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Astro Boy

Astro Boy“As Metro City floats peacefully in the
  sky, a father has his heart broken and a
  young boy undergoes a transformation
  that is to change his life. On the Earth
  below, robot graveyards spring up as a
  once-barren planet begins to heal itself.
  In Metro City, life is better than ever as
  robots tend to Man’s every need...

ANIMÉ JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER the poignant, funny, fast-paced and highly watchable Astro Boy is a new super hero who's just as exciting and appealing to the young at heart as he is spellbinding to children everywhere.

Toby Tenma (voice of Freddie Highmore: The Spiderwick Chronicles; Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) is the highly intelligent son of Head of the Ministry of Science Dr Bill Tenma (voice of Nicolas Cage: Kick-Ass; G-Force), a brilliant scientist and father of modern robotics. Desperate to be with his father, Toby goes to his father's workplace to see an experiment with the positive 'blue core' that has been isolated by Doctor Elefun (voice of Bill Nighy: G-Force; The Boat That Rocked; Hot Fuzz).

But President Stone (voice of Donald Sutherland: Dirty Sexy Money) is so desperate to be re-elected that he will do anything to make certain that he remains in charge of the futuristic Metro City — even if it means harnessing the negative power of the dangerous 'red core'. While Stone takes over Elefun's demonstration there is a terrible incident and Dr Tenma's life will never be the same again.

A traumatised Dr Tenma creates an incredible young robot with amazing powers powered with the positive blue core energy. His super-strength, X-ray vision, phenomenal speed and ability to fly take him above and beyond the capabilities of other robots and give him an edge as he faces a different life from the one he believed was his.

The cold-hearted Stone is mad with power and cruelly disposes of robots he does not need. But he wants the blue core in Toby's body and the young robot — now known as Astro — is equally determined that he will restore order to Metro City.

Having been rejected by his father, Astro finds himself on the surface. But will the young orphans Cora (voice of Kristen Bell: Couples Retreat; Heroes; Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Zane (voice of Moises Arias) and their friends accept Astro? And will the little robot dog Trashcan (voice of Dee Bradley Baker) give him away as being a robot?

Astro comes up against the Robot Revolutionary Front and rescues a robot called Zog (Samuel L Jackson: The Spirit; Iron Man) from a robot graveyard. His quest to defeat Stone and find acceptance for himself is fraught with danger but the little guy with a big heart has a trick or two up his sleeve!

As a boy on a mission, Astro meets many colourful characters and learns the joys and emotions of being human while finding the strength to fulfil his destiny. Harnessing his awesome superpowers, Astro returns to Metro City to save his new-found friends, his family and everything he holds dear — and he begins to understand what it takes to be a super-hero.

Astro Boy also stars Charlize Theron (The Road; Hancock) as the 'Our Friends' Narrator; Matt Lucas (Alice In Wonderland; Little Britain) as Sparx; Eugene Levy (Night At The Museum 2; Over The Hedge; American Pie) as Orrin; and Nathan Lane (The Producers) as Hamegg. Also featured as the voices of: David Allen Grier as Mr Squirt / Math Cowboy / Boxer Robot; Madeleine Carroll as Widget; Elle Fanning as Grace; Sterling Beaumon as Sludge; Victor Bonavida as Sam; Tony Matthews as Cora's Father; Ryan Stiles as Mr Mustachio; Alan Tudyx as Mr Squeegee; Bob Logan as Stinger One; and David Bowers as Mike The Fridge. Astro Boy is Directed by David Bowers (Flushed Away) and co-written by David Bowers and Timothy Harris (Space Jam, Kindergarten Cop; My Stepmother Is An Alien; Twins; Trading Places)

One of the most seminal, iconic and coolest animé creations of all time, Astro Boy is brought to vivid life in a brand new futuristic Pinocchio-style tale as a CGI animated feature film jam-packed with action, adventure, comedy and heart. Astro Boy will delight and enthral audiences of all ages — especially those that enjoyed such similar futuristic CGI animated features as WALL-E, The Incredibles and Robots. This film is full of heart-warming charm and universal appeal that is guaranteed to keep everyone enthralled. Poignant, spellbinding, funny and fabulously super-charged — that's Astro Boy.

Astro Boy has attracted much praise, including a four-star review in The Sunday Times. Now, following a highly successful £3.6 million run at UK cinemas, the hit family movie Astro Boy soars onto DVD and is also available as a Blu-ray plus DVD Combi Pack, released by independent international entertain group Entertainment One Ltd on 31 May (2010). RRP: DVD £17.99; Blu-ray plus DVD Combi Pack £22.99 | Certificate: PG.

Special Features Include
: 2 All-New Animated Sequences, Astro vs The Junkyard Pirates & The RFF in The New Recruit | Inside The Recording Studio | Designing A Hero | Building Metro City | Getting The Astro Boy Look | Image Gallery | Creating A Global Icon | Dolby 5.1 Audio | Optional English Subtitles For Hard Of Hearing.

"Poignant, spellbinding, funny and fabulously supercharged — that's Astro Boy" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Action, laughs and awesome animation — Astro Boy is seriously cosmic!" — Vincent Vincent, National Geographic Kids

"Astro Boy has something for everyone… there is never a dull moment" — Little White Lies

"A super soar-away hit — ****" — The Sun

"Astro Boy is the prefect modern day hero — amazing superpowers but with a heart of gold!" — Junior

"Exciting and charming: a treat for all kids — big and small" — Sun TV Magazine

"A fast, fun, superhero adventure" — The Independent on Sunday

"Action packed from beginning to end" — Toxic Magazine

"The coolest robot hero since WALL-E… Astro-nomically great fun" — Nitro Magazine