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All The Devil’s Men
All The Devil's Men  “A former Navy SEAL turned bounty
  hunter who tracks down terrorists for the
  CIA is suffering from his horrendous
  experiences from his time in Afghanistan
  and is beginning to be affected by a life
  spent on the edge; but when he is sent
  to England to hunt down a rogue
  operative and former brother-in-arms,
  he could be taking on a job too far —
  fighting both his inner demons and a
  superior adversary in the high tension
  action thriller All The Devil’s Men...”

USING ALL HIS RESOURCES HONED as a Navy SEAL, war junkie and bounty hunter Jack Collins (Milo Gibson: Hacksaw Ridge; Hurricane) takes on missions too hazardous for the CIA as he tracks down terrorists passed to him by the agency, who outsource their most dangerous missions to private companies.

“All The Devil’s Men: exciting, tense and highly watchable...”
Battle-scarred Jack is suffering from witnessing the horrors of war in Afghanistan and has pushed himself relentlessly into highly dangerous situations. As a result he is close to burn-out, giving his handler Leigh Allen (Sylvia Hoeks: Blade Runner; The Girl In The Spider's Web) cause for concern.

However, she agrees to send him as part of a tough, seasoned, three-man team along with Brennan (William Fichtner: Prison Break; Invasion) and the volatile Pete Samuelson (Gbenga Akinnagbe: The Wire; Detroit) to hunt down a rogue operative in London, where they are all tested to the limit.

Tony Deighton (Joseph Millson), who fought alongside Jack in Afghanistan, is protecting Terry McKnight (Eliot Cowan), who is buying a nuclear warhead from the Russians through the glamorous Lena (Larissa Kouznetsova).

At first unable to believe that Deighton is involved, Jack soon finds out just how far the rogue operative is prepared to go for money when he and his two team-mates fall foul of Deighton's private army. While Leigh appears to have an agenda all of her own and a score to settle with McKnight, Jack quickly realises that they will not all come out alive.

Shoot-outs on the streets of London and high-speed car chases abound as Jack fights his way through a dangerous army that is playing for high stakes to get to Deighton and McKnight. Much of the film is shot in London and Mel Gibson's son Milo gives a good account of himself in his first lead role.

All The Devil's Men is a little predictable but there is enough thrown in to make this an exciting, tense and highly watchable movie. Tensions and infighting between the team are well handled and believable.

All The Devil's Men also features: Yavor Baharov as Oleg; Perry Fitzpatrick as Logan; Yasen Atour as Mus; and Steven Blades as Ethan.

Music is by Amory Leader and Simon Williams; Cinematography by Robin Whenary; Producers are Amory Leader and Hannah Leader; Written and Directed by Matthew Hope.

* The Movie Partnership announces the release of All The Devil's Men on Digital Download Platforms from 3 December 2018. VOD/EST Release Details: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 96 Minutes | RRP: 7.99 SD / 9.99 HD. Release Platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sky Store, BT, Sony, Vubiquity, Rakuten.

"All The Devil's Men exciting, tense and highly watchable" **** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar