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Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons“Be careful of what you wish for
  because it might come true, as expert
  Harvard symbologist Professor
  Robert Langdon (two-time Academy
  Award-winner Tom Hanks:
Best Actor
  Forrest Gump, 1994; Philadelphia,
  1993) finds out in the sequel to The
  Da Vinci Code
, the all-action thriller
  Angels & Demons

AFTER THE SUDDEN DEATH OF POPE CELESTINE V and subsequent nine days of mourning comes the ritual choosing of his successor. But as Catholic leaders and the faithful flock to Rome to mourn the loss of the 'progressive and beloved' Pope and await the announcement of his successor, an unspeakable terror hangs over the Vatican City.

At the CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland — one of the world's largest and most respected research centres — a top-secret experiment has been halted by the disappearance of some anti-matter and the gruesome murder of chief scientist Philippe (Xavier J Nathan).

It soon becomes apparent that the two incidents are linked and that the Vatican has a traitor at its very heart. Four Cardinals have been kidnapped and the ransom demand threatens the systematic killing of the four. Furthermore, a vial containing the anti-matter has been hidden in the Vatican and will become unstable at midnight, causing a massive explosion that will have disastrous consequences.

Everything points to the crime being an act of revenge for the historic persecution of a deadly secret society, the Illuminati, whose members were hunted down and killed by the Catholic Church, their ancient enemy. And only one man has the knowledge to piece together a trail of ancient clues in the hope of preventing the slaughter of the Cardinals and an unthinkable catastrophe.

The beleaguered Camerlengo (Ewan McGregor: Star Wars trilogy; Big Fish) sanctions the call to expert symbologist Professor Robert Langdon. Langdon has been at odds with the Church as he desperately seeks hitherto denied access to the Vatican archives — the most secretive vault on Earth — in order to complete a book. But this time it is the Church that needs his skills to unravel this horrific and unthinkable crime.

Langdon takes up the challenge, ably assisted by murdered scientist Philippe's partner Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer: Adam Resurrected; Vantage Point) as they embark upon an action filled race against time through sealed crypts and dangerous catacombs, fighting for their lives against overwhelming odds.

As the bodies pile up in increasingly horrific ways, Langdon finds himself given unprecedented access to the closely-guarded Vatican archives where he and Vittoria delve back into history to 1668, when the Church kidnapped four Illuminati scientists and branded them before putting them to death. An Illuminati legend that speaks of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and an ancient book by Galileo become part of the puzzle.

With the shocking knowledge of what is about to happen, Vittoria and Langdon race through the streets of Rome on a heart-stopping search to try to rescue the Cardinals and save the lives of the crowds who have gathered at the Vatican. This is not always comfortable viewing for the squeamish.

To whom did Philippe divulge the secret of the experiment with anti-matter? Was the Pope's death as suspicious as Langdon believes and who is the traitor? And has the Illuminati infiltrated the Pope's Swiss Guard, whose role is a calling rather than just a profession? Investigating legends and predictions of old, Angels & Demons is first class at every turn.

In the hi-octane chase through the beautiful ancient city of Rome, Professor Robert Langdon is all that stands between good and evil in this don't-miss edgy thriller Angels & Demons that will leave you gasping!

Angels & Demons also features: Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia!) as Commander Richter; Pierfrancesco Farino as Inspector Olivetti; Nikolaj Liekaas as the Assassin; Armin Mueller-Stahl as Cardinal Strauss; Thure Lindhardt as Chartrand; Cosimo Fusco as Father Simeon; David Pasquesi as Claudio Vincenzi; Victor Alfieri as Lt Valenti; and Xavier J Nathan as Philippe.

Directed by the multi-talented, ever-fresh, two-time Academy Award-winner Ron Howard (Best Director and Best Picture: A Beautiful Mind, 2001) and with a screenplay by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman, Angels & Demons is based on the novel by Dan Brown. Director of Photography is Salvatore Totino asc; Music is by Hans Zimmer; Violin Solos by Joshua Bell; the film is Produced by Brian Grazer, John Calley and Ron Howard. Dan Brown is an Executive Producer and the beautiful music includes the atmospheric The Gregorian Chant.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the $480 million-plus worldwide box office smash hit sequel to The Da Vinci Code, the world-wide sensation Angels & Demons, on DVD, Blu-ray Disc (BD-Live enabled) and PSP in the UK on 14 September, 2009. Single-Disc Blu-Ray RRP £24.99 | Single-Disc DVD RRP £19.99 | UMD™ Video RRP £12.99.

DVD Bonus Features Include: Handling Props | This Is An Ambigram | Writing Angels & Demons. Blu-ray Bonus Features Include: Original and Extended Versions of the Film | "The Path Of Illumination" following Robert Langdon's journey through Rome to see if you can unlock the path of illumination | Cinechat, to send on-screen instant messages around the world while watching the movie | Movie IQ | "Rome Was Not Built In A Day" | CERN: Pushing The Frontiers Of Knowledge | Angels & Demons: The Full Story.

Angels & Demons is also available to buy alongside The Da Vinci Code as part of a double-disc DVD box set for £24.99 RRP and a double-disc Blu-ray box set for £44.99 RRP.

"In the hi-octane chase through the beautiful ancient city of Rome, Professor Robert Langdon is all that stands between good and evil in this don't-miss edgy thriller Angels & Demons that will leave you gasping!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A devilish delight" — Mail On Sunday

"Must-see film of the year" — Ben Jones, Absolute Radio

"Slick, quick and immensely entertaining, 9/10" — Alan Frank, Daily Star