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The Back-up Plan

The Back-up PlanA successful young womans dreams
  of starting a family with Mr Right go
  impossibly wrong; but going it alone
  has hilarious consequences when
  fate takes a mischievous hand in the
  sexy and enchanting rom-com The
  Back-Up Plan

WANT A BABY BUT DON'T HAVE A PARTNER? Simple. Have a Back-Up Plan book yourself in for artificial insemination. But for single New Yorker ZoŽ (the lovable Jennifer Lopez: The Wedding Planner), the decision to have a baby on her own is about to make her life more complicated.

After she unsuccessfully approaches her best male friend Clive (Eric Christian Olsen), hoping to persuade him to be the biological father of her child, ZoŽ instigates her back-up plan: artificial insemination, with the support of best female friend Mona (Michaela Watkins).

But no sooner has ZoŽ left the clinic when she leaps into a taxi to come face-to-face with argumentative goat farmer and cheese-maker Stan (Alex O'Loughlin: television's upcoming Hawaii Five-O. Little does she realise that within just minutes of being artificially inseminated and committing to her back-up plan she has met the man of her dreams.

Several uncomfortably-close encounters later, Stan sweeps ZoŽ off her feet in a whirlwind romance that is beset with problems — not least of all that ZoŽ finds she is pregnant with an unknown man's child and realises there is no way to break it to Stan gently!

At Stan's farm, ZoŽ goes into clumsy mode. She crashes her car into a tree, realises she loves Stan and gets it together with him before finally telling him that she is soon to be a mother. His shocked reaction tells her that he cannot conceive of taking on another man's child and she makes an undignified exit.

On her own again, ZoŽ joins a mother's club full of obsessive, New-Age single-and-proud mothers giving rise to some great comedy touches — including ZoŽ witnessing the water birth of a friend's baby! (those with a sensitive disposition, look away) — before she finally shocks Stan yet again with another revelation. Can this man be poised to run — and keep on running?

Will ZoŽ be expelled from the mothers' club for breaking the rules? Will Stan ever agree to be the father of ZoŽ's children? Will love conquer all? And will ZoŽ's unconventional grandmother finally agree to marry her own very long-term fiancť? Find out in this hilarious romantic comedy that, like life, doesn't always go where you might expect.

A charming cartoon-style introduction kicks off The Back-Up Plan and draws you into a light-hearted, hilarious and keep-you-guessing plot — about courtship, love, marriage and parenthood but not necessarily in that order!

The Back-Up Plan
also features: Anthony Anderson as Playground Dad; Noureen DeWulf as Daphne; Melissa McCarthy as Carol; Tom Bosley as Arthur; Maribeth Monroe as Lori; Danneel Harris as Olivia; Robert Klein as Dr Scott Harris; and Linda Lavin as Nana. Music is by Stephen Trask; Director of Photography is Xavier Pérez Grobet ASC; Produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch; Written by Kate Angelo; and Directed by Alan Poul.

Film and music superstar Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen to give birth to The Back-Up Plan, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on September 20 2010, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. RRP: Blu-ray: £22.99; DVD: £17.99 | Certificate: 12 | Running time: 100 minutes.

Special Features: Blu-ray and DVD Include: Deleted Scenes | Exclusive Bonus Features Including: Belly Laughs | Making The Back-Up Plan Featurette.

Blu-ray Exclusives
: movieIQ+sync and BD-Live to connect you to real-time information on the cast, music trivia and more while watching the movie.

"The Back-Up PlanÖ a light-hearted, hilarious and keep-you-guessing plot" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar