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Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream
Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream“A young, successful film actress’s
  brutal murder reveals the hidden secrets
  of a number of suspects as police
  investigations uncover resentment and
  jealousies along with her disturbing
  past in the gripping British police drama
  Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream..

WITH THE DISCOVERY OF THE BODY of an acclaimed but temperamental and troubled 24-year-old film actress who has been stabbed to death, the team of detectives led by DCI James Langton (Ciaran Hinds: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows) and DC Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly: Sherlock Holmes) who are investigating the murder are faced with lies and obstructions as they put together a list of suspects.

The body of actress Amanda Delany (Joanna Vanderham) is discovered by her driver, Harry James (Geoff Bell), who runs a chauffeur business with his brothers Tony (Ray MacAllan) and Lester (Leo Gregory). She has been repeatedly stabbed and left lying in a pool of blood, but there was no sign of a forced entry and house keys, a soft toy rabbit she always kept on her pillow and the murder weapon are all missing, although a crucifix used in one of Amanda's films is found on the floor.

“Above Suspicion 4:
Silent Scream
  is a brilliantly
constructed tale of
intrigue and excitement
which certainly
challenges the mind
The team questions her estranged parents, Genevieve (Lucy Whybrow) and Mark Delany (Jack Fortune), who seem strangely reluctant to discuss their daughter or her death with the police and a deep, dark family secret is hinted at by her former flatmates drug users Dan Hutchins (Alex Price) and Felicity Turner (Bryony Hannah) and the brittle, resentful Jeannie Bell (Kate O'Flynn), a wannabe actress who was beaten to the role that launched Amanda's career.

Amanda's former lovers Scott Myers (Tom Wisdom), Rupert Mitchell (William Miller) and Sean O'Dell (Dara Devaney) are also questioned along with Scott and Rupert's wives Fiona (Georgina Sutcliffe) and Helen (Samantha Coughlan).

Along with Amanda's agent Andrea Lesser (Sarah Stewart), with whom she had financial issues, some of them carry a burden of guilt, betrayal or rejection; but are their secrets bad enough to make them want to murder Amanda?

Could the murderer be a wronged wife or a spurned lover or even an exacting film director who didn't like the way she did things? Why was Amanda so afraid of the night that she couldn't bear to be alone? A promiscuous drug-taker, the actress had upset her parents by her behaviour and the scandal that followed, but is there really a deep, dark secret known only to her family that had affected Amanda so deeply?

When a search of Amanda's computer reveals that the actress was compiling information on both herself and those around her with the intention of writing her autobiography, the search takes a dramatic turn and, with the discovery of two more bodies, it appears that Amanda is not the only one who has enemies.

Is it that too many people know too much or is there something else that has led to the murder? The already-tense investigating team is exploring the possibility there is more than one killer; but James Langton is carrying out his own investigations with members of the team.

Devastated that he has been passed over for promotion due to someone reminding the Commissioner of a botched investigation and subsequent scandal he was involved with some years before, he is all the more irate when he finds that DCI Sam Power (Ray Feardon), who is younger and less experienced than he is, has been offered the job. Determined to find out who it was, James questions the suspects: Sam himself, DC Paul Barolli (Celyn Jones) and even Anna, who is apparently being fast-tracked herself. Or was it someone else entirely?

Even without this distraction, solving Amanda's murder would be a challenge. Throw in envy, wild passion and desperate addiction with a group of actors who are masters of deceit and know everything about high drama, and this case is stirring up too great an interest and too high a risk to everyone involved. There is even the danger of further victims before the final curtain on Silent Scream.

The queen of primetime British police drama, Lynda La Plante is an acclaimed writer who is renowned for her tough, gritty television thrillers. Above Suspicion has gripped a nation over four series, with these final episodes ranking with the best as she reunites DC Anna Travis, DCI James Langton and DCI Mike Lewis (Shaun Dingwall) in Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream.

Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream
is a brilliantly constructed tale of intrigue and excitement which certainly challenges the mind. Lynda La Plante has a hugely impressive track record in British television, running for the best part of three decades and, along with Above Suspicion her successes include such notable programmes as Prime Suspect, Trial And Retribution and Widows.

Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream also features: Michael Simkins as Deputy Chief Commissioner Walters; Philip Arditti as George Peroz; Michelle Holmes as DC Barbara Maddox; and Amanda Lawrence as DC Joan Faukland.

Director of Photography is Damian Bromley; Executive Producers are Lynda La Plante and Liz Thorburn; Produced by Cherry Gold; and Directed by Catherine Morshead.

* Adapted from Lynda La Plante's novel, Silent Scream, the gripping thriller Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream will be making loud noises on DVD, courtesy of Acorn Media and along with the complete hit television series Above Suspicion 1 to 4 Box Set, on 4 February 2013. Catalogue Number: AV3093 | Running Time: 168 Minutes Approximately | RRP: 17.99.

Above Suspicion 1-4 Box Set | Release Date: 4 February 2013 | Catalogue Number: AV8041 | Running Time: 634 Minutes Approximately | RRP: 39.99.

Extras: Behind the scenes features | Interview with Lynda La Plante | Cast Interviews.

"Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream is a brilliantly constructed tale of intrigue and excitement which certainly challenges the mind" Maggie Woods, MotorBar