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Bee Movie

Bee MovieThe Buzz is out on the street — the
  year’s funniest new animated hit from
  the mind of Jerry Seinfeld, Bee Movie,
  wings its way to DVD with swarms of
  fun and laughter for all ages. And don
  forget the hilarious bonus content!”

THE WORLD JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT SWEETER — Bee Movie, written, produced and starring world-renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld, took audiences by swarm; earning over $274 million in worldwide box offices and garnering Golden Globe, Annie and Critics Choice Award nominations for Best Animated Feature Film.

Honey is very funny in DreamWorks' sweetest new animated smash hit, Bee Movie, which makes its buzz-worthy debut on DVD on Monday 19 May (2008). The film boasts an all-star cast of voice talent and a delightful and engaging story that's suitable for viewers of all ages.

Bee Movie follows the hilarious adventures of a honey bee named Barry B Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) who is certain there must be more to life than working in the same job at Honex for the rest of your life. The ambitious Barry realises that he is not cut out for the honey field and soars into the world beyond the hive in search of nectar and excitement — and in doing so he breaks the bee law that you never, ever, ever talk to humans.

Bee Movie is the story of Barry's fantastic adventure outside the hive. Determined to earn his 'wings' and become a pollen jock, he sets off an un-bee-lievable chain of events and proves that the little guy can make a big difference to the world and change it for the better by "thinking bee". Helped, naturally, by a cast of great supporting characters that include sympathetic human florist Vanessa Bloome (Renée Zellweger), fellow bee Adam Flayman (Matthew Broderick), Mooseblood the Mosquito (Chris Rock) — "I was already a blood-sucking parasite; all I needed was a briefcase" — and the high-flying pollen jocks.

But not everyone loves honey bees, and Vanessa's friend Ken (Patrick Warburton: Family Guy) does a good line in rolled-up newspapers.

Alarmed at how much honey is being stolen from the bees and horrified to discover the existence of honey farms, Barry takes on the might of the honey industry — "Do you think these billion-dollar, multi-national food companies have good lawyers?" — and champions the rights of the bees in Court against top lawyer Layton J Montgomery (John Goodman), who is defending the bounty of nature for the human race.

Judge Bumbleton (Oprah Winfrey) presides over the court and Ray Liotta and Sting make brief appearances. Bee Movie also features Bee Larry King (Larry King), Janet Benson (Kathy Bates), Martin Benson (Barry Levinson), Lou Lu Duca (Rip Torn), Splitz/Klaus VanderHayden (Tom Papa), Jock 2 (Andy Robin) and Jeanette Chung/Mother Cow (Tress MacNeille).

Yet another delightful creation from the talent pool at DreamWorks and one that will make you think twice before swatting an insect, Bee Movie has great little cars and buses, bee antennae that work like mobile phones — and watch out for the remarkable innovation called a 'nectar-collector'.

Will the bees win against the human race? And if they do, will they live to rue the day? Who will protect the bees? And yes — there certainly is a sting in the tail…

Produced by Jerry Seinfeld and Christina Steinberg, Bee Movie is Directed by Simon J Smith and Steven Hickner and is written by Jerry Seinfeld and Spike Feresten, Barry Marden and Andy Robin. The neat music is by Rupert Gregson-Williams and the Art Direction and Character Design are by Christophe Lautrette.

The Bee Movie DVD presentation includes a hive-full of bonus material that will keep viewers as busy as… (well, you know what!), with hours of bee-hind-the-scenes features and fun-filled activities. The two-disc special edition DVD offers fans even more — with alternate endings, lost scenes, commentary by Jerry Seinfeld and the filmmakers, the TV Juniors segments that aired on NBeeC, Jerry Seinfeld's in-costume flight over the Cannes Film Festival, an inside look at the cast, a music video, a DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox, a look at the technology behind the film, the early live-action trailers and much, much more.

So hive yourself away at home for the evening with your family and enjoy the bee-autiful Bee Movie on DVD — so much better than droning on incessantly about life's little problems... This lovely and uplifting animated film will put a spring in your step and remind you of the power of flowers...

"The Bees Knees" — The Guardian

"A winner, well crafted and very enjoyable" — Jonathan Ross, Film 2007

"The Buzz is out on the street: The Bee Movie on DVD is so much better than droning on incessantly about life's little problems... This lovely and uplifting animated film will put a spring in your step and remind you of the power of flowers..." — MotorBar

The Bee Movie will be released on DVD on 19 May (2008) and will be available as a Special Edition 2-disc DVD set (RRP £24.99) as well as a single-disc DVD.

DreamWorks Animation's Bee Movie Special Edition 2-disc DVD

For Jerry Seinfeld fans, the Bee Movie two-disc Special Edition DVD presentation brings home More Jerry and More Barry and is available exclusively from Amazon —

More Jerry (Disc 1): Jerry & Filmmaker Commentary | TV Juniors hilarious "behind the scenes" segments with Jerry Seinfeld that aired on NBeeC.

Live Action Trailers: Early trailers for Bee Movie that only Jerry Seinfeld and his friends — including Chris Rock and Steven Spielberg — could have come up with.

Alternate Endings: Find out how the film could have ended with special commentary | Jerry's Flight Over Cannes — Jerry's famous entrance to the world-renowned festival created international buzz | Inside The Hive: The Cast of Bee Movie — A close-up look at the all-star cast of voice talent. Lost Scenes with Commentary

More Barry (Disc 2): We Got The Bee Music Video. DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox | Tech of Bee Movie | Meet Barry B Benson | DreamWorks Animation Kids: The Buzz About Bees | The Ow! Meter | That's Un-BEE-lievable! | Pollination Practice | Be A Bee.

The Bee Movie single-disc DVD is available in either widescreen or full screen and delivers hours of comedy and fun for viewers of all ages — Inside The Hive: The Cast of Bee Movie | Tech of Bee Movie | Meet Barry B Benson | We Got The Bee Music Video. DreamWorks Animation Jukebox DreamWorks Animation Kids: The Buzz On Bees | The Ow! Meter | That's Un-BEE-lievable! | Pollination Practice | Bee A Bee.

A 'Bugs Box' will also be released on 19 May (2008) which will include the DreamWorks critter classics Antz and Flushed Away.