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Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa + Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly

Bollywood Burn With HemalayaaTone up for Summer the Bollywood
  way: Following on from the success of
  the Bollywood Dance Workout DVD,
  internationally acclaimed fitness guru
  Hemalayaa returns with two new fun
  and exciting fitness DVDs — Bollywood
  Burn With Hemalayaa
and Hemalayaa
  Beautiful Belly

INDIAN STYLE. Hemalayaa grew up watching films from India and she has created an exercise and dance routine that makes it fun to tone up: Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa. It's playful, seductive and will leave you feeling high on life. Think of it not so much as boring old exercise but yoga with a triple-espresso twist or a double-chai high!

There are three fitness levels to choose from — beginners to advanced and, says Hemalayaa, you will lose weight, lose inches from your hips and thighs, feel sexy and be high on life! Even more important, you can wave goodbye to stress.

Famous for her infectious and energetic spirit, Hemalayaa's unusual style of exercise combines classical Indian Dance and Yoga. She enlightens students with vibrant styles, from the traditional to the latest moves from Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian MTV.

Before going any further, Hemalayaa begins by touching the ground to get Mother Earth's energy and blessings and then brings those blessings to the forehead.

Starting with simple moves that are easily achieved by beginners, Hemalayaa proves that you can be shimmying and bopping like the sexiest of Bollywood beauties. You will tone
all those muscles — even in the most stubborn areas of abdomen, hips and thighs — burn calories, gain greater mobility and dance away your tension. But that's not all — you'll have so much fun and you'll feel so happy you might (in the nicest possible way) find yourself addicted!

Hemalayaa's demonstrations include another young lady and young man who are showing variations on the positions. Hemalayaa warns that you shouldn't have strain on your knees or thighs and says that you don't have to be perfect — you should enjoy the movement. If you need to bend your knees when you are trying to keep them straight, it doesn't matter, as long as you are comfortable.

As the moves progress, the second stage demonstrates faster moves and one of the moves from the choreographer. By the time the third stage is reached, there are more fun moves and more dance-themed exercises — and, if you work your way up gradually and follow the routine regularly, Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa will give you a toned body. And very much like dancing in a disco — you just can't stop smiling.

Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa
is an unusual and playful way to tone up and improve fitness. With the Bollywood phenomenon growing ever more popular, this is a great way
to burn calories and learn some great dance moves.

Using Bhangra beats and a variety of dance moves, Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa is
a fitness DVD that concentrates on those core problem areas. There is also a Freestyle Dance Performance demonstration that is very colourful and very beautiful and shows exactly what you could achieve.

Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa is released on 19 May (2008) courtesy of Acacia
at a RRP of 14.99.

Hemalayaa Beautiful BellyYour body size is no barrier to your
  ability to have a trimmer and firmer
  abdomen. That’s the good news. More
  good news is that Hemalayaa has the
  perfect dance and Yoga abdominal
  workout that will firm and strengthen
  your tummy, help you develop and
  maintain core strength, give you a
  Beautiful Belly — and best of all, make
  you feel seriously sexy...

DRAWING ON DANCE MOVES FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE, THIS GREAT NEW FITNESS DVD promises to do wonders for your body. You can have so much fun as you twist and shimmy your way to a Beautiful Belly the upbeat music and the variety of moves will help you forget that you're improving your core strength and doing yourself good.

Hemalayaa demonstrates a fast-paced cardio warm-up and three twelve-minute workouts. If you don't have much time, she advises that just twelve minutes a day will help you to create a fabulous body. Obviously, consult your doctor if you experience any pain or discomfort while doing any form of exercise and also keep plenty of water on hand so you don't dehydrate.

Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly is very visual, with easy-to-follow steps and demonstrations and once again, Hemalayaa's fun outlook makes toning up a pleasure rather than something you'd rather put off doing.

The Beautiful Belly movements will fire up your passion, your motivation and your drive and put you in touch with your inner strength. Not only will you look great, but you'll feel great too. How about that?

Just love that belly!

Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly will be released on 19 May (2008), courtesy of Acacia at
a RRP of 14.99. Choreography is by Kimberly Miguel Mulligan.

Hemalayaa was in the UK earlier in May for workshops. These have now closed, but click the links for information about other workshops at: Jivamukti Yoga www.jivamukti
and Alchemy