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Better Biking

Better BikingStatistics for 2007 from the RAC
  Foundation have shown that the
  number of accidents resulting in
  serious injury for motorcyclists are
  up on the previous year — partly
  reflecting an increase in the popularity
  of motorbikes. How can riders take
  responsibility for Better Biking?
  One way is to watch and learn

THE BETTER BIKING DVD IS THE OFFICIAL DRIVING STANDARDS AGENCY (DSA) training aid for all motor-cyclists and it is the perfect companion for motor-cycle trainers to use to enhance the post-test training programme. Help is at hand from the experts to improve a biker
's skills to DSA standard — whether they are learning to ride or even if they have already passed the motorcycle test.

The first six months after you have passed your test is the most likely time for you to have an accident. As a biker, you are quite vulnerable and you need to protect yourself in every possible way.

Following the tips and information included in this DVD could make you a better biker. Better Biking is about getting the most out of your bike but, more importantly, staying alive long enough to enjoy it. Louise Brady, the presenter of Bikes Aloud and Isle of Man TT, takes you through each step towards better biking and seeks advice from the experts.

It is important to do your homework before you begin to look at which bike you want to buy. And it is sensible to wear the best clothing, gloves, boots and helmets for protection — for fit and being seen rather than just for looking 'cool'. Better Biking also gives you advice on how to check and maintain your bike to good working order, and how to keep it secure. As 95 per cent of thefts are opportunist, remember to lock it or you'll lose it.

You should get to know your bike and take care of it. Mark Winter from the Police Driving Academy advises: "If you clean the bike, you'll know it much better". Keeping your bike well maintained is step one towards keeping you safe. You should check the bike thoroughly and regularly; the lights should be clean and the brakes checked and tested. Tyres should be inspected for wear, damage and pressure. Louise adds: "look after your bike and it will look after you."

From the Driving Standards Agency — the people who set the standards — Better Biking features advice from industry experts and experienced motorcycle trainers from the DSA, Cheshire Constabulary and the Metropolitan Police Service.

The Better Biking training section uses real life situations, vital hints and tips from the experts and covers negotiating bends, junctions and roundabouts correctly as well as riding in town, on motorways and dual carriageways. Other advice is on overtaking, filtering, separation distance and riding on different road surfaces and in various weather conditions. There is also a warning about being aware of other road users — including pedestrians and horses.

Each filmed bike ride is analysed by a trainer, who points out faults and praises good riding procedures — being in the right gear at the right time, taking account of visibility and observing hazards, street furniture, road markings, etc — to reinforce and explain the on-road advice. Sergeant Rick Weaver, the Chief Trainer in Advanced Riding for Cheshire Constabulary, personally demonstrates an ideal solo ride in each skill category as an example of the standard of riding you can aspire to.

Riders should never venture out without knowing how to drive on and negotiate roads safely. Better Biking explains everything from how to anticipate and make speed changes to sacrificing road position for safety and the importance of letting other road users know what you are doing. There is nothing to beat practising with a qualified motorcycle trainer in a safe environment.

Sharpen your biking skills as you watch expert trainers deliver post-test training and the assessment for the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) — for which Better Biking is ideal preparation. The scheme can benefit any rider with a full motorcycle licence, irrespective of the size of your bike or your experience and, if your skills are assessed as satisfactory, you could even be given a discount on your insurance.

A mine of information for bikers, Better Biking is a superb guide that anyone taking to the road on a motorcycle should watch. Everything is clearly and helpfully illustrated and the emphasis is on being safe and legal while enjoying the ride. The DVD also directs you to websites you can go to for further advice.

The Better Biking DVD is available now (Published on 31 March, 2008), priced at 10.99. ISBN: 9780115529559 | DVD-5, Region Code 2/3/4/5/6 | Running time approximately 78 minutes.

Order Hotline: 0870 243 0123 | Fax: 0870 243 0129.

Buy online at

"A mine of information for bikers, Better Biking is a superb guide that anyone taking to the road on a motorcycle should watch. Everything is clearly and helpfully illustrated and the emphasis is on being safe and legal while enjoying the ride" — MotorBar

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The Driving Standards Agency is an executive agency of the Department for Transport. Information on road casualties is available on the Department for Transport website The Agency's aim is to promote road safety through improving driving standards; testing drivers and riders fairly and efficiently; maintaining the registers of Approved Driving Instructors and Large Goods Vehicle Instructors and Post Test Motorcycle Trainers as well as supervising basic training for learner motorcyclists.