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Bellydance For Beginners With Dolphina

Bellydance For Beginners With DolphinaWith the resurgence of interest in
  Bellydance classes, you can stay one
  step ahead of the game with a terrific
  new DVD, Bellydance For Beginners
  With Dolphina
, and enjoy all the fun
  and benefits of this wonderful routine
  in your own home

THE DVD BELLYDANCE FOR BEGINNERS WITH DOLPHINA will help you shimmy and shake your way to a whole new body while promoting a positive mental attitude and enriching your spiritual well-being.

In the time of the Goddess, the female body was sacred and worshipped as the giver of life. Ritual dances were performed exclusively by women, for women, in ceremonies where the Goddess was worshipped. Bellydance is an intoxicating dance that can be traced back over thousands of years to Indian, Oriental and Middle Eastern cultures. The powerful and sensual movements serve as a journey to wholeness.

This is no ordinary exercise DVD. Bellydance For Beginners is an exciting, pleasurable and uplifting way to completely tone your body. Delphina brings her dance expertise to the world of fitness and this is one exercise session that will not only set you on the path to conditioning your body but it will also take you to the realms of life as a modern-day goddess.

Bellydance is a total workout that can powerfully heal and unite the body, the mind and the spirit. Providing an intense, non-impact and fat-burning exercise that tones and sculpts muscle, it is an excellent cardio-vascular workout for the body. Women who bellydance feel more confident and at ease with their figures, finding that their flexibility has increased and that they have enhanced their feminine contours.

You gently massage away tension during the dance and you will feel good, with greater vitality, improved ability to relax and greater mental clarity. Bellydance can heal internally and you can massage the thyroid gland which regulates the metabolism. You can also open and align the seven energy centres — the charkas — balancing the central nervous system and allowing the spirit to flow freely above your physical and astral bodies.

Delphina also warns that you should be careful of your intentions when you shimmy. Shimmying is a very powerful Goddess movement. It is said to have the power to create earthquakes and thunderstorms!

Dolphina is a powerful teacher, author, activist and businesswoman who has overcome tremendous odds to create a company whose sole purpose is to support and empower women. A student of the ancient art of bellydance since the age of four, Dolphina has shimmied for bohemians and royalty alike in nightclubs, palaces, fashion shows and movies, including From Russia With Love. She has also featured on the hugely successful television series, Sex And The City.

Dolphina demonstrates her art beautifully; Bellydance For Beginners DVD takes you through this fabulous dance routine that benefits your mind, body and your spirit. There is a detailed explanation of how and why you do each movement and she cautions against pushing yourself beyond the place that you feel comfortable. Her fluid movements come with practice and she emphasises the need to warm up at the beginning — as with any other exercise — and cool down after the workout.

As usual with Acacia's healthy, joyful living DVDs, you are encouraged to go at your own pace and to check with a doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise — particularly if you have a pre-existing condition. You can take the energies through the body in gentle, flowing movements. Dolphina focuses on breathing and explains alternative moves you should try while you are mastering the co-ordination of hip and arm movements.

The Bellydance For Beginners DVD is created and demonstrated by Dolphina — who is also the Executive Producer. It is Produced by Diane Gaidry-Thelemaque and Jacques Gaidry-Thelemaque and Directed by Whiteney Ransick. The Director of Photography is Jeffrey Weaver. Dolphina says that with bellydance you can "spread out the love that the world badly needs."

The beautiful music is based on traditional Sufi music that was inspired by a Turkish poet who was in turn inspired by a Dervish connection to God. Dolphina urges: "Open yourself up and allow yourself to be transported to the playful, magical and mystical place which is bellydance..."

Bellydance For Beginners With Dolphina — this fun, energising DVD will be available on 13 October 2008, courtesy of Acacia, at a RRP of 12.99.

1 Intro | 2 Warm Up | 3 Head, Hands and Arms | 4 Hips | 5 Chest and Shoulders | 6 Hip Circles | 7 Undulations and Snakes | 8 Shimmy | 9 Routine | 10 Cool Down

Special Features

A bonus performance by Dolphina, and the exclusive featurette How To Bellydance For Your Man, a further tutorial to enable you to learn to use mood, setting, dance techniques and surprise secrets to take his breath away and bring him to his knees!

"Dolphina demonstrates her art beautifully; the Bellydance For Beginners DVD takes you through this fabulous dance routine that benefits your mind, body and your spirit" — MotorBar