweight but is shocked to find that he is seriously ill and that the long-term prognosis is poor. Given that Dane has just entered into the battle of the best with Lynn and therefore his professional dream, and undoubtedly his livelihood, is at stake, how will Dane deal with the coming weeks?

Dane is aware that Ed will show him no favouritism and if he isn't performing he will be out of a job. He also knows that there's no safety net if he messes up because he has signed a contract prohibiting him from working in the only job he knows and at which he is brilliant.

As he tries to make time for his son, connecting with him on a very different level, things go from bad to worse. His work is suffering along with his finances; his child may have terminal cancer. Is there a spark of humanity in this man? What is he working for?

We loved it: Heartwarming, touching and thought-provoking, A Family Man is a captivating film with a highly-compulsive storyline that begins with an irksome sales scenario and ends on a much more promising note.

Willem Dafoe never falters as a hard-hearted businessman and Gerard Butler is superb as Dane Jensen, a selfish, egotistical and boorish man who lives to succeed. And then he discovers that sometimes you have to be faced with losing something before you realise how precious it is.

Filmed on location in Chicago, Illinois, and Toronto, Canada, A Family Man also features: Anupam Kher as Dr Singh; Alfred Molina as Lou; David Koechner as Larry; Dustin Milligan as Sumner; Mimi Kuzyk as Bernardine; Dwain Murphy as Antoine; Kathleen Munroe as Toni; Jess Berry as Dottie; Dylan Roberts as Bob; and Tim Hopper as Tommy.

Music Recorded and Mixed by Jason La Rocca; Music Orchestrated by Brad Dechter; Music by Mark Isham; Director of Photography is Shelly Johnson ASC; Written by Academy Award-nominated Bill Dubuque (The Judge; award-winning The Accountant); Produced by Nicolas Chartier, Mark Williams, Craig J Flores, Alan Siegel, Gerard Butler and Patrick Newall; and Directed by Mark Williams.

* A Family Man is released by The Movie Partnership for digital download on 5 June 2017. Available now on iTunes and the following platforms: Amazon Video; GooglePlay; Xbox Video Store; Sony. Running Time: 108 Minutes | RRP: 9.99 HD / 7.99 SD.

"We loved it: Heartwarming, touching and thought-provoking, A Family Man is a captivating film with a highly-compulsive storyline" **** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar