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A Thousand Kisses Deep
A Thousand Kisses Deep “An amazing and thought-provoking
  film, A Thousand Kisses Deep is the
  story of a desperately unhappy young
  woman who was abandoned by her
  sadistic married lover some years before
  and who is apparently being given the
  opportunity to intervene with her fate..

AFTER THE DEATH OF HER 54-YEAR-OLD MOTHER Doris (Emilia Fox: BBC's Silent Witness; Merlin; The Pianist), from whom she was estranged, Mia Selva (Jodie Whittaker: Attack The Block; One Day; St Trinian's) dumps her box of belongings in a waste bin.

She reaches her apartment building and is astounded when the building's caretaker Max (English acting legend David Warner: Titanic; Tron) gives her the box she had thrown away earlier, telling her that it had been delivered to her. Max warns her mysteriously: "Some things never go away, you know, they just keep coming back."

“A Thousand Kisses
Deep is a clever, out of
the ordinary and
tantalisingly thought-
provoking thriller
She cannot know that this is the beginning of a strange set of events that are to change her life. First, she accidentally bumps an elderly lady as she is leaving the apartment block and when she returns home she is horrified and shaken to see the woman fall to the pavement below, surrounded by torn-up photographs, in an apparent suicide.

Some fragments of photograph fall into Mia's hand and when she pieces them together she is shocked to find it is a picture of her former lover, Ludwig Giroux (wickedly played by Dougray Scott: My Week With Marilyn; Mission Impossible II), who disappeared eight years before, leaving her heartbroken.

Max is evasive when Mia questions him about the woman and she goes to The Harmony, the bar where she used to work and which belongs to Ludwig's wife Stella (Charlotte Lucas). The bartender Buddy (Allan Cordurier), who befriended her, has not seen Ludwig for 8 years either. It seems he has simply disappeared.

Mia persuades Max to allow her access to the woman's flat, where she is confused and disturbed to find her own photographs and an eerie familiarity. She incurs Max's anger by removing a letter addressed to her, as she has ignored his warning not to touch anything after telling her that time is out of sync.

Max takes Mia in the lift on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery where she is able to observe and interact with herself at different times in her life. But will the present-day Mia finally recognise the destructive relationship she had entered into as a sweet and nave teenager with the selfish, older, Ludwig, who hurt and humiliated her constantly?

Mia is left fighting her past in an attempt to change the future in this sometimes shocking and twisting psychological thriller. A Thousand Kisses Deep is a clever, out of the ordinary and tantalisingly thought-provoking thriller that questions whether the past really can change the future. Leonard Cohen's wonderful poem A Thousand Kisses Deep features in the film. Also, some nudity and scenes of a sexual nature.

Shot entirely on location in London, A Thousand Kisses Deep also features: Sheila Ballantine as Older Mia Selva; Eloise Barnes as 10-year-old Mia Selva; Jonathan Slinger as Doug Selva; and Suzanne Day as Nurse.

Director of Photography is George Richmond; Music is by Sandy McLelland and Ross Cullum; Written by Alex Kustanovich and Vadim Moldovan; Producer is Ofir Kedar; and Director is Dana Lustig.

* As electrifying as it is ambitious, A Thousand Kisses Deep is released on DVD by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on 4 February 2013. Running Time: 81 Minutes | RRP: 14.99 | Catalogue Number: KAL8204 (DVD). Extras: A Thousand Cuts: Behind The Scenes | Deleted Scenes.

"A Thousand Kisses Deep is a clever, out of the ordinary and tantalisingly thought-provoking thriller" Maggie Woods, MotorBar