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BlitzA cop-killer is on the loose and a
  maverick police sergeant is after him,
  determined to dispense a justice
  that will definitely alienate him from
  his colleagues; but he has yet to
  discover he’s already on the hit-list
  of the crazed murderer who calls
  himself Blitz

THREE THUGS LIVE TO REGRET tangling with tough, no-holds-barred Police Sergeant Tom Brant (Jason Statham: The Expendables; The Mechanic) but the press has a field day with the unorthodox methods he used to take down the supposedly-innocent lads and Brant is vilified by his superiors. The papers claim Police brutality and Brant is instructed to keep a low profile, but somehow we just know that he won't!

Senior Officer Inspector James Roberts (Mark Rylance) has just buried his wife and is offered early retirement. He refuses to take time off, believing he is better off immersing himself in work; but just as everything seems to be settling down, a 26-year-old female Sergeant, Sandra Bates (Elly Fairman) is shot dead by a man calling himself Blitz (as in Blitzkrieg) who appears to be out to settle old scores by killing serving officers.

With a serial killer on the loose, the streets of the city are not safe for either male or female officers; and as the violent psychopath targets officers from a burnt-out division, tough and very un-PC cop Brant is on the case — with unlikely ally, Sergeant Porter Nash (Paddy Considine: The Bourne Ultimatum; Submarine) in tow.

The Police still have a presence and when a young policewoman with a former drug habit tries to help a troubled teenager, she takes the problem to Brant. He refers her to D I Craig Stokes (Luke Evans), but she may already have come to the attention of the Blitz.

After a mocking telephone call from the killer, during which he claims to have a hit-list of "eight more coppers", Brant follows up a line of enquiry leading him to misfit Barry Weiss (Aidan Gillen: Television's The Wire and Game Of Thrones). But is this just a red herring?

Coming up against Harold Dunlop (David Morrissey: Television's Red Riding), a journalist working for The Post, Brant clearly has no time for the press; but the Blitz is keen to exploit his "fame" and Brant is the only cop left on the block mean enough to take him out.

He and Nash become a formidable team as they use all their resources to track down Blitz, but can they discover the identity of the psychopathic Blitz before he can strike again?

Action superstar Jason Statham is first class as the gung-ho Detective Sergeant on the trail of a cop-killer, heading up an all-star British cast. Blitz is a terrific, blast-a-minute journey as Brant pulls out all the stops to prevent the bloodbath.

Blitz also features: Zawe Aston as WPC Elizabeth Falls; Christina Cole as WPC; Ron Donachie as Sergeant Cross; Joe Dempsie as Theo Nelson; Ned Dennehy as Radnor; Nicky Henson as Superintendent Brown; and Nabil Elouahabi as Witness.

Produced by Zygl Kamasa, Stephen Chasman, Doland Kushner and Brad Wyman; Director of Photography is Rob Hardy; Music Composed by Ilon Eshkeri; Screenplay by Nathan Parker, Based on the Novel by the acclaimed crime-writer Ken Bruen; and Directed by Elliott Lester.

Cop-killer versus killer-cop: the explosive Blitz is an uncompromising thriller set on the streets of London, released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray on 26 September 2011. Certificate: 18 | RRP: DVD: 17.99; Blu-ray Disc: 22.99 | Special Features: Deleted Scenes.

"Blitz is a terrific, blast-a-minute journey as Statham pulls out all the stops to prevent a bloodbath" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Statham has never been better ****" David Edwards, Daily Mirror