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A Mermaid’s Tale
A Mermaid's Tale “A young girl whose mother has sadly
  died moves to a peaceful seaside town
  from San Diego with her father to live
  with her grandfather who has been
  unwell; only to discover the truth about
  her family and the existence of magical
  beings in this heart-warming modern-
  day fairytale, A Mermaid’s Tale

HEARING THAT HIS FATHER HAS BEEN UNWELL, Matt (Jerry O'Connell) moves back to his home town to live with him, taking his twelve-year-old daughter Ryan (Caitlin Carmichael) away from San Diego, where she thought they were settled.

Matt's father Art (Barry Bostwick), a fisherman, is delighted to see his granddaughter, but there is some friction between father and son; and Ryan is nervous about starting over in a strange place.

Art tells Ryan of the local superstitions and myths; of mermaids and his determination to find them again, even though he thinks that they are the reason the fish are no longer plentiful in the area. Once, he says, he had an encounter with a mermaid but he believes they are still out there even though humans rarely, if ever, see them.

A charming and
mystical 21st Century
Matt does not want to hear anything about mermaids as he does not believe they exist, but while sitting on the dock Ryan meets a strange young girl swimming in the water who disappears without trace. Ryan loves the sea and has readily absorbed her grandfather's tales as she explores the coves and watches playful dolphins. Surely it is not too far-fetched to imagine that other magical creatures can inhabit the watery depths?

Ryan is forbidden to go to the dock but she has lost her locket containing a photograph of her and her mother and when she goes to look for it, the girl appears. Her name is Coral (Sydney Scotia) and she and Ryan immediately hit it off and become firm friends.

Matt is also able to catch up with old friend Jay (Ronnie Bleving), who fishes with Art; and his old girlfriend Jenna (Jaimie Paige), who owns the local caf and who befriends Ryan.

But just who is the mysterious Coral? It soon becomes obvious that she is not just an ordinary girl, and they begin working together to discover an extraordinary secret and to bring prosperity back to the town in this charming and mystical 21st Century fairytale.

A Mermaid's Tale also features: Nancy Stafford as Thaleia; Hannah Fraser as Monroven; Callan Wilson as Zack; Patrick Flanaghan as Young Art; and Lauren Zbylski as Young Thaleia.

Composer is Tim Blast; Director of Photography is William Shockley; Costume Designer is TriuLoigu; Producers are: Jamie R Thompson, William Shockley, Babacar Diene, Milan Friedrich and Phillip B Goldfine; Written by Fred Hogge and Rafael Jordan; and Director is Dustin Rikert.

* In this strange new world, she's a fish out of water in the charming and mystical 21st Century fairytale, A Mermaid's Tale, which is available to watch on digital download from The Movie Partnership from 14 August 2017. Certificate: U | Running Time: 92 Minutes | RRP: 9.99 HD / 7.99 SD.

Release Platforms: iTunes; Amazon Video; Google Play; Microsoft; Sky Store; TalkTalk; Sony; Vubiquity. iTunes (pre-order from iTunes).

"A Mermaid's Tale [a] charming and mystical 21st Century fairytale" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar