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Black ’47
Black '47 “In 1847, with Ireland in the grip of The
  Great Famine, a tough Irish Ranger
  who had been fighting alongside the
  British overseas returns home to
  discover hardship and tragedy caused
  by the ruling English and sets out to
  avenge the deaths of his family in
  the riveting record-breaking box office
  hit Black ’47...”

AFTER FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE with the British abroad in horrendous battle conditions, tough Irish Ranger Martin Feeney (James Frecheville: Animal Kingdom; The Drop) abandons his post and returns home to his family in Ireland in 1847.

But the Ireland he had left has changed. For two long years the dreadful Great Famine has decimated his homeland and law and order is virtually non-existent. Even the horrific scenes he has witnessed while fighting abroad cannot prepare him for the terrible tragedies and injustices that await him under the brutal regime of the English landed gentry.

“Black ’47 is riveting
and gallops along
nicely sustaining the
Grief-stricken and furious to discover his mother has starved to death and his brother — who never forgave him for "taking the King's shilling" — has been hanged at the pitiless behest of the English, Martin Feeney vows to avenge his family. But further tragedy awaits him and his vengeance will lead him on a bloody path of destruction.

English landlords evicted the Irish from their cottages when the men were no longer working and removed the roof of each to ensure nobody could continue to live there. During the harsh winter, the Irish were dying of hunger, disease or freezing to death. Hot soup was offered to only those who renounced the Catholic Church.

Having tangled with the English soldiers evicting the Irish, Martin is a wanted man and as he sets off to track down Lord Kilmichael (Jim Broadbent; Oscar-winner for Iris), the landoner responsible for his family's misfortunes, he is followed by the determined Inspector Hannah (Hugo Weaving: Hacksaw Ridge; The Lord of the Rings; The Matrix), who served in Afghanistan with Martin and knows exactly how the ranger works...

A hit at the Irish and the UK box office, acclaimed Black '47 is loved by both critics and audiences; making over 1.6m and breaking records in the Republic of Ireland. At times gruesome as it reflects the cruelty of the period, Black '47 is riveting and gallops along nicely sustaining the tension.

Filmed on location in Ireland and Luxembourg, Black '47 also features: Freddie Fox (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) as Captain Pope; Stephen Rea (The Crying Game; Michael Collins) as Conneely; Barry Keoghan (American Animals; Dunkirk) as Hobson; Moe Dunford as Fitzgibbon; Sarah Greene as Ellie; and Ella Grace Le as Roisin.

Composer is Brian Byrne; Director of Photography is Declan Quinn, ASC; Screenplay is by P J Dillon (Rewind), Pierce Ryan (Standby), Eugene O'Brien (Eden) and Lance Daly (Life's A Breeze, Kisses); Produced by Macdara Kelleher for Fastnet Films with Tim O'Hair, Aarcadiy Golubovich and Jonathan Loughran; and Directed by Lance Daly.

* The Irish record-breaking box office hit Black '47 is available for Digital Download on 14 December 2018 and is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on 26 December 2018. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 99 Minutes.

"Black '47 is riveting and gallops along nicely sustaining the tension" ****
— Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Viscerally tough and uncompromisingly violent" ****
The Guardian

The Evening Standard

The Daily Express

The Independent