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Apple Tree Yard
Apple Tree YardImpulsively embarking on a passionate
  and out of character affair, a middle-
  aged married scientist suffers
  dire consequences when her closely-
  guarded secret is discovered by
  a colleague who subjects her to a
  degrading and terrifying rape in the
  finely-paced BBC1 mini-series thriller
  Apple Tree Yard...”

SENSIBLE, MIDDLE-AGED EMINENT GENETICIST Yvonne Carmichael (Emily Watson: The Theory of Everything; Everest; Punch Love Drunk) is drawn into an exciting affair with a stranger, Mark Costley (Ben Chaplin: Mad Dogs; Cinderella), whom she meets while attending a seminar at the Houses of Parliament.

Married with two children daughter Carrie (Olivia Vinall), who is also a scientist and is expecting her first child with partner Sethnam (Assad Zaman); and son Adam (Jack Hamilton), who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder Yvonne works at the Beaufort Institute close to the Houses of Parliament and gets on well with her colleagues, including the seemingly innocuous George Selway (Steven Elder).

Apple Tree Yard
is an impressive,
can’t-miss television
drama with enough
twists to keep you
hooked until the next
one and the
shocking conclusion!”
Feeling that the excitement has gone out of her marriage to Gary (Mark Bonnar: Catastrophe; Line of Duty), Yvonne basks in the delights of a lover who appears to be all she could wish; throwing all caution to the wind.

As she is pulled deeper and deeper into the affair, Yvonne and Mark plan how they are going to conduct their liaison so that nobody will be hurt, but is Mark Costley everything he purports to be? Yvonne is going to pay a high price; little realising that her secret is far from safe and that her world is about to spin out of control.

At a drinks party at her workplace, Yvonne is persuaded by George whom she sees as a friend to go to his office, where he stuns her by confronting her about the affair before brutally assaulting and raping her.

Yvonne descends into a state of shock where she goes through the motions of life; not daring to tell anyone of the attack until she finally confides in Mark, telling him why she has been acting so strangely.

Suddenly things become a whole lot worse and Yvonne finds herself in the middle of a living nightmare facing the ultimate humiliation and a murder charge.

Somehow we just knew there was going to be a dramatic ending to the psychological thriller Apple Tree Yard and we were not wrong. Just when you thought you had figured it out the rules changed.

As Yvonne's life is shredded, she suffers the maximum fallout from a reckless moment that has plummeted her into an impulsive and passionate affair that will have far-reaching and devastating consequences. Apple Tree Yard is an impressive, sophisticated, can't-miss television drama with enough twists to keep you hooked until the next one and the shocking conclusion!

Produced by Kudos (River; Broadchurch), Apple Tree Yard also features: Syreeta Kumar as Clerk; Helen Anderson as Select Committee Chair; Susan Lynch as Susannah; Franc Ashman as Liz; Adeel Akhtar as Jaspreet "Jaz"; and Darren Morfitt as Kevin Proctor.

Music is by HalfdanE; Director of Photography is Matt Gray BSC; Adapted for BBC One by BAFTA winning screenplay writer Amanda Coe (Room At The Top; Life In Squares); Based on the novel by Louise Doughty, who is also an Executive Producer; Produced by Chris Carey; and Directed by Jessica Hobbs.

* Arrow Films announces the release of the complete BBC1 mini-series Apple Tree Yard on Blu-ray and DVD Box sets in the UK on 20 January 2017. Also available on Digital Download from Monday 23 January 2017. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 4 x 60 Minutes | Catalogue Number DVD: FCD1418; Blu-ray: FCD1426.

"Apple Tree Yard is an impressive, sophisticated, can't-miss television drama with enough twists to keep you hooked until the next one and the shocking conclusion!" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"There is fine ensemble acting here, and masterly mood control. Riveting ****" Financial Times

"Apple Tree Yard is a drama that is deeply engrossing and has a storyline that will keep you guessing and constantly surprised *****" Mail On Sunday

"Intense and racy drama your new must-see series" The Sun

"What makes this one different is the queasy feeling it instilled in your gut from the off ****" The Daily Telegraph

"Gritty *****" Daily Mail

"Very addictive" Daily Express