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Black Death

Black Death“Set in England during the unstable and
  barbaric 14th Century when lives were
  cheap and the country dangerously
  obsessed with superstition, Black Death
  paints a bloody and horrific portrait
of the times around the outbreak of the
  devastating bubonic plague

DEATH HAS CAST A DARK SHADOW OVER Mediaeval England in the shape of a plague more cruel and more pitiless than war. But increasingly there are those who believe that it not the punishment from God the priests claim, but the work of the devil and his witches. Fear of the unknown is unleashing a horrific backlash against anyone suspected of consorting with evil.

In 1348 there is talk of a Godless village that has escaped the tendrils of the Black Death and that is ruled by a demon. The Bishop sends his envoy, a courageous knight called Ulric (Sean Bean: Lord Of The Rings), and a group of mercenaries to venture out to the remote marsh to find this village and to flush out a necromancer who is reputed to be bringing the dead back to life.

At a monastery, Ulric asks the Abbot if there is a monk who will act as a guide. But when young monk Osmund (Eddie Redmayne: Elizabeth, Golden Age) volunteers to lead them across the marsh, he has a hidden agenda and he is setting out on a path that will be far removed from the pious monk he appears to be. "Even if you survive," the Abbot warns Osmund, "the world out there will change you."

In an apocalyptic world full of fear and suspicion and where to dare to be different can bring untold suffering, Ulric sets out to discover if the village has truly forgotten God and whether the life-giving necromancer really is a demon.

It is a perilous journey fraught with unknown danger and Ulric has little idea of what nameless terror they may have to face or indeed whether they will return from their quest. All he has is faith that God travels with them and a desire to rid the world of His enemies.

If Ulric and his men do manage the journey across the marshes to the Godforsaken place they seek, will they be prepared for whatever fate awaits them? How will they know the village and will Osmund find his lost love and Ulric recognise the threat against them?

With death at every turn, will anyone get out alive? Thrilling and intriguing, Black Death is a darkly haunting tale of a land riddled with pestilence and superstition. A terrific film but be warned: it is sometimes grisly, gruesome and bloody. Perhaps a little too horrifically explicit and I would have preferred those sights and sounds to be edited out, particularly in a film that wasn't given an 18 Certificate.

Black Death
has an all-star cast that features John Lynch as Wolfstan; Tim McInnerny (Severance) as Hob; Kimberley Nixon as Averill; Andy Nyman as Dalywag; David Warner (Planet Of The Apes) as The Abbot; Johnny Harris as Mold; Emun Elliott as Swire; Tygo Gernandt as Ivo; Jamie Ballard as Grift; Nike Martens as Elena and Carice van Houten (Valkyrie) as Langiva. Director of Photography is Sebastian Edschmid; Music is by Christian Henson; Screenplay is by Dario Poloni; Produced by Robert Bernstein, Douglas Rae, Jens Meurer and Phil Robertson. Directed by Christopher Smith (Triangle; Severance).

Journey into hell with Black Death as it brings an action-packed odyssey into evil onto Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, on 18 October 2010. Certificate: 15 | RRP: Blu-ray 22.99; DVD 15.99 | Running Time — Blu-ray: Approximately 101 Minutes; DVD: Approximately 97 Minutes.

Both the Blu-ray and the DVD contain special features, including the Bringing Black Death to Life Featurette. The Blu-ray is packed with hours of exclusive features, including director's commentary, interviews with cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage and a photo gallery.

Special Features

DVD: Bringing Black Death to Life Featurette | Original Theatrical Trailer. Blu-ray only: Bringing Black Death to Life Featurette| Original Theatrical Trailer | Commentary with Director Christopher Smith | Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary) | Behind the Scenes Footage | Photo Gallery | Interviews with Cast and Crew | Interviews with Director Christopher Smith | Interview with Producer Jens Meurer | Interview with Producer Phil Robertson | Interview with Sean Bean.

"Thrilling and intriguing, Black Death is a terrific, darkly haunting tale of a land riddled with pestilence and superstition" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Brutal stuff" ****Time Out

"Spooky, grim, impressive" ****The Telegraph