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Are You Afraid Of The Dark? The Complete Series 3 & 4

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?Gather round the campfire, deep in
  the shadows of the woods…
  And be afraid. Be very afraid…
  of The Dark...”

CAST YOUR MIND BACK to the show that haunted you during your childhood. The one that you wished you hadn't watched but were glad all the same that you did. The show that had you sitting on the edge of your seat, afraid to watch but equally afraid to miss out on.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? now comes to DVD — the Complete Series 3 & 4, with 26 spine-chilling episodes to give you the shivers all over again — just like they did when you watched them on Children's ITV and Nickelodeon.

When the clock strikes twelve, the six members of The Midnight Society gather in the darkness. Around a campfire deep inside the woods, they let their imagination run wild.
One by one, they tell spine-chilling stories of ghastly ghosts who possess the souls of
the living and evil spirits who inhabit the darkest corners of our own minds.

Frank (Jason Alisharan), Gary (Ross Hull, Stargate Atlantis, Student Bodies), Betty Ann (Raine Pare-Coull), Kiki (Jodie Resther) and newcomers Tucker (Daniel De Santo, Beyblade, Mean Girls) and Sam (Joanna Garcia, American Pie, Not Another Teen Movie) have to keep up their membership by taking it in turns to scare the living daylights out of each other.

Directed by long-established television director David Winning (Blood Ties, Stargate Atlantis, Goosebumps), tales of the dark are spun out one by one. The Tale Of The Midnight Ride is a modern take on The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow with Ian (Tighe Swanson) and Katie (Rachel Wilson) coming face to face with the ghost of Ichabod Crane (Arthur Holden).

The Tale Of Apartment 214 sees Stacy Cooper (Lea Helen Weir) and her mother Bonnie (Denise McLeod) move into an apartment to become neighbours of elderly ghost Madeline Koegel (Beth Amos), who is lonely. When Stacy breaks a promise, Madeline disappears
only to return distraught and blaming Stacy for her mistake.

One very sinister story is The Tale Of Watcher's Woods. While away at Camp Gindlestone, super-achiever Sarah (Kendall Saunders) and the distinctly unfriendly Kelly (Jewel Staite) get lost in the terrifying Watcher's Woods — a place where three young girls disappeared some seventy years before and were never seen again. Only their whistles were ever found. Sarah and Kelly meet some very unsavoury ladies and the menacing Watcher of the woods (Tom Rack) and Kelly is forced to overcome her phobia of rats in order to escape from the nightmare.

Crazy clowns, ghastly ghouls, ghosts with unfinished business, dark demons, lost souls, maniacal laughter, graveyards, thunderstorms and banging shutters — whatever your fear, these tales are so frightening; so chilling and so real that they seem to take on a life of their own. Or perhaps… they live among us.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is available to buy now (released 7 April, 2008) as a 4-DVD set | Catalogue Number PAR61342 | RRP £19.99.