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Attack Of The Werewolves
Attack Of The WerewolvesA funny and exciting Spanish offering
  about a family legend that draws a
city-based writer back to the village
  he lived in as a boy, Attack Of The
is an oddball comedy-
  horror that tantalises and entertains..

ATTACK OF THE WEREWOLVES BEGINS IN ADULT-COMIC style with the legend of the Marchioness of Mariño who, having tried unsuccessfully to have a child with her husband, becomes promiscuous and kidnaps a gypsy, forcing him to impregnate her.

She then orders the slaughter of all the gypsies but with her dying breath the wife of the gypsy who reluctantly fathered her child places a terrible curse on the Mariño family. It is 1910 and when the Marchioness's son is born in the remote village of Arga, he is destined to transform on the nights of the full moon into a bloodthirsty werewolf who preys on the villagers.

“Attack Of The
an horrifically funny tale
to really get your
teeth into!
Superbly atmospheric
Tomás (Gorka Otxoa), the only male descendent of the Mariño family and who was brought up in Arga, returns to the family home after an absence of 15 years with his former girlfriend's dog Vito to find somewhere peaceful to write his novel Regreso A Mis Paices (Return To My Roots).

He is welcomed a bit too enthusiastically by the villagers, but doesn't pick up that there is clearly something very wrong.

For a century the villagers have been terrorised by the werewolf and they have decided that it is high time they put an end to the beast's reign by sacrificing Tomás on the one hundredth anniversary of the gypsy's curse as only the blood of a Mariño will free the village.

Simple. Well, no…

Because the gypsy pronounced a double curse and in this superb, atmospheric tongue-in-cheek comedy-horror it cannot be lifted without an even greater cost. Cue some very ugly villagers, hell bent on finding Tomás.

Tomás' old friend Calisto (Carlos Areces) tells him that all the children go off to Madrid when they reach a certain age as there is nothing there for them in Arga, and Tomás recalls that his Uncle Evaristo (Manuel Marquiña) a self-styled priest used to allude to something sinister in the old barn.

With the arrival of Tomás' literary agent Mario (Secun de la Rosa) from Madrid, Tomás becomes aware of a force much more worrying than he had at first imagined. His grandmother Rosa (the wonderful Mabel Rivera) also arrives to try to save Tomás and to find a way to break the curse.

Tomás finds himself pitting his wits against the villagers and investigating the mystery of the beast as he fights for his life; but he is yet to find out about the second curse that may well last for a further one hundred years.

Recalling terrifying stories from his childhood in Arga, Tomás is forced into tunnels below the barn where, as a hunted man with his life at stake, he makes an astounding discovery…

Attack Of The Werewolves is very funny if rather gruesome in places and with a smattering of crude references and graphic sexual content in the comic opening sequence. In Spanish but with easy-to-read and non-distracting English subtitles, Attack Of The Werewolves (also known as Game Of Werewolves) will see its UK premiere at Gimm Fest on 6 October (2012).

The film also features Luis Zahera as Guardia Civil. Original Music is by Sergio Moure; Cinematography is by Carlos Ferro. Producers are: Tomás Cimadevilla and Emma Lustres. Written and Directed by Juan Martínez Moreno.

* Claw your way through the cursed, hair-raising adventure Attack Of The Werewolves (Lobos de Arga) when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 8 October 2012. RRP: DVD £12.99; Blu-ray £14.99.

"Attack Of The Werewolves is an horrifically funny tale to really get your teeth into! A superb, atmospheric tongue-in-cheek comedy-horror" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A cleverly-made comedy which features a nice atmosphere, beautiful settings and an army of kick-ass werewolves" Twitch