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Acceleration “An all-knowing, all-seeing ruthless
  crime lord with his fingers in many
  pies turns nasty with his most trusted
  operative when she double-crosses
  him; kidnapping her son and refusing
  to let her see the boy until she completes
  five tasks to reckon with others who
  have deceived him in the fast-paced
  gritty thriller Acceleration...”

FEARED FOR TAKING BRUTAL REVENGE against those who cross him, powerful Los Angeles crime lord Vladik Zorich (Dolph Lundgren: Rocky IV, The Expendables) was certain his most trusted operative Rhona Zyocki (Natalie Burn) would always remain loyal.

However, when tough and gutsy Rhona tries to take off with a large sum of money and some guns he kidnaps her young son Mika (Dobromir Mashukov) and tells her he will not release the boy until she has completed five tasks for him, sticking rigidly to the rules he lays out.

is a fast-paced action
movie with a tough,
indomitable female main
character and plenty
of edgy action to keep
you hooked...”
Vladik has ears and eyes everywhere, and his far-reaching criminal activities in the Los Angeles underworld include dealing in guns, gambling, drugs and human trafficking. He controls his empire with a rod of iron, using violence where he deems necessary.

With just a matter of hours to complete the tasks and desperate to have her son safely returned, Rhona reluctantly begins to race around the streets of the Californian city in her Maserati as she is given the five envelopes detailing each task one by one.

Exposing herself to the utmost danger, her foot hard to the pedal as time ticks by, Rhona knows that there is no room for mistakes on her part. Her first task is to get drug dealer Dmitri to settle his account with Vladik, as he has consistently refused to do.

The second task is more difficult as she is expected to eliminate gun supplier Teemu (Tony Tambi), whom she knows well. She visits one of the safe houses and talks to Eli (the lovely Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: The A-Team), who is kind to her, but he has no idea where Vladik is keeping her son and cannot help her.

Having begged Vladik to let her speak to the boy, Rhona accepts that he is not going to let her have any contact with him until she completes the tasks. Task Three is again a difficult one. She is to visit drug dealer Lillian (Mayling Ng) and "burn it down." Having given Lillian the chance to put things right with Vladik, which she turns down, Rhona completes her task. The body count is rising.

Task 4 involves criminal data supplier Santos (Danny Trejo: Machete; From Dusk Till Dawn), whom Rhona likes and has known for sixteen years. She has to somehow get from him a flash drive. Any way she can.

Task 5 is to bring Vladik the ledger of human trafficker Jack the Flower (Al Sapienza). Rhona finds herself in a very tricky situation from which she may not survive — or the very least that could happen is that she could vanish without trace. She will need all her skills and more to avoid the inevitable.

Why is Vladik so desperate to pull in what is owed to him and how is he linked to the sadistic Kane (Sean Patrick Flanery)?

Rhona will have to think hard and fast if she is to complete her tasks and walk away with her son. There is nothing she would not do to get Mika back, but can she rely on Vladik not double-crossing her as well? The clock is ticking…

Starring a number of action film veterans, including Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo and Quinto 'Rampage' Jackson, Acceleration is a fast-paced action movie with a tough, indomitable female main character and plenty of edgy action to keep you hooked.

Acceleration also features: Chuck Lidell as Hannibal; Lew Temple as Dominic; Jason London as Richie; Kaiwi Lyman as Jimmy; Ned Chupin as Keitel; Sally Kirkland as Betty; and Ryan Carnes as David.

Music is Composed by Gregory de Iulio; Director of Photography is Jan-Michael Losada; Written by Michael Merino; Produced by Natalie Burn; and Directed by Michael Merino and Daniel Zirilli.

* The Movie Partnership confirms the adrenaline-fuelled action thriller Acceleration will be available on Digital Download across all Digital platforms from 6 April 2020. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 85 Minutes | Digital Platforms: iTunes; Amazon; Google; Microsoft; Sky Store; Virgin Media and Rakuten.

"Acceleration is a fast-paced action movie with a tough, indomitable female main character and plenty of edgy action to keep you hooked" — **** Maggie Woods, MotorBar