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“Returning to her family home in rural
  Ireland after the death of her mother,
  an estranged daughter cannot even
  begin to feel part of the fractured family
  she walked away from a decade before
  but, plagued by demons from the past
  and being fed lies, she begins to believe
  her father was responsible for her
  mother’s sudden death in the acclaimed
  and darkly tense psychological
  television drama series Blood...”

COMING BACK TO THE CHILDHOOD HOME IN RURAL IRELAND she left ten years before, when she became estranged from her family, Cat Hogan (Carolina Main: Unforgotten) has been given to understand that her sick mother Mary (Ingrid Craigie) died in a tragic accident.

Cat is welcomed by her brother Michael (Diarmuid Noyes: Borgia; The Tudors), who has a secret life he keeps hidden from his family, and her married sister Fiona (Gráinne Keenan: Titanic; Black Mirror); but her controlling father, local GP Jim Hogan (Adrian Dunbar: Ashes to Ashes), is angry with her for distancing herself from the family and not coming to see her mother as arranged recently.

maintains its darkly
tense pace throughout in
this very likeable
and very compulsive
drama series...”
Living in Dublin and with a demanding job, Cat has often had to change arrangements at the last minute and no longer feels part of her family. Always finding her father difficult, she is to discover there are a number of secrets that have been kept from her.

Demanding to know exactly how her mother died, Cat becomes increasing dissatisfied with the answers she is given and comes to the conclusion that her father, who has cared for his wife lovingly as her condition deteriorated, has killed her mother.

With the discovery of her father's affair with his much younger receptionist Sarah (Shereen Martin), Cat is convinced that her father had planned to be with Sarah and therefore Mary was standing in the way of their union. Aware that there are things that have never been fully explained to her — including her father's suspected involvement in a suicide, Cat begins to piece things together and finds out that her father has lied about his whereabouts on the day Mary died.

Haunted by past demons and having as a child borne witness to an upsetting fight between Jim and the father of her friend Barry Flood (Cillian O'Gairbhí), Cat has always been accused by the family of making things up. But even Jim's mistress Sarah has caught him out and Cat cannot shake off the feeling that something terrible happened on that fateful day.

Is there something Fiona and Michael know that has been kept from Cat? Are they all part of a conspiracy to cover up the truth surrounding Mary's death? Having confided in Policeman Dez Breen (Seán Duggan), Cat finds him talking secretly to Jim.

Jim is clearly not telling the truth in order to cover something up. But is he really capable of murder? More tragedy is to come and, as the truth unfolds bit by bit, Blood maintains its darkly tense pace throughout this very compulsive drama series.

The DVD features the gripping series in its original six-part format alongside some great special features that include cast interviews. This brooding drama will keep you guessing — who has blood on their hands?

Blood also features Geraldine McAllinson as Patricia; Fionna Hewitt Twamley as Aoife; Joe Gallagher as The Priest; Mae Higgins as Young Cat; Mark O'Regan as Frank; and Jane Morris as Young Fiona.

Composer is Ray Harman; Director of Photography is Kate McCullough; Created and Written by Sophie Petzal (Riviera; Medici: Masters of Florence; Wolfblood); Produced by Jonathan Fisher; Co-Produced by Ingrid Goodwin; Executive Producer is Shane Murphy; and Directed by Lisa Mulcahy and Hannah Quinn.

* Following a run on Channel 5, the acclaimed dark and tense psychological drama Blood is released by Acorn Media International in the UK on 3 December 2018. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 270 Minutes | Catalogue Number: AV3506 | RRP: £24.99. Special Features Include: Additional 17 Minutes of drama not seen on television | Interviews with cast and crew, including Adrian Dunbar and Carolina Main | Two Picture Galleries.

"Blood maintains its darkly tense pace throughout in this very likeable and very compulsive drama series" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A dark, addictive and unmissable crime drama" — The Guardian

"There are plenty of reasons to watch Blood, from its fine casting to its supple command of plot and pace" — The Irish Times

"An engrossing drama… with recognisable characters and a solid mystery at its centre. Broadchurch and Unforgotten fans shouldn't miss it" — Den of Geek